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Stay Active While Avoiding Injuries

Whether you just like to play weekend sports, walk for exercise or are an avid athlete, injuries can happen from time to time. Most injuries are from overusing muscles, tendons and ligaments, which may feel like soreness, especially the next day. At the microscopic level, when muscles, tendons and ligaments are over-stretched, little tears form in the tissues. Your body normally heals quickly from this. However, the severity of the injury determines the extent of time

stretching injuries to the muscles. These can range from mild to severe. Realize, that for even mild sprains, the body can take about 6 weeks to heal the soft tissue. That means adequate rest and rehabilitation is needed to fully recover from this type of injury. Severe sprains and strains may at times require braces and even surgical repair.The recovery from this can be longer, 8 weeks or more and it is wise to have proper physical therapy rehabilitation to recover. Even old sprains and strains can stay around to haunt you if they have not been properly rehabilitated. Tendonitis Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendons from overuse. This can be for a variety of

reasons, but typically, that body part is taking the strain due to poor movement of other areas. For example, tendonitis in the shoulder or elbow is typically from poor posture of the neck and upper back. This causes an altered movement in the shoulder and arm, increasing strain on the tendons. Physical therapy helps by relieving the inflammation and pain while restoring normal motion and posture. If you suffer from aches, pains or would just like to move better than you use to, call us today to learn more about our different programs and how we can help you be active and pain-free!

needed to recover. Sprains and Strains

Sprains are over-stretching injuries to the tendons and ligaments while strains are over-

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No Doctor Referral Necessary Whether you want to come in for a check-up, suffered a recent injury or you want to improve your health, a doctor referral is not needed. In the state of Arizona you have direct access to chiropractic care and physical therapy!

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DIRECTIONS Using a vegetable peeler, remove three wide strips of peel from the orange; set peel aside. Juice the orange into a large saucepan. Add the water, pear nectar and honey (if using) to orange juice in saucepan. For spice bag: Place the 4 inches of stick cinnamon, the cloves and the orange peel strips in the center of a 6-inch square of double-thickness, 100%-cotton cheesecloth. Bring corners together and tie with 100%-cotton kitchen string. Add spice bag to pear nectar mixture. Bring mixture to boiling; reduce heat. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from heat. Add tea bags; cover and let stand for 5 minutes. Remove tea bags and spice bag; discard. Serve in warmmugs. If desired, float orange slices on top of individual servings and serve with additional stick cinnamon.

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This coupon good for

FREE Physical Therapy Consultation For A Friend

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Mention or bring in this coupon for a Free Consultation with one of our physical therapy specialists!

Mention or bring in this coupon for a FREE Consultation with one of our physical therapy specialists!

2019 Health Insurance Plans with PT Benefits Manyhealth insuranceplansresetdeductiblesandoutofpocketmaximums on a calendar year basis. If there have been any changes to your plan, pleasenote thatyourco-payorotheroutofpocketobligationsmaychange going into the new year. Call if you have any questions and we can help!

PA T I E N T S U C C E S S S T O R Y R e a d W h y O u r P a t i e n t s L o v e U s “I’ve had the very best PT experience ever. I broke my hand in November. After the surgery, I was dreading the PT part of the healing process. The entire staff has made the experience a pleasure. Their concern is wonderful and they make sure the exercises and treatment are right for me. Thank you.” - Sheryl G.

Injury Prevention Tips For The Winter

Stay within your abilities We have all heard of the term “weekend warrior” which means a person that has not prepared their body at all to go out and do extensive sports or activities on the weekend. Typically, this person is more prone to injury, just because they are not prepared. If you have a hard time running, then you wouldn’t go out and do a marathon. Make sure that you train and practice for the sport or activity you would like to try. Wear proper equipment When doing activities, make sure you have the right equipment to prevent injuries. Good running shoes, insulated boots, gloves, hats and helmets, and much more can make the difference when it comes to preventing injury. During the colder months, don’t forget to dress appropriately for the weather. Remember, wearing multiple thin, warm layers rather than one or two thick layers is ideal. If you have been injured or just want to improve your overall health and fitness, give us a call today to learn more about our programs. We are here to help you have an active, pain-free life.

