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Spring Edition 2022

A Personal Note from Alice Cooper

Dear Friends and Fans of Solid Rock, It is with great excitement that we unveil Alice Cooper’s The ROCK Magazine. The magazine will present great articles featuring the teens, programs and events happening at our Solid Rock Teen Centers. SolidRockdependson thegenerosityof our supporters to keep the Teen Centers free for any and all teens 12- 20. In addition to our usual fundraising activities we will be adding advertising opportunities in the ROCK Magazine. For story ideas or advertising opportunities please email Sheryl and I look forward to seeing you all soon. Thank you again for your continued support and for making an everlasting difference in the lives of teens in our community!

“We are fulfilling a vision we’ve had for several years…to provide teens with a central place to learn, have fun, and explore their creativity in a supportive and safe environment. The Rock is the first of many teen centers in Arizona and, ultimately, around the country.” -Alice Cooper For almost a half-century, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer, songwriter and musician Alice Cooper has been the pioneer of a groundbreaking theatrical and heavy metal rock performance designed to shock parents and thrill kids. The Rolling Stone Album Guide calls him the world’s most “beloved heavy metal entertainer.” Alice helped to shape the sound and look of heavy metal, introducing horror imagery to rock and roll. His imaginative stagecraft and masterful showmanship have transformed the genre for generations to come. In 2011, the original Alice Cooper band was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, followed by the release of “Welcome 2 My Nightmare,” the highly anticipated album35 years after the original concept album that established Alice Cooper as a cultural phenomenon. Away from music, Alice is decidedly different from his stage persona. A warm and friendly family man, as well as a film actor and celebrity golfer, and a popular radio DJ with his classic rock show, “Nights with Alice Cooper.”







Moved by Music – Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers

Why Solid Rock Strikes a Chord with the Philanthropic Community



Proof is in the Pudding through the year

Golf, Growth, and Giving Back – Finding Success in Business and Philanthropy at Las Sendas Golf Club


Celebrity Highlights

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Alice Cooper’s

Solid Rock Teen Centers


The Rock Magazine

Hall of Famer's annual Rock & Roll Fundraising Bash in partnership with Las Sendas Golf Club in east Mesa. "Some of the elected officials came out and saw what we were doing," Alice says. "They said, 'What would you think about doing one of these in Mesa?' And immediately, our antennas went up." Additional funding for both Centers comes from grants and donations made by people and organizations who appreciate what the Coopers and their non-profit organization have done for teens in the community. One of the organization’s main fundraisers, Alice Cooper’s Rock & Roll Bash and Golf Classic,

L ike all great ideas, Solid Rock began on a simple premise-- inside every teen there is a hidden talent. Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers inspire teens to discover their talent and achieve artistic excellence through music, dance, and the arts as well as vocational training in sound, lighting, staging, and fellowship, all in a safe, supervised facility. Located on the southeast corner of Thunderbird Road and 32nd Street in Phoenix, Arizona, the 22,000 square foot Alice Cooper’s The Rock Teen Center Phoenix opened in 2012 in partnership with Genesis Church after a decade of fundraising, and encompasses an auditorium, dance studio, computer lab and music rooms for guitar,

drums, bass and vocal lessons, a LeRoy Neiman art studio, recording studio, and video studio. Alice Cooper’s The Rock Teen Center Mesa, opened in 2021, and is located in a former early learning center at 122 N. Country Club Drive. The Center showcases more than 11,000 square feet of space in partnership with Mesa Public Schools who added close to twenty thousand dollars to upgrade the building and property. Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Teen Centers funded the renovations at the new Center and provided more than one million dollars in renovations and programming in music, arts and dance programming for youth ages 12 to 20. The Mesa center grew out of the


The Rock Magazine


The Rock Magazine

provides the opportunity for the public to learn more and donate at the annual event. CoopStock 2 - “Grooves and Divots” – is being held on Saturday, April 30th from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m. at Las Sendas Golf Club in Mesa and is presented by the Norelli Family Foundation. The evening’s festivities include a performance by the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer himself, fan- favorite Larry the Cable Guy, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, Ed Roland of Collective Soul, Scott Stapp the voice of CREED, Mike Mills founding member of R.E.M., Danny Seraphine of Chicago, the comedy and music of Gary Mule Deer, SIXWIRE, Adrian Young of No Doubt, Chuck Garric of Beasto Blanco/Alice Cooper Band for a groovy night under the stars. Joining the line-up will be Jazz teen

artist and YouTube sensation, Yohan Kim of South Korea, and the talented teens themselves as they dance and share their music along with an incredible silent and live auction and more, all to benefit Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers in Mesa and Phoenix! Tickets are $99 to $400 per person and can be purchased online at EVENTS/. The event is open to the public. "Every kid out here," Alice said, "has got talent. Somewhere in you, there's a talent that you want to get out. We invite you to come in and find your talent. It might not be music. It might be art. It might be dance. Whatever it is, you can discover it at Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers."

