2024 TriMark Premier Collections Catalog

Global Cuisine The pandemic ushered in experimentation with different cuisines and flavors. Whether trying new international recipes in the home kitchen or the willingness to try take-out from cuisines never tried before, diners are enjoying more global cuisine. Fusion-style cuisine has become a pillar on many menus today. Consumers have adventured outside of the usual European-inspired options and have begun exploring more flavors from around the world. With this trend likely to continue over time, expect to see more Korean-, Filipino-, Japanese-, Middle Eastern-, and African-inspired dishes on menus.

Health-Conscious Food Will Dominate Menus With increasing customer inclination towards a health-conscious diet, the restaurant industry must adapt to the trend by adding dishes catering to their health-conscious guests. Younger generations are willing to pay higher prices for healthy meals specifically tied to buzzwords such as GMO-free, all- natural, or organic. The focus on seasonal and local produce is important to health-conscious diners. A multitude of grains such a faro, black rice, quinoa, and spelt will appear more frequently on menus, as will nuts, seeds, legumes, and pulses. More guests will request plant-based meat alternatives.

The Rise of Craft Cocktails The explosion in craft cocktails follows in the footsteps of small-batch artisanal brewing. There are several key factors in addition to creativity and originality that make up a craft cocktail. They must be made with high- quality ingredients including fresh fruit and herbs, as well as the best spirits. Handmade syrups and infusions are created to develop a unique flavor profile, and craft cocktails are mixed with great attention to detail. Precision is used in muddling ingredients, stirring, or shaking, and the cocktail is garnished beautifully. Serve craft cocktails in beautiful glassware to enhance the guest’s experience.

2022 Food & Restaurant Trends


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