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During this panademic I have been working with lots of first responders and medical professionals, particularly Doctors to get their estate plan in order. They all understand the need and urgency to make sure their families are protected. They work long hours and have fairly selfless jobs in which they take on challenges and risks to help others when they need it most. What this means is that estate planning is very important for doctors, medical professionals and all first responders, because they may have significant assets to leave to their children. Even beyond the money they have on hand, many may have primary homes, vacation homes, and other types of property that they want to keep in the family. Plus, many in the medical profession may have children who want to go into the family business. Can they leave the practice to the next generation? What type of succession plan do medical professionals need to make sure the process goes smoothly? If their children don’t want to work in the same field, can these medical professionals sell their practice to a third party? There are a lot of questions to ask, and the process can get complicated, so medical professionals must know exactly what steps to take.

experience as being there in person. Here are some tips to keep in mind while on these virtual tours. DIG DEEP. Don’t speed through these tours. Take time to view the materials available. Your teen may have no plans to use the athletic facilities, but you should take the time to check them out anyway. These photos can give you a sense of how the school encourages physical fitness. Listen to guided videos, if available, and take in the full view in every photo you can. Also, keep an eye out for contact info, such as phone numbers or email addresses, that you can reach out to if you or your teen have any specific questions that were unanswered. VIEW MULTIPLE VIRTUAL TOURS OF THE SAME SCHOOL. Most colleges and universities have created their own virtual tours, but there may also be tours of the same campuses created by private companies

If attending college is in your teenager’s future, then you are probably already thinking about touring college campuses. A college tour is a rite of passage for many young people and can help them make important decisions about the next chapter of their life. Distance and other factors may prevent you and your teen from being able to visit many campuses. Fortunately, virtual tours have made it simple for prospective students to check out almost every college they may want to attend. These days, most colleges offer virtual tours, complete with photos, recordings, and even virtual reality programs that allow you to explore every inch of the campus without ever leaving home. However, if you’ve ever gone house hunting, then you know how misleading photos can be. The right angle can make a shoebox look like a master bedroom! Virtual college tours suffer from the same problem. Digitally visiting a college campus doesn’t give you quite the same

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