----------------------------- Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock

Teen Centers’ headquarters is located at 13625 N 32nd St. in Phoenix. For information, visit or call (602) 522-9200. Las Sendas Golf Club is located at 7555 E. Eagle Crest Drive in Mesa. For information, visit or call (480) 396-4000.


The Rock Magazine

Moved by Music Creating Solid Futures at Alice Cooper's The Rock Teen Centers

At The Rock, the staff, teens, and volunteers are committed to creating an engaging environment that encourages individuality, creativity, and self- expression.

F or nearly 25 years, Solid Rock Foundation has been making a remarkable difference in the lives of teenagers. In May 2012, The Alice Cooper Solid Rock Teen Center, also known as The Rock, opened its doors to youth ages 12 to 20 years old and offered a safe and supportive space for youth to practice self-expression through music and the arts. Since then, thousands of teens have gone through the doors of the beloved North Phoenix sanctuary. Less than 10 years later, and

following the success and impact of the original location, Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center celebrated the grand opening of its second location in Mesa. The Center quickly became the second home to Kayla and Djimon. The talented teens were some of the first members to visit the new facility. There, they met Diego Diaz, an audio engineer, music producer, and integral staff member and son-in-law of Alice Cooper at the teen center. Like many teens at The Rock, Diego recalls his connection

to music sprouting at an early edge. Some of his earliest memories include listening to music with his parents and attending concerts with his dad. His love for music carried him into high school, where he assisted with a variety of music needs during school dances, band concerts, and performances. Today, Diego produces more than just music. He leverages his lived and learned experiences to influence the lives of teens who share similar dreams to the ones he once had as an adolescent.


The Rock Magazine


The Rock Magazine

“Their dreams are so big, and I was just like them at their age,” said Diego. LIVING A TEENAGE DREAM Kayla and Djimon are two of the up to 100 teens who visit the teen center daily. While they each possess unique talents, their shared love for music is unquestionable. At The Rock, the teens have access to professional tools, instruments, and mentorship that help them exercise their skills and expand their possibilities. Kayla shares a special bond with Diego because he was one of the first staff members she interacted with at The Rock. Diego helped Kayla record a song, a fond memory and celebrated accomplishment for the mentor-mentee duo. With his support, she learned her way through the recording studio and now proudly knows a thing or two about how to mix songs. Since joining The Rock, Djimon has broadened his horizons. While he initially struggled to step outside of his comfort zone, he now keeps an open mind to trying new creative outlets. You can find Djimon taking piano lessons with Diego, a new skill he’s proud to be practicing as he embraces and absorbs all that the teen center has to offer. A ROCK SOLID START The future looks bright for the

talented two teens. One of Kayla’s favorite experiences at The Rock has been learning to write songs. Her dream to become a successful songwriter has bloomed as she explores the creative journeys offered at the teen center. By combining her talents and the new skills she has learned at the teen center, there’s no doubt we’ll soon see her name listed under

the musical credits for top- selling albums. For Djimon, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what he wants his career to look like. His love for music, performing, and producing has grown since first joining The Rock. “Songwriter. Performer. Rapper. Beat producer. Entrepreneur. So many things,” said Djimon.


