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There is no glory in star or blossom till looked upon by a loving eye; There is no fragrance in April breezes till breathed with joy as they wander by. It is true that happiness does depend on the state of mind and now is the moment for us to step out from the pool of uncertainty into the showers of blessings. We all have been tested the challenging times so it’s our turn to sit back and take a deep breath of relief as we are about to embrace the 4th month of the year ‘21 - the month of April. With that being said, April is not only a month, it is an emotion. A peaceful emotion which brings lots of joy, moments of happiness, togetherness and laughter with itself in the form of Easter. It has become a day when family and friends come together and the bonds grow stronger. Candy eggs and special treats are shared with each other, and you might spend the entire day in the company of people you love and care about. Easter is also the time to wish the best to your friend and loved ones. You share the message of God with everyone and wish to bring happiness, peace, and love into their lives. And also the holy period of all muslims around the world is here. A holy period for Muslims all around the world, Ramadan, which is the ninth month in the islamic calendar, is a time when followers of the faith observe intense fast from dawn to dusk (roza) in the name of the Almighty.

People break their fast with feasts or Iftar which take place after sunset. Considered an opportune time to come closer to God, it is observed to remind people of the sufferings of the less fortunate. During this time, devotees are encouraged to observe the five daily prayers on time, to use their downtime just before breaking their fast at sunset to recite Quran and intensify the remembrance of God. Have a peaceful and happy Ramadan! As you do abstinence every day of this holy month of Ramadan, May the spirit of faith, the warmth of love and the power of togetherness are with you always. I wish Allah bless you with a happy Ramadan and usher upon your life with peace, health, and prosperity.




It’s a newmonth and i pray for you, May God guide and lead you in the right path. May God bring you closer to your dreams each and every day of this month and may you always have a reason to be grateful as God will fill your heart, life and world with His Blessings. Happy new Month of April. May you feel the hope of new beginning, love and happiness during this joyful Easter Holiday. I hope this Easter Holiday fills your home with peace, joy and plenty of colorful Easter eggs. The holy month of Ramadan is here. May Allah always guide you all throughout your journey in life. I wish this ramadan will infuse you

with courage that will help you be triumphant over the adversities of life. I wish you and your family a blessed Easter and Ramadan Kareem!! And Remember Never give up on the things that make you smile.



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Candid Interview with Natasha Sharma

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Candid Interview with Kim Kumari

Ramadan Greetings

Happy Easter

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QUESTION 01 The person you have become today is a remarkable personality people take as exemplary. We would be pleased to know the beginning of your journey and what actually inspired you all the way to do what you do? The passion for events and entertainment started from a very young age. I always had interest in designing, planning and directing the events. I was part of almost all School events right from childhood. There wasn’t a school event or function that I was not part of. The very feel of being the center of attraction, left me energized. I think the penchant of being part of events started from there and it grew exponentially over the years. Gradually I discovered my passion for Showbiz, Events and Concerts and I finally thought to just go for it and launched my own company, Glitz Events. By God's grace it's been an incredible journey so far. The amount of the love, support and appreciation I've received in all these years is truly a blessing.

QUESTION 02 How do you see yourself changed as a person from 5 years before till present? I started as a newbie at a very young age in the industry, primarily male dominated. I had my own ups and downs and learned the hard way that hard work, perseverance and dedication are the key mantras to achieve anything. I have evolved over the years and I am sure that I ushered out as a much stronger person than before. I am more focused and I do not allow peer pressure to dominate me anymore. QUESTION 03 The most difficult task for a professional woman is balancing her lives. How do you keep a safe balance between your personal and professional life? I am blessed with a very supporting family, my husband has been my rock and pillar of support and always gave me wings to fly. He is the one person I know I can go to even in the most troubled situation and he would bail me out. I have two beautiful boys, that makes me more confident and responsible. Keeping a balance has not been difficult. The work that I do makes me happy, and I know if I am happy I can do a lot more. I am picky about the work that I take up, this ensures that there is enough time for the family.

