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NOTES FROM ANDREW It is amazing to me how this time of year seems to sneak up on our family- EVERY YEAR! It’s not like it is not on the calendar- but it seems to surprise me that it’s already December. the years. But I must say that time, one on one time, is invaluable for any successful relationship. And when it comes to Johnston Physical Therapy and Elevate Physical Therapy - successful rehabilitation!

Each year at this time I’m reminded of the gift our clients have been to us. We understand you have choices where to go. By choosing to come here, and allowing us to be part of your story and rehabilitation success, I believe we both win. One thing I have taken away over the years of practicing the way we do is the ability to predict who will be most successful. It is the clients who seem to be positive even in the midst of great struggle. They seem to draw people to them and offer positivity even when they may be suffering. They seem to be grateful for whatever comes their way. These are the folks that have always surprisedme at howwell they do even when with the severity of their issues I might predict otherwise. As I reflect back on 2019, I could not be more grateful for the ongoing success at Johnston and now the new clinic, Elevate, in Ankeny. Sometimes it just surprisesme. From where we started to where we are now. It makes me truly thankful to the amazing staff assembled here and watching them treat people the way they should be treated- with expert care, kindness, and attention. I learn from them all the time. Equally, I am truly grateful to everyone who has come in our doors in the past 12 months to make this year successful! I am thankful for allowing our team to be part of your medical team. We really do have the best clients! Without you and the referral sources who introduce people to our clinics, we could never have survived the changing medical environment. With that all said, I’m grateful that you have been reading our newsletter. I hope that it gets even better next year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year is no different – actually it maybe more extreme. Kids are getting older with more and more activities, a clinic that seems busier than ever and the addition of a second clinic might make this “feeling” a pretty accurate representation of my current reality.The older I get, the faster the years seem to go by. I sense something similar when we have a really tough case which takes a long time (or a lot of treatment) comes to an end. Still, as a physical therapist, I cannot imagine any other healthcare profession that could be any better. We still get to spend quality time with each of our clients on each occasion they come into the clinic. To have only a couple of minutes would seem to rob us of the opportunity to actually get to know the people that are in front of us. It would alsomake it quite challenging to actually figure out what the true source of a problem stems from. When we have the opportunity to listen for a few minutes, as opposed to being so rushed that we can’t seem to connect with our patient, we are always more successful. The subtle symptoms that we would likely otherwise miss or the change in mechanics that we would not be able to see without the amount of time we are able to spend with each of our clients would not only limit the opportunity to see what is happening but limit our success. This time allows us to connect with our clients and has led me to learn many lessons over


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