Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 2: Create and manage presentations

Save your presentation in an online location to access it from anywhere

TIP  Many countries have laws that require that certain types of digital content be accessible to people with various disabilities. If your presentation must be compatible with assistive technologies, you need to know the final file format(s) of your presentation before you create it and start adding content. Some types of content are visible in a PowerPoint file in Normal view but not in other accessible file formats such as tagged PDFs. Before basing a presentation on a template you have not used before, test it for accessibility. You can save the presentation in a folder on your computer or, if you have an Inter- net connection, in a folder on your Microsoft OneDrive. If your company is running Microsoft SharePoint, you can add your SharePoint OneDrive or a different Share- Point location so that it is available from the Places pane of the Save As page, just like any other folder.

SEE ALSO  For information about OneDrive, see the sidebar “Save files to OneDrive” later in this chapter.

Clicking Browse at the bottom of the left pane displays the Save As dialog box, in which you assign a name to the file.


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