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‘The Repair Shop’: Relaxing and Heartwarming Television


Reality television can be a great way to turn off your mind, but most options are full of petty drama and sarcastic remarks. For some of us, it can get a little tiring. One show out of the U.K. is taking a refreshingly gentler approach. “The Repair Shop” follows passionate craftspeople as they fix antiques, and every object they work on has a story behind it. There are no high-stakes prizes or biting comments in “The Repair Shop.” Instead, viewers peek inside a warm and inviting workshop filled with collaboration and sentimental stories. In each episode, you watch the experts perform amazing transformations and hear heartwarming tales about the connections people build with family heirlooms. The main cast includes upholsterer Jay Blades, woodworker Will Kirk, clock repairer Steve Fletcher, leatherworker Suzie Fletcher, ceramicist Kirsten Ramsay, and metalworker Dom Chinea. They are joined by a painting restorationist, stuffed animal repairers, and experts in glass, jewelry, and musical instruments as needed. The eclectic mix means viewers are in for a new treat every episode. The cast may work on a grandfather clock and rocking horse in one episode, only to restore a beloved teddy bear and repair a pinball machine in another. A Slower, Kinder Type of TV Cozy Up With ‘The Repair Shop’

Some of the best moments happen when the craftspeople work together. When an old writing desk has a leather inlay or an antique clock needs a newly painted face, everyone in the shop is glad to pitch in and help restore any object. They do so with good humor, a collaborative spirit, and dedication to their craft. But the show’s real heroes are the guests who bring in their beloved keepsakes. From war mementos to antique furniture and favorite toys passed down from parents, each person who visits has a deep connection with the object that needs repairing. They tell their stories, and we see their emotional reactions to their items receiving new life. U.S. viewers can catch “The Repair Shop” on BBC One or stream it on Discovery+. Cozy up with a cup of tea — plus a box of tissues, if you’re the sentimental type — and prepare to be moved.


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