The Rock Magazine

at The Rock Teen Center are provided at no cost to youth and their families. There are numerous ways to get involved and make a difference in the lives of promising teens. In addition to monetary donations, companies and individuals are encouraged to provide in- kind donations, including food services, equipment rentals, and company in-services. To learn more about Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center programs, lessons, and upcoming events, or to donate, visit www. .

fuels his passion. “We like to push teens outside of their boundaries,” said Diego. “They’re not just doing art or music. We like to push them with the end goal. I always tell the teens, if you can go on stage and perform a dance routine or a song, you can definitely go up there and give your college presentation or go get an interview for that job.“ Funding the Future Solid Rock is an IRS 501(c) (3) non-profit organization with all proceeds benefiting the two Teen Centers. . Thanks to the generous support and gifts from donors, volunteers, and sponsors, all programs offered

MORE THAN MUSIC It takes more than instruments and a big building to create a safe space. At The Rock, the staff, teens, and volunteers are committed to creating an engaging environment that encourages individuality, creativity, and self-expression. “All the people here are here to support you,” said Kayla. “They’ll talk you through things. If you’re having a hard time, they’ll talk about their experiences and help you through whatever you’re going through.” For dedicated staff like Diego, it’s thinking about the exciting opportunities that will one day happen outside of The Rock that


The Rock Magazine


Why Solid Rock Strikes a Chord with the Philanthropic Community

F or nearly a decade, Solid Rock has played an instrumental role in my life, creating a positive impact in my professional and philanthropic

journey. I learned about Alice Cooper's Solid Rock

Teen Centers in 2012, shortly after launching my company, SmartFem Media Group, alongside my husband. As a new business with a small client roster and limited resources, our partnership with the reputable nonprofit played a critical role in our growth and development in the years to follow. It’s been an honor to support a cause I am so passionate about. It has been equally as rewarding to watch Solid Rock grow with the efforts of so many other passionate philanthropists. As a long-time Solid Rock donor, advocate, and sponsor, I’ve had the honor of witnessing first- hand the rewarding benefits of giving back to our community. The investments we’ve made have been re-compensated in ways I could never have imagined. Supporting Solid Rock feels as gratifying to me as it likely is to the talented teens who benefit from the tuition- free programs and unique atmosphere. Giving back and helping your community is an opportunity

Spending time with like-minded people who want to enrich your community is a great way to broaden your horizons and change your perception of the world. Immersing yourself in a vision that is changing the lives of teenagers, families, and communities can be a life-

for personal growth, learning new skills, and meeting lifelong friends. Below are my top reasons why I support Solid Rock and why you should, too. In Pursuit of Purpose and Passion


The Rock Magazine

changing experience. Without volunteers, sponsors, and the generosity of our community, Solid Rock could not serve the nearly 100 teens who walk through each of the teen centers every day. I have seen the tremendous impact the programs have had on the lives of teens. That is one of the many reasons why I continue to support this foundation year after year. A Rock-Solid Reputation I have worked with many charities over the years, but Solid Rock is hard to beat. Solid Rock board members ensure the money raised goes directly to the two Teen Centers. The organization is very efficient with money and resources. They make sure the community’s

investments make a lasting impact in the lives of local teens. Alice and Sheryl Cooper are hands-on leaders, not plaques on a wall. Their fundraising events are fun, entertaining, and incredibly successful. When the Rockstar couple isn’t touring and performing around the world, you can find them devoted to the Teen Centers. As seasoned performers, Alice and Sheryl understand how to entertain an audience. The shows they put on are unlike the traditional fundraising ballroom dinner. They also leverage their connections and bring in some of the most recognized rock stars and celebrities who often perform at the annual fundraising events. The events also feature unique

performances from the teens themselves. As a donor, I love being able to watch the teens perform and witness the power of my investment right before my eyes. Finding Fellowship and Fulfillment When I first started working with Solid Rock, my company, SmartFem Media Group, was in its early stages. We didn’t have the cash flow to write big donation checks. So, I went after donations instead. One day, when a prospective donor canceled their $2,400 donation that would provide new flat screens for the teen center, I knew I had to step up. I talked to my husband, and we quickly jumped on the


The Rock Magazine

opportunity to serve. Without hesitation, we committed to donating on behalf of our company. I am convinced that it forever changed the trajectory of our business. As a Solid Rock supporter, I’ve become a part of a network of like-minded individuals who share similar values. My husband and I have met incredible people and made valuable connections at Solid Rock events. Those connections have opened doors and created opportunities that have helped our business grow. My husband has since started his own company and supports Solid Rock with donations, sponsorships, and by playing golf at Alice Cooper’s Annual Rock & Roll Golf Classic. We both look forward to the annual fundraisers and eagerly await the opportunity to connect with the friends we’ve made along the way. Let Your Generosity Take Center Stage As a nonprofit organization, Solid Rock relies on the support and generosity of companies and individuals. All proceeds benefit Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers and make a lasting impact in the lives of Phoenix and Mesa teens by providing tuition-free