QUESTION 04 Empowering women has always been a debatable issue all over the world. How do you see empowerment of women? Actually, this subject is very close to my heart and definitely I try to put my bit and efforts towards women empowerment. I have been hosting women empowerment events for the past fewyears where women achievers from all walks of life are celebrated. I personally mentor and encourage women constantly to build more confidence to step forward in the direction where they can make their dreams come true. And it’s essential for women to take care of themselves and choose a healthy lifestyle Because Women actually run the world and are expected to be present for their work and families all the time. Empowerment not only ensures equality, but builds that confidence that is much needed for the upliftment of Women. QUESTION 05 You are a people’s person, we all know that. You love to contribute towards the society and for its betterment. What would you do the first thing if asked to contribute towards women empowerment? I think theWomen need to realize that they are second to none. The stigma that prevails in our society that Women are treated indifferently when they want to step out of the households needs to be removed. I have been personally counselling and guiding women in the right direction. It is very important for women to speak out their feelings and discuss with their partners. I am sure with a bit of guidance and support from the families, the women can take a step in the right directions to realize their dreams.

QUESTION 06 You have led the most popular events’ company all by yourself, were there any setbacks faced during the journey of Glitz Events? Setbacks and Failures, provided you are willing to learn from them are stepping stones to success. If you do not have setbacks or failures, you will not relish and appreciate success. I had my setbacks too, but believe me, they have only made me stronger. QUESTION 07 Where do you see yourself and the company in near future? What is your vision and approach for the future to sustain the image and position of your company? I want to continue and follow up heart and keep getting the best possible entertainment to the people. Entertainment is the pathway to happiness and happiness is pathway to a delightful life. Glitz events has been proud of bringing in Substance based events, which have been Women oriented. My focus through my company has always been to empower women, imbibe in them self-realization and confidence. Glitz events will be doing a lot of more substance-oriented events in the future. Glitz events is also a renowned name in the Luxury Wedding industry, and our team is expanding and is all geared up to provide meticulous services to our clients across the country. QUESTION 08 The world is filled with young entrepreneurs who are just waiting for the right chance, is there any advice you want to give them? Follow your heart and do what makes you happy. Life does not give a lot of chances. Try, and fail Early, and learn from it and move on. If you are sincere, honest and focused, success will never evade you.

QUESTION 09 If supposedly, you were not in this industry, what would be other possible career choices you would have gone for? I think I could have been a Lawyer, as I am good at Analytical and Logical Reasoning. Fashion designer or maybe even a stylist because I think I have an eye for beauty and can guide others, or a name in Hospitality Industry like the Restaurant business, which I am already a part of. QUESTION 10 Being in this industry comes with its own challenges. What challenges you faced and what were the things you had to adopt to overcome them? The grit and resolve that I came with in the industry, left all challenges and hick ups look scant. I overcame other challenges like negging and back biting with my firm focus on hard work and positivity. QUESTION 11 Despite all this, has being a mother changed you or affected your professional life? It has made me more beautiful and happier inside out. I take pride to be a responsible mother. My kids keep me so motivated, the shine in their eyes always strives me to do better for them.

QUESTION 12 Women especially idolizes celebrities and the people who belong to this industry globally. It’s like an immediate stimulus in our minds to describe beauty and somehow, we have set those particular standards as the epitome of beauty. Being a part of this industry, my question for you is what is your take on beauty? For me Beauty is not just what we see from outside, I always look for more than the outer appearance like personality, confidence, how they carry themselves, someone with positive attitude and a good heart. Physical beauty is short lived while a strong presence and personality build that aura that is indispensable. QUESTION 13 How important do you think self-care and a healthy, peaceful lifestyle is for women, especially working mothers? Absolutely it is essential for women to take care of themselves and choose a healthy lifestyle because WOMEN ACTUALLY RUN THE WORLD and are expected to be present for their work and families all the time. So, I do believe that a healthy lifestyle leads to a happy life.

QUESTION 15 How do you feel like to be a part of Beauty Global Network?

