FyzicalElPaso: How Hips Can Cause Back Pain

December, 2019




As the holiday s e a s o n approaches, I’d like to spend a minute talking about just how special the holidays are for my family and myself. Growing up, we always had a big Christmas party at my parents’ home in Sunset Heights. My dad was an

gatherings now at my home. While they have been smaller, we have still tried to keep the traditions alive. This year, my sister Marthamoved toDallas to bewith her daughter and grandchildren. Our Christmas celebration will be even smaller this year, but I amso excited that both of my sons will be home to spend this

auto mechanic and my mom worked his front desk. Over the years, it grew such that I couldn’t count how many attended our Christmas parties – family, friends, even dad’s clients. These Christmas parties were always such a highlight as a child for me. They would begin at noon andgowell into the night. My mother and sisters on Christmas Eve would spend time wrapping generic “boy/girl” gifts for all the children in attendance, and then during the afternoon, my grandfather would give everyone a present from underneath the tree. This was one of my favorite traditions, and I always loved the happiness expressed fromour many guests. Since then, our Christmases have slowed down a bit. The enormous parties we once had have dwindled down to intimate family

important season with my wife and me. Mason will even be bringing his girlfriend to Texas for the first time this year! I can’t wait to show off our city. Those who know me well understand that family is everything to me. The holiday season is very near and dear to my heart because I get to spend quality time with those I love the most. I wish the same for each and every one of you – and, as always, if you ever find yourself in any pain or discomfort, Fyzical El Paso is here to help. We hope for you to be able to comfortably enjoy this special time of the year with those closest to you. Come by and say hello, Happy Holidays! - Luis, Fyzical El Paso P.S.: One more thought, God Bless those who lost loved ones during the ELP tragedy.....WE ARE EL PASO STRONG!


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