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that’s right — it was Aug. 2, 2003, the day I left my then-employer and started my own law firm.

When I turned 16 in September 1980, my parents handed me the keys to my very first car: a white ‘76 Chevy Nova. I was one of the first kids in my entire high school class to get my driver’s license — so you can imagine how popular I became! Overnight, my Nova turned into the go-to vehicle for grabbing lunch off campus, taking after-hours trips to the beach, and going on entirely too many visits to the video game parlor. I’ll never forget the freedom I felt rolling through the streets of Corpus Christi in my new-to-me ride. As long as there was gas in my tank, I could go anywhere and do anything! It felt like I finally had a taste of the freedom sought by our Founding Fathers we learned about in history class. Of course, at 16, I didn’t know what real freedom was yet. I had a job and made my own money, but I was still living with my parents! I got a heck of a lot closer to the real deal in 1988. That year, I moved 1,700 miles across the country from Texas to upstate New York so I could attend law school. For the first time, my parents weren’t within striking distance! I loved the independence I discovered in New York, even though I got picked on for my Texas accent (which I didn’t think I had!).

The entire safety net under my life dropped away in an instant. For the first time since high school, I didn’t have a paycheck or any guaranteed money coming in! It was terrifying and invigorating. On the one hand, it was up to me to figure out how much business I needed to generate to pay my mortgage. On the other hand, I could finally take the kind of cases I wanted, work with the people I chose, and go on vacation when it pleased me . I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s nothing better (or scarier) than being your own boss. The freedom is worth the responsibility 10 times over! I love what I do now, and I’m particularly proud that my work helps other entrepreneurs find and protect their independence. My biggest joy is mentoring folks who are just starting to claim their American dream, either by setting up a company, going into a partnership or joint venture, doing a new business deal, or moving out from under Mom and Dad’s wings. I get to play the wise, old man — by sharing the benefit of my experience! Seeing entrepreneurship happen always gets me misty-eyed, and my team and I can help in all kinds of ways if you (or someone you know) want to grab a little bit more of that independence. Not sure how to start social media marketing? I’ll give you advice on the how, where, who, and what of getting your name out there. Never hired an employee before? I’ll make sure you have the right perspective on the process (employees are assets, not expenses!) and that your butt is covered in case anything goes wrong. I write this in the month we celebrate the Fourth of July. There’s no better time to stretch your wings and jump into a new venture! It’s the American way. Shoot your shot and grab hold of a bit more of that independence I got a taste of at 16. I’ll help every step of the way.

Those steps toward independence were liberating. But I bet you can guess the moment I felt real and total freedom for the first time! Yep,

–David Gibson



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