It is an honor to be a part of the prestigious Beauty Global Network. I am super excited to be a part of this family, which has already introduced me to some great individuals who are pioneers in their respective fields. I would love to continue my journey with BGN and contribute to various initiatives which are under the network’s umbrella.

QUESTION 14 What is your success mantra?

Hard work, perseverance, dedication and focus. There are several tormenting factors which constantly try to stray your focus away from work, as long as you are able to strike the correct balance, you are bound to succeed.


Dr. Vivek Mehta Seema Mehta


RINKU BHATTACHARYA DAS Artistic Director Nrityajyoti Dance Academy USA



Faith makes all things possible. The best part of believing and having faith in good is “hope”. This month is truly special as there are many Holy blessings of God Almighty.The special occasion of Easter is here.. where it reminds us to be always thankful to God for our countless blessings such as love and gift of life. This month also marks the auspicious beginning of the sacred month of Ramadan. During this holy month, try to remember and help the needy brothers and sisters. On behalf of the BGN family, I wish all of you a very Happy Easter and Ramadan Kareem!!!!






Never Judge yourself based on your current circumstances rather believe in yourself from the core of your being because your true wisdom, hidden greatness, and infinite possibilities exist within you.









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NATASHA SINGH SHARMA Women entrepreneur -Founder & Owner Glitz Events



Immigration Attorney

President of India Culture Center ICC, CEO of Jaz Creationz Productionz Commercial Contractors




President Jain Productions

Legendary Artist, Versatile Actress and Sensational Radio personality

Owner Amber Jamshed Designer Boutique / Realtor /President Houston Professional Women Organization.

IRINA BORODINA Miss Texas Global United States Professional Model






VIP Honorary Member

VIP Honorary Member

VIP Honorary Member

The Founding Member of Pakistani American Congressional Caucus, Democratic Leader, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Magnate and TV personality.

National Board President PAKPAC, CEO Premier Pain Centers, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Columnist

The First Pakistani Mayor of Artesia, CA


VIP Honorary Member SHAHAL M. KHAN


VIP Honorary Member

Founder “Muslims for Trump” Campaign, Advisor at National Diversity Coalition for Trump, President/CEO Tarar Group of Businesses , Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Activist

Entrepreneur, Social Venture Capitalist and Investor.

MD,MBA Doctor, Entrepreneur, Scientist, Healthcare Leader


Mortgage Broker at Malkison Lending Realtor at Malkison Realty Founder, President at Malkison Malkison


Email: media@malikson.com Cell: 972.603.5500

Caitlyn Resh Zakia Quaderi Ajay Kumar MODELS

Talent Company: BGN Model Agency

Miss India USA 19' | Community Activist T.V Show Anchor KK i ummari


Being an independent, successful woman that too at a very young age, winning the title of Miss India USA, how does it feel like? Winning the prestigious title of Miss India USA brought in many feelings of elatedness, being proud, but also mixed feelings of being nervous as to what the year would hold. Before participating for Miss India USA, I initially competed for the title Miss Teen India NJ, where I was crowned 1st runner up. I brought in my experience from that year and applied it to my state pageant where I was crowned Miss India NJ. Thus, being crowned as the national winner for the pageant was truly a rewarding and humbling experience.

What motivated you to take part in a pageant? My parents played the most prominent role in my decision of participating in the pageant. They knew I enjoyed being on stage as a bhangra dancer and was comfortable at public speaking, hence they proposed why not take it a step farther by participating in a pageant. In fact, they were the ones who brought me the application for my first pageant Miss Teen India NJ and then again encouraged me to go back the following year for the Miss Category. QUESTION 02 You are studying to be a doctor then what pushed towards the showbiz? Once the title of Miss India USA was bestowed upon me, I was blessed with plethora of opportunities, which included photoshoots, fashion shows, and the most recent one – hosting a TV show. However, tying this into my future aspirations I know these events allow me to grow as an individual and give me the chance to meet new people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. QUESTION 03 There is something very popular about you among the people that you believe in contributing towards the community big time. You are leaned towards helping the children from the third world country, how do you plan to work for this cause? I truly believe there is just a different feeling of contentment when one gives back to the community. For me my goal revolves around helping children and making sure they receive the medical care they are humanly entitled to. I strive to work under UNICEF when I’m a competent doctor since they provide an ample number of resources to help one towards helping third world nations. However, that is in the long run, right now I work with small organizations which are affiliated with these nations to provide them with materials for a good education back at home. QUESTION 04


