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NOTES FROM ANDREW I don’t like social distancing! It makes our job as your physical therapist challenging. I’m proud that we have remained open and beginning to increase patient

testing. Because back pain is so common, there is a lot of outcome data from people with back pain. A study of 150,000 insurance claims published in Health Services Research, found that thosewho sawa physical therapist at the first point of care had an 89 percent lower probability of receiving an opioid prescription and a 28 percent lower probability of having advanced imaging services. Unfortunately, only 2% of people with back pain start with PT, and only 7% get to PTwithin 90 days. Another reason is the cost of healthcare. The rising cost of healthcare is well known and early PT is something that has been shown to reduce costs without reducing the effectiveness of treatment. A study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy showed that patients who obtained physical therapy via direct access had significantly lower medical costs—an average of $1,543 less per patient than thosewho chose referral from a physician. They also had significantly fewer visits and spent significantly fewer days in care. I would love it if we changed our thought process to physical therapy first! We are of course somewhat biased – we are physical therapist after all. That being said, I must say that I think physical therapy is a great way tomanage most tweaks, sprains, aches and pains, that so many tend to go to the physician for first. If you are experiencing limiting pain and are considering seeking medical attention, consider PT first. Hopefully this can be helpful in keeping our frontline physicians less burdened with this type of issues. And, as the research shows, hopefully can reduce the needs for medications, injections, surgeries and in doing so reduce your costs in managing these “injuries”. If you are wondering if physical therapy may be right for you, give us a call- we are here to help.

volumes in our clinic once again. As COVID-19 concerns and social distancing practices have continuedwewant to assure you that we have continued to be diligent on every front possible to minimize exposure in our clinics. Be assured that we continue to monitor all people who enter each of our clinics with temperature scan, health questionnaire and handwashing/sanitation requirements- on arrival and at conclusion of care. We continue to sanitize the entire clinic frequently and sanitize all surfaces (not just high traffic areas) that have been touched by clients before next client use. We also continue to encourage clients to take advantage of our telehealth services if they are not comfortable in one of our clinics or in higher risk categories for coronavirus infection. We are here to help! That’s why we became physical therapists. We have tried to be good corporate citizens in howwe havemanaged the clinics in these challenging newtimes.Wehavebeendiscussinghowwe canbecome even better community partners by providing the best andmost appropriate services possible. Because of the closures of physician’s offices, stoppages of elective surgeries, and social distancing guidelines resulting from COVID-19, many people with pain or joint issues have had appointments or surgeries delayed. If you’re one of them and you haven’t seen your PT yet, we think you should consider it. Here are some reasons why. Studies have shown that people who receive PT sooner have better outcomes, lower costs, are less likely to have surgery, use opioids or have unnecessary


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