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July/August 2019

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4 Basic Tests Can Tell You A Lot!

July/August 2019

Newsletter The Newsletter That Helps You Return To A Life In Motion

It’s a GIRL!!! The results are in and it is official! Carlos and Adrienne are having a baby girl! The Life In Motion family is about to grow just a bit bigger! ARE YOUR SHOULDERS THE CAUSE OF NECK PAIN & HEADACHES? 4 Basic Tests Can Tell You A Lot! Special Announcement

Does your neck ache towards the end of the day? Do you often end up with nagging headaches? While you might think it’s only due to stress, it may also be a result of your daily posture. When we use our arms throughout the day, the shoulder muscles get tired. This leads us to use our neck muscles as a substitute. A sure sign of this is when you notice your shoulders rising up closer to your ears. You may also find your spine rounding forward. The sooner our shoulder muscles fatigue, and the more rounded forward we end up, the sooner we notice headaches and neck pain. Think this might be you? Here are 4 BASIC TESTS to try at the end of the day! STARTING POSITION: Sitting at your workstation, your home computer or the dinner table in your normal posture: 1. Try to raise both arms up in front and continue overhead without moving your spine. If you can’t get full shoulder motion or have pain, you probably end up slouched without realizing it. 2. Try to roll your shoulders down and back without moving your spine. If you feel this is difficult to do, your muscles are probably keeping your shoulders elevated. 3. Raise your arms up and out to the side like a “jumping jack” without moving your spine. If you have pain, you probably end up slouched without realizing it. 4. Try to clasp your hands behind your back. Now raise your arms up behind you. If you are unable to raise them very far, you have limited shoulder, spine or chest mobility. AreYourShoulders theCause of Neck Pain & Headaches? 4 Basic Tests Can Tell You A Lot!

NOW REPEAT THE TESTS... While sitting up straight and allow the spine to move. Compare the difference in your shoulder motions or pain. If you suffer from neck pain, headaches or shoulder pain, don’t let it linger on and cause more damage. Call your physical therapist at Life In Motion Physical & Hand Therapy today at (727) 369-6355 or visit our website at Visit us for a free consultation and see how we can help your neck pain and headaches disappear.

We at Life In Motion have quite a few core values - one of them is Education. We believe in educating the public on the value of conservative care and we believe in empowering our patients, through education, to be advocates for their own health. Check your newsletters or check our website at for upcoming dates! Remember - registration is required - online or by phone. INFORMATIONAL WORKSHOP SERIES The therapists of Life In Motion are currently putting on workshops every two weeks that are open to the public. We alternate between Lower Back Pain/Sciatica and Shoulder/Rotator Cuff workshops. More topics will be added soon, so keep an eye out!

July 20th @ 10AM: Lower Back Pain & Sciatica

August 3rd @ 10AM: Shoulder and Rotator Cuff


Patient Success Spotlight

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“I recommend Life In Motion to everyone. THEY ARE GREAT!!” I hurt my neck working around the house. Before starting therapy I was in so much pain I was prescribed Oxycodone to help me get at least 3 or 4 hours of sleep at night. This lasted for around 7 weeks before I finally got approval frommy insurance to get physical therapy. I decided to go to Life In Motion Physical & HandTherapy. After around 7 sessions of therapy, the pain in my neck and left shoulder started to ease up and the tingling in my left hand and arm was going away. After 11 sessions, my neck, shoulder, arm, and hand were all back to normal. I would like to thank my therapist, Carlos Riveros, therapist assistant,Tamara Riveros, and everyone in the HWY 19 Pinellas Park location for all of their help. I recommend Life In Motion to everyone. THEY ARE GREAT!!” -Thomas P. Share Your Thoughts If you’ve had a positive experience with LIM that you’d like to share, we’d like to invite you to leave a review on our website. The gift of sincere, heartfelt reviews helps guide others who are looking for a therapy home... and it warms our hearts to hear your stories! Go to our website at www.lifeinmotion-therapy.comand click on “ReviewUs.” Click on the clinic you attended.

Relieve Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing neck pain.

