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Premier Wynne tours flood-stricken areas

Beware garage burglars With the arrival of spring at last police expect to see an increase in the number of reports of break-ins involving residential garages or bac- kyard storage sheds with thieves seeking bikes, power tools, or yard equipment with resale value. Residents are reminded to make sure their garages and outdoor storage sheds are secure, including good locks and with adequate outside lighting to either deter thieves or reveal their presence when they try to break in. Any garages or sheds with windows should have them fastened secure and not left part open for any reason. Keep lists, including make, model, and serial numbers of any valuable items kept in storage in a garage or shed. Marking them for immediate identification will also help with later recovery. – Gregg Chamberlain Alfred-Plantagenet Township has not yet declared a state of emergency thoughMayor Dicaire did report some residents were eva- cuated from riverside condos. Mayor Desjardins told the premier that many residents affected by the flooding are concerned about both their insurance coverage and, in some cases, where they are going to live, even after the Ottawa River has returned to its normal levels. “One lady was telling us,” themayor said, “I got a mortgage to pay. I can’t afford to rent.” The premier promised that her govern- ment would look into the insurance coverage situation, also for victims of flooding.


Ontario’s premier KathleenWynne spent her Monday afternoon, this week, on a flying tour through Eastern Ontario, to meet with community leaders and vo- lunteers in some of the flood-stricken areas of the region. In Rockland, Wynne toured around the sand-bagging operation now occupying a large corner portion of the parking lot of the Rockland Plaza, across County Road 17 from the Voisine Road neighbourhood, one of the riverside areas of Rockland hit hardest by the rising flood waters of the Ottawa River. “We just want to let people know there will be a complete report,” said Wynne, confirming that the province will send in a review team after the flood waters recede, to assess damage and determine compen- sation aid from the Ontario Disaster Relief Fund. “The people appreciate it too,” said Mayor Guy Desjardins of Clarence- Rockland. The premier spoke at length with Des- jardins and mayors Fernand Dicaire and Gary Barton, of Alfred-Plantagenet and Champlain Townships, about the situations in their communities. Both Clarence-Rockland and Cham- plain Townships have been under “state of emergency” status since last week because of flooding.

La première ministre Kathleen Wynne, à son tour, attache des sacs de sable pour les zones inondées, sous la direction de Pierre Beauchamp. La première ministre était à Rockland lundi dans le cadre d’une visite des communautés inondées dans l’est de l’Ontario. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

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