Paradigm: Stand Up To Sciatica

We can help you relieve your pain naturally! We can help you: Does your sciatica pain keep you from enjoying life with your friends & family?

• Have More Energy • Avoid Injury • Feel Better

• Get Back To Life • Work Without Pain • Alleviate Pain Naturally


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Patient Success Spotlight

“I had such a wonderful experience with PT Karena O’Rourke on the new ActiveCore system. She really understands the full body and how the ActiveCore is able to aid her on the areas of the body that needs it. They know their stuff!!” L.B. They know their stuff!

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At Paradigm Physical Therapy we use ActivCore technology, our interventions are hands-on and encompass the entire body. We assess the way you move and target muscle imbalances through a unique neuromuscular approach to physical therapy, called Redcord NEURAC. We believe that every minute counts. Therefore, our physical therapists commit their undivided attention and expertise to just YOU.This nurturing environment helps you get the most out of each appointment for faster results and more long lasting changes. Furthermore, we take a multidisciplinary approach to treating each unique person. Our physical therapists will communicate regularly with your other healthcare providers (chiropractor, massage therapist, fitness trainer, etc.) to ensure a smooth transition back to an active, pain-free lifestyle. Redcord Redcord suspension is a unique neuromuscular approach to treatment, rehabilitation and performance.The routine consists of tailored exercises performed in a series of ropes and slings. Each exercise challenges your neuromuscular system to help you re-establish quality and control of your movements. There are bungee cords to assist and guide you through the routine. Your provider might also shake the ropes to add even more neuromuscular challenge to an exercise. Finding the right balance of

“control vs. instability” during an exercise is key to the success of this treatment method. When done correctly, your provider can help you regain muscle stability, build core strength, and restore pain-free joint mobility faster than conventional treatment methods.

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