You are currently a TV show anchor at the TV Asia USA. Do you plan to take a step forward from this career or do you see it as a lifetime achievement? The recent opportunity given to host a show on TV Asia USA has been an amazing learning experience so far. I’ve hosted a show online before but stepping into the studio to record was definitely a task out of my comfort zone. I’m extremely grateful for this position because it was an opportunity that presented itself and I do see it as a major accomplishment because not many people can say they have hosted a show on a national platform. I’m not seeking to establish myself in the media field, but I would definitely be open to future opportunities if they would come my way. You have been given award by the former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen, how do you felt standing next to such prominent personality and being honoured to receive the great award from her? Sushmita Sen has been an inspiration for me growing up not only because of her accomplishment in the pageant and Bollywood industry, but because of her ideals and values. I actually had the privilege of meeting Ms. Sen the year before I was presented the award and I remember being in awe of how graceful she was and being able to ask her a question about her journey. The following year, being presented the award, the feeling was exactly the same and when she saw me in the crown and sash she said “Congratulations, you look beautiful.” It was such a pinnacle to have your role model complimenting you and the moment was just to die for. QUESTION 06

You have described your parents extremely supportive of your career plans, please tell us about your journey and their support that stood by you all along? My parents are my biggest support system and they always push me out of my comfort zone (as I mentioned earlier) so I can reach my full potential. In terms of career plans they were always changing. They went from wanting to be a Biomedical engineer, to an optometrist, and now finally to a doctor. Although I’m not sure what I want to specialize in yet, my end goal remains the same, reaching out to the children across the world, helping them in any way possible. QUESTION 07


With success and fame comes hardships and challenges as well. How have you found yourself in this position? It was challenging to balance out the two different “roles” one as a pageant titleholder and two as a college student. Making sure my work at college is not compromised but also doing enough to uphold the prestige of the title that was given to me was tough task. Even though both tasks were managed to be completed, it was tough to find time for just myself at the end of the day. It is extremely important to plan out time for self-care where one is rejuvenating to the mind. People often forget in the hustle and bustle how imperative it is to unwind and let go of the stresses you have, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Being successful at such a young age, striving to achieve your goals and achieving them you have set some major examples to all those struggling. Would you like to venture some words of wisdom to them? For those who have goals, give yourself a pat on the back for knowing what you want to achieve. Now it’s crucial to remind yourself the first 3 ‘Ws’ of your goals. “Why do you want to achieve this?” “What will I do with this?” “Who will this impact?” Once you know you want something for the right reasons, you’ll already be halfway towards accomplishing your goals. Otherwise, it’s important to maintain a schedule and have a game plan, but it’s also crucial to not have tunnel vision and stick to that plan all the time. There’s no blueprint that can help one achieve their goals and it’s important to try new methods when the previous one fails. It can be an endless game of trial and error but it’s all about the grit and perseverance at the end of the day. QUESTION 09 What special message do you have for Beauty Global Network Magazine’s readers? To all of the young readers I want to say don’t be afraid to try new things because you never know what the end result of that might be. If you do not challenge yourself and go out of your comfort zone you’re going to be stuck in a bubble for a long time. It’s important to allow your mind, personality, and soul to grow and that only comes with new experiences and challenges. QUESTION 10



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NEETU RISHI Passionpreneur | Director-(Y) | Dale Carnegie | Motivational Speaker | Author | Image Consultant

GARGI DUGGAL CEO - Gargi | Productions | Texas Franchise | Director -UCMAS | Media Personality | Dancer | Philanthropist

SUNALI DUGGAL Actor/Model | Field | Management | Manikin Agency | Kalikwest Agency | PMTM

