Outcomes Report (2014-15)

OCS Annual Outcomes Report 2014-2015

2014-2015 has been a year of preparations for the Transitional Living Program - preparations to close our remaining Congregate House, preparations to transfer files to an ECR system (Nucleus) and preparations for our COA site visit. In addition this year the program made significant efforts to use the responses from the annual client survey to inform social/rec programming for the year. This year we also closed Columbia House, (our last remaining congregate home) as the landlord gave us notice on the lease. Clients residing in the home indicated that they would prefer to live independently in market housing versus another congregate setting. This being said, we consulted with BC Housing to transform the subsidy attached to Columbia House as a whole into individual subsidies to support the tenants moving into independent living situations. In total 4 clients were supported in moving into their own apartments. The implementation of Nucleus (Electronic case record system) had the latent benefit of allowing us the opportunity to update our documentation formats and also examine our program work flows. As a result, several forms were updated to incorporate new language (as per our funder) but also with a view to incorporating better tracking of outcomes. Risk assessments, service plans, and progress notes were all updated. In preparation for our COA site visit, a significant portion of the year was dedicated to ensuring that the program remained in compliance with existing COA standards and also adhered to new standards. In doing so, the program was again provided with the opportunity to examine and refine program practice.

Outcomes in Transitional Living Program this Year


% Strongly Agree and Agree

# Strongly Disagree and Disagree


Outcome Measures


My housing situation has improved

80% 80%



My skills to live independently have improved, such as cooking, home management My overall health and wellness has stabilized and/or improved I feel more connected to the resources in my community









I have more social contact




We are pleased to report that 92% of respondents reported improvement/ stabilization in their overall health and wellness. The client report of program meeting outcomes is mostly positive in that in most areas, targets were met. Areas where the scores are lower relate to connectedness to resources and skill-building; however it is entirely possible that these

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