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MARKETING, SALES, AND BUSINESS GROWTH MYTHS AND URBAN LEGENDS A few years ago, I was taking care of one of my sons,

follow for eating and working out. I train with him one day a week. I eat six meals a day, all of which are the exact same each day except one meal of my choosing on the seventh day. Most people think I’m crazy, as I’ve been doing this for 11 months now. I’ve had to get creative on how to cook chicken, steak, rice, and vegetables, but I have a very simple formula that only requires minor adjustments every few weeks to the meals or exercises I do. Eleven months into the training, I am in better shape than before I broke my ankle. I’ve lost inches around my waist and hips and gained inches in my legs, chest, and arms, all of which was the goal. As I mentioned above, the plan isn’t rocket science. Eat these meals and work out four days a week, plus two to three days of cardio.

this could be payback for all the jokes I made about people who buy the emergency buttons for when they’ve fallen and can’t get up. A short bit later, my son Brandon came down and helped me to my room and ultimately to the car so my wife, Mariah, could drive me to the hospital, which was an adventure in and of itself. But that will have to be a story for another time. Once I got to the hospital, they confirmed that my ankle was broken. It took me two surgeries and about three years to recover from that accident, and to this day, I still can’t run long distances without my ankle getting out of alignment. Before I got injured, I was doing CrossFit four or five days a week and was in great shape. Three years after the accident, I was in terrible shape, but glad I could finally work out again. To get back in shape, I found a trainer who could give me a simple plan to

Kellen, in the middle of the night. I gave him a bottle, and he drank the whole thing and was still crying. I did the normal dad things, like check his diaper and burp him, but nothing worked. It was about 4 a.m., and I just wanted to go back to sleep, so I picked him up and started heading down the stairs to get him another bottle. As I walked down the stairs, I slipped, and in a split- second, I was able to wake myself enough to make sure I protected Kellen as I fell. After I hit the ground, I made sure he was okay. Other than being scared, he was fine. I sat up, and before I could start to get up, the pain registered. I was pretty sure I had just snapped my ankle.

I yelled up the stairs to get help from my oldest son and wife. After what felt like tons of yelling, I realized

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