programs and fellowship in a safe, engaging, and creative environment. There are numerous ways to support Solid Rock and its mission: • Make a cash donation to the Solid Rock Teen Centers • Become a sponsor at Alice Cooper’s Annual Rock & Roll Golf Classic each April • Sponsor and/or attend Alice Cooper’s Annual Christmas Pudding each December • Donate silent and/or live auction items • Advertise in the bi-annual Alice Cooper Solid Rock Magazine When you donate, you can feel confident knowing your gift is directly impacting the lives of teens, their families, and the overall community. Your support, alongside the generosity of fellow philanthropists, creates a solid foundation for the next generation of leaders, artists, and promising professionals.

Lea Woodford is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the SmartFem Media Group, a full service digital marketing and advertising company. SmartFem was created as a result of her many years as a publicist, columnist and as a Radio & TV Personality. Lea has extensive experience as a media personality and developed her own segments for ABC, NBC, CBS as well as the Fox Networks. One of her favorite projects was “Looking for Love with Lea,” a popular Thursday night radio call-in show for singles.

To learn more about Solid Rock and how you can get involved, visit www.


The Rock Magazine

Golf, Growth, and Giving Back

~Finding Success in Business and Philanthropy at Las Sendas Golf Club

By Tannis McBean


The Rock Magazine

A lice Cooper is a rock and roll celebrity and superstar, also well known for his love of golf. It was that love for the sport and his fondness for the golf club that led to our decade-old friendship and strong partnership. What started as early morning golf sessions turned into an annual golf fundraiser providing teens with a sanctuary to discover their passions and create a brighter future. When we played together at Alice’s Blood Bath event, some new ideas began to brew. We discussed the opportunity of having Las Sendas Golf Club host his annual golf fundraiser. Las Sendas would support his tournament by donating the golf course for the day, providing a unique venue to

world’s greatest rock stars. Our philanthropic journey together began in 2010 with a small-scale golf tournament, fashion show, and dinner in our clubhouse with around 150 guests. We quickly realized through this upstart event that we had the potential to begin raising significantly more funds. We are truly honored and amazed to now host upwards of 2,000 guests in our ever-growing Alice Cooper Golf Classic. The golf course hosts some of the biggest names in entertainment, sports, and community leaders. Day one of the event includes an outdoor rock concert under the stars with a silent and live auction, followed by a golf tournament on day two. Hundreds of staff from the golf club

host his event and build on the Teen Center activities. We worked together and formed a partnership with the staff and volunteers of Solid Rock to elevate the event and ultimately raise more funds for the Teen Centers. Las Sendas Golf Club is a proud partner of Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers. Many people have asked us why we decided to partner with Alice and his charity. Our answer is simple – for the love of the game and for the love of giving back. Alice and I have a symbiotic friendship. Alice and Solid Rock remind us what is truly important in life. When we purchased the golf club, we never imagined we would reach this level of success while becoming a philanthropic partner of one of the


The Rock Magazine

and volunteers work diligently each year to create a fun, heartfelt event to support Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers. We enjoy working with Alice and Sheryl and consider our involvement in this event as a privilege and one of the best opportunities we have to give back. The Cooper Family and McBean

Family connected through the game of golf and have become close friends with a common goal of providing teens with a safe environment to discover and create art, dance, and music at no cost. Together, we have raised significant funds to help finance the opening of a second Teen Center in Mesa, which welcomed teens to the new facility in summer 2021.

Las Sendas Golf Club – Its Pivotal Past, Powerful Present, and Promising Future In 1995, Robert Trent Jones Jr. made his Arizona debut, joining an elite list of world-class architects who left their mark in the southwest desert with the opening of Las Sendas Golf Club in East Mesa. In November 2009, Canadian Golf


