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20 YEARS UNTIL I DO GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT A bout 20 years ago, my operations director, Noell Michalski, met a guy named David. They hung out for a while but Noell ended up moving states away to pursue her career. Last year, Noell got a friend request from David on Facebook, which led to them rekindling

Part of what’s been so great about our Get Real 30 challenges, or really any fitness program we offer, is hearing about what motivates people to improve their health and fitness. We’ve worked with many people who were getting ready for special events they wanted to look their best for, like weddings and reunions. Other people want to get back into shape so they can play with their kids or grandkids. As we enter summer, we start to see a lot of people motivated by swimsuit season. They want to rent a boat and hit the lake with their family, go snorkeling, try surfing, and really enjoy summer vacation to the fullest. Meanwhile, some people just want to feel healthy again. Whatever the reason, I’m proud to be a part of helping our clients take control of their health and feel great about themselves. “At the beginning of May, I was thrilled to attend Noell and David’s wedding in Ocean Isle Beach, where they finally said, ‘I do.’” June is a great time to really jump into your fitness goals. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the warm weather and get active outdoors. Plus, it’s your last chance to take advantage of our great prices. Come July 1, our prices increase for the summer season, so you have until June 30, 2018, to lock in your fitness sessions at the current rate before they go up. I’m really looking forward to the summer season. Noell’s wedding was only the first of some great things on the horizon.

their romance. At the beginning of May, I was thrilled to attend Noell and David’s wedding in Ocean Isle Beach, where they finally said, “I do.” Noell is so great at making sure our studio runs smoothly, it was no surprise her wedding turned out to be an amazing event. She was her own wedding planner and lived in a state of constant stress for months as she dealt with a million expected disasters. But once the wedding got started, everything went great.

Noell and David say, “I do.”

The happy couple had a barefoot wedding on the beach, with perfect weather and awesome ocean waves to set the mood. They asked me to give a speech at the reception, which was really cool. Of course, I took it as an opportunity to roast Noell a little bit. I talked about some of her old boyfriends, who were really no good, but I used them to highlight what made David such a great guy. He got my vote of approval, and the two of them really do make a great couple.

The couple’s first dance

After the reception, the newlyweds jumped on a plane for two weeks of island-hopping in the Caribbean, a well- deserved honeymoon after the chaos of wedding planning. On top of getting all the details of the wedding just right, Noell also participated in a recent Get Real 30 Nutrition Challenge. She lost six pounds and was able to fit into her beautiful wedding dress.

Congratulations to Noell and David! May you enjoy a lifetime of happiness together. -Bryan Wisdom


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