The winter presents several fun activities that can double as workouts. Taking advantage of nearby ski slopes or ice skating rinks can be a fun outing that will get you out of the house while simultaneously getting your body moving. Even getting outside to go sledding or build a snowman with the kids can give you the amount of daily exercise you need. If the weather proves to be too blustery, you can also stay active by taking the stairs, participating in fitness classes, or doing at-home exercises. Here are some tips to help keep you injury-free this winter. Stretch Stretching is one of the most important ways to prevent injuries. Realize that your muscles and other tissues require water to be elastic. Stretching helps to bring water into the tissues making them more elastic and allowing them to stretch more.This prevents over-stretching and tearing. Hydrate and nutrition Your body is over 70% water and therefore, requires water to be supple and function at its best. Without adequate water and nutrition, your body’s tissues are more prone to over-stretching and injury. Drink up and if you find that you are very salty when you sweat, make sure to intake more electrolytes with a sports drink like Gatorade.

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W H Y YO U N E E D T O C O M E I N F O R A F R E E C H E C K - U P :

S E R V I C E S W E O F F E R !

• Balance Disorders • Difficulty Walking • Deconditioning • Muscle Weakness • Vertigo • And Many More!

• Sprains and Strains • Fractures • Tennis Elbow • Rotator Cuff Injuries • Impingement Syndrome

• Low Back Pain • Cervical Pain • Shoulder Pain • Knee Pain • Herniated/Bulging Disc • SI/Pelvic Pain • Arthritis

� Move without pain � Bend and move freely � Balance confidently and securely

� Sit for long periods comfortably

� Walk for long distances � Live an active and healthy lifestyle



Physical Therapy for Foot & Ankle Pain

Are you suffering from foot or ankle pain? Does it hurt worse in the morning when you first wake up? Do you feel off-balance or unstable when standing or walking?

If you answered “yes,” to any of these questions, you may benefit from physical therapy!

A sprain or strain to your ankle involves the overstretching or tearing of ligaments, tendons or connective tissue. They occur when a joint is forced beyond its normal range of motion, such as turning or rolling your ankle. Symptoms of sprains and strains include pain, swelling and difficulty putting weight on your foot. Foot and shin pain can come on from many different causes. The most common causes develop from changes in the way you walk, un-supportive footwear, long term standing, walking or running. Key to recovery is an early evaluation and treatment plan developed by a physical therapist.The therapists at Empower PhysicalTherapy will determine the cause of your problem and quickly decrease your pain. They will help you find the correct balance between strength and flexibility. This allows you to have pain free walking or running and return to activity as soon as possible.

Common foot and ankle conditions we treat:

• Sprain / Strain • Instability • Fractures • Plantar Fasciitis

• Achilles Tendonitis • Post-surgery Rehab for the Foot and Ankle

Try These Movements to Test Ankle Strength & Flexibility If you struggle to complete these movements, contact the clinic nearest you today to schedule an evaluation.

Ankle Eversion Lie on your side on a bed or table. Bend your ankle to the side, raising your toes towards the ceiling. Relax your foot back to the start position

Ankle Inversion Bend your ankles inwards. Relax your foot back to the start position in a controlled manner.


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If you are experiencing foot or ankle pain and don’t find the tips below helpful, call and schedule a Free Consultation with one of our specialists who can further assist you in getting back to a more active life!

FOOT ARCH INTRINSICS Place your foot flat on the ground. Lif your toes to create and arch. Hold, then lower and relax your toes, keeping the arch. Repeat 6 times with both feet.


ANKLE DORSIFLEXION Lie on your back with your knees bent as shown. Lift your toes up, keeping your heel in contact with the ground. Hold for 6 seconds then return to starting position. Repeat 6-10 times.


ANKLE PUMPS Find a comfortable position with your foot on a stool or raised surface. Pump ankle up and down. Repeat 6-10 times with both feet.



SAN TAN VALLEY 480.568.4580

MESA 480.833.2778


GLENDALE 623.934.1154

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