The Rock Magazine

These restaurants have received numerous Best Alfresco Dining - Top 100 in the USA awards voted on by guests through Open Table - the only golf club on this list! Las Sendas Golf Club has been recognized with the Best Golf Course East Valley Award. It is also known as one of the Top 10 golf courses in Arizona and considered one of the most challenging in the area. ------------------------- To learn more about Las Sendas Golf Course or to book a tee time, visit Lloyd B McBean, P.G.A Managing Partner / Executive Director Las Sendas Golf Club 480 396 4000

years in the golf business as experienced golf course owners of Lakeside Greens in Chestermere, Alberta. Further investment in the property saw the development of a new golf shop, cart path paving, on-course oasis, The Patio Restaurant, The Grill Restaurant, and The Vistas Pavilion event center. The initial 10- year business plan was exceeded within the first three years - a monumental success for Las Sendas Golf Club, the community, and the entire East Valley. Today, at 1,800 feet above the Valley floor, Las Sendas Golf Course is a world-class layout and is truly a golf experience to remember for a lifetime. The course is surrounded by spectacular, elevated mountain and Valley views, desert flora, and wildlife. The Vistas Pavilion was developed for weddings, special occasions, corporate meetings, and club events. The owners and members of Las Sendas take pride in their iconic venues, perfect for gathering together with family, friends, and guests. Dining at Las Sendas was designed to capture the breathtaking sunsets and city lights across the Phoenix Valley. The Grille is a casual sports bar with a wide selection of tavern- style menu items, surrounded by high-top tables and large screen TVs for guests to watch and cheer on their favorite teams. The Patio is an extraordinary alfresco dining experience with live music seven nights a week. The menu includes delectable appetizers, salads, and entrees made from the finest fresh ingredients.

Professional, Lloyd McBean, and former NHL Defenseman, Wayne McBean purchased Las Sendas Golf Club along with three other investors. The property was purchased outright and procured debt-free during one of the most turbulent real estate markets in US history. Lloyd and Wayne have over 37


The Rock Magazine

A Dungeon of Dreams Paving the Path for Proof is in the Pudding.

By Leslie Criger

In 2004, Alice Cooper’s Proof is in the Pudding launched and welcomed musical talents of all ages to show off their skills.

I t all started in the dungeon. No, not an actual dungeon, just the basement and office space of the former Alice Cooper’stown restaurant located in downtown Phoenix. As the marketing, merchandising, and music manager of the popular restaurant, I wore many hats, but I could have never expected that I would soon be taking on a new one. One that would continue impacting my life nearly two decades later as a co-creator of Alice Cooper’s Proof is in the Pudding music competition.

Jordin Sparks won the first Proof is in the Pudding and went on to perform at that year’s Christmas Pudding alongside Alice Cooper.


The Rock Magazine

The general manager of the restaurant invited me to sit in on a meeting with Solid Rock, the nonprofit organization founded by longtime friends Chuck Savale and Alice and Sheryl Cooper. The purpose of the meeting was simple: think of ways to increase attendance at Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding. The annual fundraised was then hosted at what is now called Arizona Federal Theatre, which can seat up to 5,000 people. Although it was my first time learning about the annual show, I was thrilled to join in the project. That project became Alice Cooper’s Proof is in the pudding, an annual music competition allowing soloists and bands to compete for a spot to perform at Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding. Vying for Victory In 2004, Alice Cooper’s Proof is in the Pudding launched and welcomed musical talents of all ages to show


The Rock Magazine

Only three years later, she rose to fame after winning the sixth season of American Idol at only 17 years old.

off their skills. Jordin Sparks won the first Proof is in the Pudding and went on to perform at that year’s Christmas Pudding alongside Alice Cooper. Only three years later, she rose to fame after winning the sixth season of American Idol at

only 17 years old.

new platform to surpass Myspace’s popularity. We requested Myspace profiles and asked registrants to drop off headshots and tapes or CDs of their music at the restaurant. That strategy doubled as a great opportunity to get artists to

The music industry was very different in 2004. MP3s had not caught on as a household option for independent musicians. Facebook had just launched, and it would take a few years for the


The Rock Magazine

demos, we would decide who we felt was ready to move onto the stage round. That process has changed since our early years. Now, we host live auditions and give musicians an opportunity to perform on stage. The first few years of the annual competition remained open to all ages. The Teen Center had not been built yet, so allowing anyone to register increased exposure and awareness for Solid Rock and Christmas Pudding. Over time, we’ve made some adjustments to the beloved annual competition, including the age requirements for registrants. Proof is in the Pudding is open to musicians between the ages of 12 and 25. In 2006, we joined forces with SoundVision Recording Studio. Michael Beck, producer and engineer at SoundVision, produces our annual Christmas album “A Taste of Christmas Pudding”, where the finalists from each year get showcased. The

