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Well, that’s it for summer, folks. We had a great couple of months camping all over the state, and we really enjoyed our annual Redfish Lake trip at the very end. We took the whole family up in the trailer, including my wife’s parents, and everyone had a great time. Now, though, it’s back to school and back to work for us all. That work is made easier with the right equipment, which is why we’re so thrilled about our new 3-D X-ray machine. We’ve already seen some great results, especially when it comes to placing dental implants. Not all general practice dentists do implant work, but I learned how during my residency, and Dr. Rigby took some great continuing education courses to learn the skill himself. We’ve been doing implants for almost a decade now, and thanks to our new technology, it’s only getting better. The 3-D X-ray, in particular, has really streamlined our job. We’ve spent a lot of time with it to learn the ins and outs, and we’ve found that it’s perfect for guided implant surgery. Traditionally, implants are placed where we think they need to go, and it’s as much an art as it is a science. Of course, with our experience, we’ve never run into any problems doing it that way. But with the 3-D X-ray, we

can get very precise. We use the device to make a surgical guide — basically a bite registration with a hole in it. The implant goes in the hole and fits into exactly the right place. All of this makes things much easier on the patient, who experiences less discomfort and more confidence in the procedure. We’re putting it to good use, too, especially in places where it would have been tricky to get an implant before. This is really the best all-around result for the patient, and we think that the 3-D X-ray is only going to become more useful in the future. Thanks to our exciting new technology, our fall is off to a great start, and I hope yours is as well. With football season and Boise State games kicking off, we may see you down at Albertsons Stadium supporting the blue and orange! Or perhaps we’ll chat about the NFL during your next visit. Like my grandmother before me, I’m a die-hard Dolphins fan hoping for a great season. Either way, I’m looking forward to your next appointment.

-Dr. Booth

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