PUJA CHOPRA Fashion Designer | Jewellery Designer | Entreprenuer

MEHWISH WEQAR Beauty Global Brand Ambassador, Canada

MOAZZMA HUNAIN Mrs. Pakistan USA 2018 CEO & Founder: Moazzma Hunain Entertainment

AMNA SHAH Actor / TV Host / Women Empowerment Advocate





PRRIAA T. HAIDER President Prriaa Haider Productions



Easy Tips During Ramadan to Make You Fit Now that the holy month of Ramadan is underway, it’s hard to fast the whole day, especially this time when it has arrived in the summer months. This whole day of fasting includes indulgence of two meals- the Suhoor and the Iftar. While Suhoor is served before the dawn, Iftar is enjoyed after the entire day’s fasting in the evening at dusk. The idea behind eating Suhoor is to provide the necessary energy to the body to fast for the entire day. The Iftar is served post-sunset to break the fast and to give the tired and exhausted body the indulgence of good food after the whole day. We wish you all the best for your fast and offer you Ramadan healthy eating tips during your Suhoor and Iftar for better energy throughout the day, improved digestion, and enhanced health. Read on. Follow These Healthy Tips During Ramadan

1. Have energy-boosting food at Suhoor Suhoor becomes the most important meal of the day as it is what is going to take you through the whole day. While a good Suhoor helps you in going through the whole day just like regular, a heavy or unbalanced Suhoor will give you hunger pangs and a sluggish feel the whole day, and keep you waiting for the Iftar. Eat protein-rich food in the morning. Protein not only delays hunger pangs but also provides lots of energy for the day. Provide hydration to your body partially through food as well. Opt for fruits and veggies with high water content like cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, oranges, and watermelon. High fiber and carbohydrate food items such as wholemeal bread and brown rice take longer time to digest and hence keeps you full for a longer time. Go high on protein but less on fat. Food items like fish, low-fat dairy products and less fatty chicken should be your alternative for feisty fat meals. Intake of rich in fiber fruits at the start of the day can prevent constipation- a common problem that occurs during Ramadan. Also, they are full of vitamins, phytochemicals and minerals to keep you energized the whole day. 2. Keep Yourself Hydrated Drinking plenty of water and healthy eating during Ramadan is of crucial importance, especially this time when Ramadan has fallen during these hot months. Avoid as much as possible on the sugary and caffeine stuff. They may look an enticing option at the time of Suhoor but will add to your thirst during the day. Ensure you drink a considerable amount of water at Suhoor, to keep yourself hydrated. Don’t break your routine of drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day. Divide these between the time of Suhoor and Iftar but do maintain your ritual of 8 glasses of water. Suhoor must include fresh fruits and veggies or just plain water instead of sweetened drinks. Avoid eating hot and spicy food as they tend to increase your thirst during the day. Start your Suhoor and Iftar meal with two glasses of water. You can keep a bottle of water on your bedside to sip it during the night.

3. Keep yourself busy The key is to keep your daily routine as normal as you can. Ramadan is all about fasting to become closer to Allah (Almighty), don’t make it all about you by staying lazy and disrupting your regular routine. Staying active and in your routine will not only help you pass your day easily, but it will also help in managing the disturbed body mechanism with the lack of food. Sleep plays a vital role in shaping up your day during Ramadan. Sleep on time to keep yourself active, fit and energetic during the day. Sipping water at least every two hours post Iftar will help you stay active the next day. A hydrated body won’t make you look pale and dull. Don’t concentrate your thoughts on fasting the whole day. The more you think about the fast, the hungrier you’ll feel. It’s natural psychology. Keep yourself immersed in your daily routine and don’t let mind play tricks with you.

