WIN 2020 Catalog




Xpert Snow Goose is offered in a variety of hard-hitting offerings, including a 1 & 2 shot size combination.

Waterfowl hunters are some of the most particular when it comes to the latest and greatest gear including calls, decoys and more. Each species requires a unique set of techniques, setups and of course, ammunition. Snow goose hunters demand excellence from their ammunition, and Winchester delivers. Xpert® Snow Goose combines Winchester’s trusted Xpert Steel Shot with the tight patterning Diamond Cut Wad used in Winchester Blind Side® to produce the ultimate snow goose shotshell. With payloads and shot sizes optimized for snow geese, Xpert® Snow Goose is sure to help you fill your limit.

Diamond Cut Wad for improved long-range pattern density over standard systems

Xpert® Steel Shot is corrosion resistant for consistent patterns

High velocity shot yields more energy per pellet for increased range and shorter leads, resulting in greater terminal performance

Low visibility gray hull and black wad conceal easily in bare or snow covered fields

Hull Wad

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