PREDICT. CREATE. SHAPE. IACC Meeting Room of the Future™ is an initiative led by IACC, with the goal to share the association’s vision on how meeting spaces will look and function in the future. The initiative brings together research, innovation, and trends with the single purpose of predicting, creating and shaping the future of meeting environments. In order to gain insights on how those in the meetings and events industry are responding to the changing needs and expectations of meeting planners, we surveyed global venue operators and suppliers. As the industry evolves and expands, all key players must adapt: meeting planners are continually evaluating all elements of the meeting experience and operators and suppliers must also ensure they are meeting and anticipating the changing needs of planners. The surveys, conducted among venue operators and suppliers to the meetings industry, cover several meeting elements including:

• Role in Experience Creation

• Meeting Space/Room Design

• Technology

• Internet & Bandwidth

• Food & Beverage

• Social Responsibility

• Environmental


IACConline.org & IACCmeetings.com

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