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RiseFriends andFamily, WehaveREALLYexcitingnews!RiseRehab isproud to announce thatwe have joined forces with4 other like-minded physical therapy clinics around the valley to ensure thatmore people areable to get the same great carewe have always provided!Wenow have 22 locations around thePhoenix-Metro area,whichwill give us the opportunity todoPhysicalTherapy the waywe have perfected it on amuch larger scale.Themost excitingpart about this is thatwe are stillowned andoperated by ourSAME physical therapists. Again,we are stillPTowned, andPToperated!! Whathappened to the original owners? Theyare still here,andare owners. Wedo have anewCEO,SteveDiPaola, he isa veteran practicingPhysicalTherapistwho is beyond excited to lead us in our continued journey of changingpeople’s lives.Wewere not in a positionofneeding tomerge,however,we believed that our similar companies are stronger as one.We took our time and chose the best options to unite the industry tomake the biggest impactpossibleon the community. Wehavedone somethingdifferent than noother company has done. We have remained as one,with the same owners, same providersat all locations, and are able toprovide the lightand hope to others on a larger scale now! Thismerger should be calming for you because literally nothing is changing,we have just opened upmanymore opportunities tohelpmore people!We as a company believe that everyone deserves the chance togetback to living apain-free life, and all of our teammemberswillmake sure that every patientgets the treatment they deserve every time!We are excited to bring allof you into theEmpowerPhysicalTherapy family! WELCOME!!!



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