CD is available for sale, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Solid Rock Foundation. Performing Past the Pudding As the annual music competition gained momentum, it made me realize just how many bands had not played on the Alice Cooper’stown brickyard stage. A unique opportunity for me to hear what I’ve been missing in the Valley. We offered the Cooper’stown stage to participating bands the following year, giving them a platform and audience to showcase their skills and grow their following. We were also able to recommend these bands to other events. Now, Solid Rock has Randy Spencer on staff. He has been able to take all the competing bands and set them up with great opportunities, including shows to play at, concerts to attend, and

stay for a quick bite to eat while they were there. When the deadline came and we had all the applications, headshots, and music, we would sit at the Solid Rock office and listen to each demo submitted. From those


The Rock Magazine

artists to meet. Proof is in the Pudding is more than a music competition. It is also a place for young musicians to network, find new bandmates, get more stage time, find more performance opportunities, and learn from and celebrate each other. Each soloist and band bring a unique set of skills and talents to the stage. The Proof is in the Pudding competition is open to the public. Cheer on your favorite musicians and follow their journey through the competition, giving them the confidence to conquer the finals and perform alongside Alice Cooper at his Christmas Pudding fundraiser. The Proof really is in the Pudding – List of Competition Winners by Year:

• 2004 - Jordin Sparks • 2005 - Bob Villa & Kraised • 2006 - KC Blues & Zoom and the Sporty Forties • 2007 - Sean Patrick Moe & Brewed to Perfection • 2008 - Destiny Quinn & No Longer Together • 2009 - Micah Beverly & Jeff Hunt Band & Buskin Cuffs (teen) • 2010 - Lauren Black & Radio Drive By (teen) & Jeordie & the Mixology Project • 2011 - Julianne Forte & Jared Kolesar and the Locals & Suite 88 • 2012 - AJ Odneal & Smokestack • 2013 – Lelea & The Guitarnauts • 2014 - Laura Walsh & UFN • 2015 - Keli May Rutlidge & Analog Outlaw • 2016 - Lauren Case & Vintage Wednesday • 2017 – Amelia & Mariachi

Juvenil de mi Tierra • 2018 – Conrad Varela & Undecided Youth • 2019 - Japhar Pullen & The Joeys • 2021 – Isaiah Tilson & The Sintrics & KOZA

Learn more about Proof is in the Pudding, Christmas Pudding, and any upcoming shows and opportunities at


The Rock Magazine


Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Teen Centers inspire and challenge teens to embrace excellence and reach their ful I potentiaI. Maintaining "a teen's worst enemy is too much time on their hands," The Rock provides FREE after school training in music, dance, photography and art as well as vocational training in sound/recording, staging/lighting, video production and more, in a cool, supervised facility for teens 12-20 to engage with their peers.


Visit or join our Facebook page at Alice Cooper's Solid Rock.

13625 N. 32nd St., Phx, AZ 85032 602-522-9200.

Coming this fall, Alice Cooper's The Rock Teen Center in Mesa.

Celebrity Highlights

Special Thank you to the friends and celebrities who have come out to supportAlice Cooper’s Rock & Roll Bash and Golf Classic –CoopStock over the years. Thanks to your generosity, we can provide the staff and resources to continue our free music, dance, arts and vocational training programs for teens 12-20 in Phoenix and Mesa at The Rock Teen Center.


The Rock Magazine


The Rock Magazine


The Rock Magazine


The Rock Magazine

Don Felder of the Eagles


The Rock Magazine

Alice Cooper and Kip Winger


The Rock Magazine

Thank you to our community partners for sponsoring Alice Cooper’s Rock & Roll Bash and Golf Classic –CoopStock 2. Thanks to your generosity, we can provide the staff and resources to continue our free music, dance, arts and vocational training programs for teens 12-20 in Phoenix and Mesa at The Rock Teen Center.

TITLE SPONSOR • Norelli Family Foundation

Hosted by Las Sendas Golf Club

PLATINUM SPONSORS • Lexus Superstition Springs • 21ST Century HealthCare, Inc. • Arrowhead BMW Jaguar Land Rover Platinum • Callaway GOLD • Desert Financial Credit Union • International Retail Marketing Group (IRG) • Fiesta bowl

SILVER • Larry Polhill

It’s all about you.



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