Stretches Neck

CHIN TUCK – SITTING Sit in a chair while keeping good posture and looking straight ahead. Without moving your body, tuck your chin and hold for 2 seconds. Return to starting position and repeat the exercise 15 times. It is helpful to perform this exercise with your index finger placed upon your chin, as an aid to help you with your starting and tucked chin positions. Chin tucks can be performed repeatedly throughout the day, and can also be helpful in developing good postural habits.

1. Position yourself in front of a wall. Begin by lightly pushing forearms into the wall while sliding arms up. Make sure to keep your back flat. Raise your arms as high as you can without pain while keeping your shoulders down. Do the same when bringing them back down. This trains your body to raise the arms without substituting the neck muscles and strengthens the shoulders. 2. Simple shoulder and neck rolls are good starting points for getting your joints moving and muscles relaxed which can help to reduce pain. We’re Here to Help Your Neck Pain and Shoulders! Of course, self-testing at home is an imperfect way to determine if your headaches and neck pain are coming from poor posture or other shoulder issues. They just show you where your body has limited movement, which may be causing your problems. Handling any problem sooner rather than later leads to better results and helps to prevent long-term damage. We welcome you to schedule a visit with us for a more complete evaluation. We’re offering a no-cost neck pain screening to help get you on the road to better health and less pain. Give Life In Motion Physical & Hand Therapy a call today to request your Free Neck Pain Screening. You will be glad you did! 2 HELPFUL SHOULDER EXERCISES TO KEEP YOUR NECK PAIN-FREE

FREE NECK PAIN SCREENING! Call (727) 369-6355 to schedule your FREE Neck Pain Screening.

Do you find yourself... • Waking up with a kink in your neck once in a while? • Having trouble turning your head to the left or right when driving and looking for traffic? • Experiencing headaches that start at the base or back of the skull?

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Use this coupon or give it to friends or family - spaces are limited to the first 10 calls.

Neck pain comes in many different forms. It may be acute or chronic, dull or sharp, but either way, it is frustrating and should be addressed. So why do so many of us ignore it, hoping it will go away on its own? Our bodies use pain as an indicator that there is an underlying disease, injury, problem, or condition. In fact, pain’s basic biological function is to alert you to an injury and keep you from further harm. What Causes Neck Pain? The simple answer to this question is, it depends. In many cases, neck pain can be traced back to a single event or injury. Chronic neck pain can also happen when you sit slumped over your desk, have poor standing posture, drive a car or truck for a living, or repeatedly move your head in a certain motion for work. The Science Behind the Pain There are eight spinal nerves that branch off the spinal cord into the neck forming something called the Cervical Plexus . These nerves then have branches that end in different parts of your head, neck, and shoulders. That is why it is no surprise that someone experiencing neckpainalsotendstoexperienceagreaternumberofheadachesthat also tend to be severe. For some people, addressing neck pain may resolve many of their headache symptoms. However, this connection UNDERSTANDING NECK PAIN

is not limited to pain in the neck. In fact, you do not necessarily have to be in a lot of pain in your neck to have more frequent and severe headaches. Your neck’s strength, range of motion and flexibility can also impact your cervical plexus’ function. If you cannot move your neck from side to side, you tend to hold greater tension in your shoulders which, in turn, can lead to headaches. Likewise, if your neck muscles cannot hold your head in its proper position, you will tend to experience more pain in your head from the strain.


In our era of constantly being on smartphones, tablets, and computers, we often put our necks and backs in positions of prolonged stress. Over time, the weight added to our necks based on the degree at which weholdourheadscontributes to increased strain to our vertebrae, disc, and muscles supporting the spine. Text Neck orTech Neck is the term used to describe the neck pain and damage sustained from looking down

at your cell phone, tablet, or other wireless devices too frequently and for too long. Of course, this posture of bending your neck to look down does not occur only when texting. For years, we’ve all looked down to read. The problem with texting is that it adds one more activity that causes us to look down—and people tend to do it for much longer periods. It is especially concerning because young, growing children could possibly cause permanent damage to their cervical spines that could lead to lifelong neck pain. We often see patients who have suffered from back and neck pain for years who could have been treated very easily when the pain started

withsimpleposturalcorrectionsandstretches. If you have been suffering from back or neck pain, come see one of our physical therapists for an assessment of what is contributing to your pain. Are you experiencing neck pain and headaches, and want to see what physical therapy can do for you? Call us today at (727) 369-6355 or visit our website for more information at

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