4. Don’t skip your exercise routine If you are into regular exercise, don’t stop it just because you are observing fast. This will not only reduce the regular flow of energy to your body but will also make you feel sluggish. Instead, if you are into heavy workouts, reduce the intensity. Remember, your body maintains a muscle mass only as long as you keep giving it instructions through regular workouts. Stopping them will increase the mass and make you feel heavier. Carbohydrates help you work out with increased intensity. During Ramadan, your carb levels deplete and therefore, it is natural to reduce your workout intensity and take it slow. Include some amount of carbohydrate during your Suhoor to give you the required energy at the time of the workout. If you are into a regular high-intensity workout or taking Ramadan as an opportunity to start a work out; try and do your exercise just before the Iftar. It will help you compensate for the lost energy and water requirement post-exercise. Avoid exercising immediately after Iftar meal. The entire blood flow at that time is concentrated on your stomach and hence, is not advised.

5. Break your fast slowly and lightly It’s a very common complaint that in spite of observing the whole month’s fast, there are many people who gain weight during Ramadan. The reason is what you eat at the time of Iftar is usually more than you eat on a regular day. Don’t go all out at Iftar meal. Although tempting, it is better to take it slowly. Your body is already going through a disturbed routine and if you stuff oily, fatty and heavy food suddenly after going hungry for 12-14 hours, it’s not going to have a good effect. Exercise some self-control and eat normal-sized, nutritious portions at Iftar. Eat-in moderate quantities every 2 hours post Iftar and you’ll see its good effect the next day. Start your Iftar meal by eating 2 dates. It balances the low sugar level in your body due to the fast of the whole day and helps you gain instant energy. Starting with a bowl of soup is great as it not only prepares the stomach for the upcoming meal but also gives the essential fluids to the body. It’s difficult but eat fewer sweets at Iftar. Too much sugar after the whole day of fast is not good for the body. It’s of crucial importance since you’re fasting the next day.

Everything you eat at Iftar and Suhoor shows up in your energy levels the next day. So, make the most of the eating time you get during Suhoor and Iftar and give yourself a healthy makeover this Ramadan.

Howmight we celebrate Easter in pandemic? Online celebration with the Family: As we are far away from our families and socially distanced, it doesn't mean we can't connect and our friends and family can't be a part of our standard Easter dinner. With the help of different applications like Zoom, hangout, and Google Joints, we would all have a platform to be closer to share those basic occasions for the term of ordinary regular presence. Put everything on the table and bring your family members, friends and also accomplices to eat with you. Hearing their voice can bring that piece of cheer needed for effervescent occasions. People who can't join need not be pardoned. Make a phone choice or send an e-card. Get adroit: Easter is always the best occasion, the best part of this holy festival is hand-painted eggs. Those with more enthusiastic youngsters at home can make this a dumbfounding activity for the brood and have them get inventive. It is a fun activity which you can easily do at your homes if you don't know how to do this just take a hard thing in oval shape and paint it, it will give you the perfect look and will add joy to your occasion. You can even paint the glasses and can add design to them and you can hang them on your main door.

The best thing about these festivals is that we get the chance to do lunch and breakfast with our family. Enjoy this Easter with your kids and family at home. If you are far away from your loved ones you can use online mediums to stay connected with them and enjoy face time. Also, you can play different games with your kids and can give them prizes if they secure any position just to make them happy.

Undoubtedly, we can't go to the parks or gardens, youngsters can come up with some creative ideas to make their family happy and regain the energy which is not present in this pandemic. The undertaking will spellbind the more energetic ones and go through a piece of their subdued energy. Expecting eggs are an issue, you can do some noble deeds as well as it is important too, just keep eatable items on your doorstep so one who is hungry can get that and give them easter eggs to make them feel better. There are virtual Easter egg pursues happening, everyone can get their eggs online easily so don't wait longer and get it. Stay at home is the voice of everyone, many families are suffering from many problems and are not able to celebrate events. The main target is to celebrate the eve with your loved ones with social distancing. Specialists are against getting togethers, they demand that people should celebrate but should take care of their health. Many families will stay connected or will stay in touch through virtual mediums during this pandemic. The use of online media will make everything real and will bring everyone close together so they can have fun.

