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Nominations called for memorial award Wardens Caucus. St-Pierre also served his home community as a trustee for the Village of Russell Police Board.


long standing and the first francophone chairman of the Ontario Plowmen’s Asso- ciation during its 104-year history. Detailed descriptions for the categories eligible under the award guidelines are available at, by phone to 613-675-4661, extension 2002, or email to prixjpstpierre@prescott-russell. Self-nominations, nominations by a family member, and posthumous nomina- tions are not accepted. One or two awards may be made during any particular year, depending on circums- tances with the nominations. The deadline for nominations this year is Oct. 31. is expanded to four-lane status along with a six-lane expansion of the Highway 174 section between the TrimRoad intersection andThe Split intersection for the Innes Road off-ramp onto the 174. Both expansion proposals have been subject to environmental assessment. The City of Ottawa’s focus is on its LRT project. Desjardins is at the AMO conference as both, mayor of the City of Clarence-Rockland and warden for the United Counties of Pres- cott-Russell. He expects the meeting with Del Duca to be productive and amicable. “The squeaky wheel gets the oil,” Desjar- dins said, smiling, “so we’re going to keep squeaking.”

The community service legacy of one of Prescott-Russell’s most beloved mayors lives in the annual award bearing his name. The call for nominations has begun for the J.P. St-Pierre Award. The award is named in honour of Jean- Paul St-Pierre, one-time mayor of Russell Township, whose sudden death during his reelection campaign in 2014 shockedmany. This honour is bestowed upon deserving residents of the United Counties of Prescott- Russell (UCPR). The J.P. St-Pierre Award celebrates the exceptional contributions of its nominees to the community and civic life of the Prescott- Russell region, through their endeavours in the fields of art, culture, business, professio- nal work, charitable and community works, health, education, public service, media and communications, sports, agriculture, the environment, and other areas. The sole unifying factor is that whatever the reci- pient’s achievements are, they have made some lasting contribution to the well-being of other UCPR residents. The award was created in 2015 inmemory of Jean-Paul St-Pierre, who served on Rus- sell Township council both as councillor and as mayor and also, during his time as mayor, served a one-year termas warden of the United Counties. During that time, he also sat as chairman of the Eastern Ontario

“Jean-Paul was aman loved by all,” stated Guy Desjardins, mayor of the City of Cla- rence-Rockland and current UCPRwarden. “He was inclusive, attentive, and energetic. Through his actions and his presence, he touched the hearts and lives of the residents of Prescott and Russell. Nominations for the award are open for any UCPR resident who has made a signi- ficant contribution to the community. Last year’s recipient of the inaugural award was Charles Leduc, an Alfred entrepreneur of

Jean-Paul St-Pierre’s legacy of community will live on. —photo UCPR

Warden takes message about highways to AMO one meeting at the AMO conference with Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca. The minister was in Rockland earlier this summer to confirm $40 million in funding for the four-laning of the County Road 17 portion of the highway link between Rockland and Orléans. That will help cover costs for the nine-kilometre stretch between the Landry and Canaan Road intersections. The province is still in talks with the City of Ottawa regarding the Highway 174 portion of the highway link. During his Rockland visit, Del Duca expressed confidence that an agreement with the city would happen soon to ensure that the entire stretch of highway between Rockland and Orléans


Guy Desjardins has gone to Kingston for the week to attend the Association of Muni- cipalities of Ontario annual convention. He’s taking a message with him, for the province, about making sure to provide enough funds for a proper four-lane expan- sion of the highway link between Rockland and Orléans. “I’m there to remind them (provincial officials) that they haven’t forgotten us about the 17,” Desjardins said during an interview. Desjardins is confirmed for a one-on-

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Francis Drouin Député / MP Glengarry-Prescott-Russell


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Le Volume No 1 du bulletin communautaire comprend des erreurs dans les coordonnées de certains bureaux de circonscriptions. Nous offrons nos sincères excuses pour les inconvénients que cela a pu encourir. Ci-dessous vous trouverez les coordonnées verdict. The issue No 1 of my community newsletter contained errors in the contact information of some of the constituency offices. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience. Below you’ll find the rectified information.

THE NORWOOD LOFT 1,764 SQ. FT. $375,400


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THE NORWOOD LOFT 1,764 SQ. FT. $375,400

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