August_September 2022 Anchorlines

Safety & Training

A Very Special Safety and Training Message OK, this really isn’t a safety and training article, but it is my page, and I would like to take the opportunity to pay tribute to the man who has had the greatest impact on my membership in our club: Ray Rosenberg. Much can and has been said about Ray, but without going into detail, the most common comment was, “Ray is Ray”. Anyone who knew him for even the shortest time, knows exactly what I mean. But whatever your relationship with him was, no one can dispute his unconditional love for the Marco Island Yacht Club.

Jim Rich

Besides the many roles he played throughout the years, he was always an advocate for and friend to new members, always welcoming them to dine at his table and become part of the yacht club family. His tactics may have been a little forward, but always well meaning. I remember when we first joined the club, Ray soon approached also new member, Tom Wentworth, and said, “We need a new Rear Commodore. You’re it!” Then he approached me and said, “We just lost our Safety and Training officer. You’re the new one!” I told him I didn’t have an officer’s shirt. He said he had one for me. Then I said I didn’t have an officer’s cover (hat). Again, he said he had an extra one. So, what could I say? One way or another, he was going to get his way. Ray is just a reminder of how short and fragile life can be. We often take things way too seriously and forget the many blessings we have each day. We will certainly miss Ray but can honor his memory by appreciating each other's friendship and carrying on his tradition of welcoming and encouraging all the new members who become part of our yacht club family. Jim Rich Safety and Training Officer


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