SCHOOL AS AN ARENA FOR LITERACY AND LEARNING Education in a multicultural society like our country is convoluted which often intricate the smooth relation between the school practices and the constitutive values, and to increase the ability to live with a cultural multiplicity. For the past 73 years, we are trying to make our schools as moral arena by inundated new techniques which profess to make the teaching and learning process more interesting, as the thought provoking and insight mainly rule by non-human components as lengthy syllabuses which may be admittedly explicitly endorsed, there can be an amendment as to follow web based curriculum with one-on-one facilitation by making learning structured and challenging. Mostly the teaching and learning predicament is not proportionate to the set objectives and task fulfillment with comprehensive pedagogical implications. The problematic factors in learning process have to be encountered with an equivalent state of art which can trace out inherent aspects which is effecting teaching and learning either positively or negatively. Teaching has to be taken as a fostering task to encourage and to acquire a holistic approach as to make learning integrated and interconnected by encouraging a child’s physical and psychological requirements as well as cognitive sense of learning. The extrinsic features may create a source of dejection in the learning process as poor infrastructure of the schools evidently affects the three important key roles of natural environment, complexity and flexible space. Unfortunately the present era is affected by a virus and the world has the worst marks of pandemic on the high mortality rate of loss of human lives because of Covid19, which perpetuate the loss of economy and education. The schools all over the world shift to Online teaching and learning which eventually added as the basic worldwide tracker of online schooling as Zoom and Google Classroom Arena for literacy and learning. As teachers during pandemic have to schedule learning tasks, plan instructions and bestow students’ particular outcomes of component learning. Gradually the world is reverting to normality after Corona vaccine which made the onsite resumption of the educational institutes by following strict standard operating procedures.

HUMA KIRMANI An author, a TEDx speaker



With the speedy world, people can hardly take out time for themselves. They are just busy in their busy routine. People are becoming unhealthy, unhealthy in the sense they are just focused on their jobs they are getting stress out of that, companies are considering them robots and putting mental pressure on them which is making them unhealthy. A fit environment is very important for the health of an individual. It is our responsibility to keep our environment fit. How can we make our environment fit? We can make it fit by avoiding air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution in short everything which is injurious to health. Three things are very important, fit body, fit mind, and fit environment. Always remember the healthy one will be preferred over unhealthy in every field of life. Not only your qualification or skills matter your fitness is also very important. We have certain images in our mind that the slim one is the healthy and they are unhealthy. If someone is fat he is unhealthy which is wrong. If we say many people are unhealthy because of their society, their thinking, their environment so it's not wrong. How people are unhealthy because of these things? Our society made some images in everyone's mind that to look beautiful you have to be slim. Our thinking is killing us, and yes obviously environment, here environment means people surrounding us. If we have positive people around us we will get positive vibes but negative people spreads negativity. To keep the environment healthy it's very important to have cheerful thoughts and good people around you. HOWHEALTH IS AFFECTED? Health is affected because of the things we are eating, we are thinking. These two things have negative results on an individual's life. Today everyone just loves to eat fat, fat like burgers, cheese, and many other things like this. These things are just making them fat not healthy there is a big difference between a healthy, person and a fat person. We think physical appearance is the real health, it's not true. Today's generation just think to build muscles and girls think to be slim. For this they are getting unhealthy things like steroids, bad dieting, no sugar. Steroids are very harmful sometimes they have an opposite reaction which can be dangerous. Girls are on the keto diet or on just salads, both are making them unfit. Sugar is very important to maintain the balance of the body. The new generation thinks that they have many modern ways to deal with things but unfortunately, modernity is making your life more difficult, yes it's not important that every new thing can be good for us. HOW TO STAY FIT? If you are slim you can be on the list of fit and if you are fat you are out of this list, just kick out this idea on the side and focus on one thing that if your body is working properly then you are fit. We should do workouts to maintain the flow in our body we should do some exercise like cycling, swimming, jogging, running and any other in which you are comfortable but must do workout it is the medicine for our body.



Miss Texas Global United States Professional Model IRINA BORODINA


Femina Miss India, 4th Runners up, Actress and Model SHINATA CHAUHAN



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Entrepreneurship is significant for various reasons, from elevating social change to driving advancement. Business visionaries are regularly considered as public resources for being developed, persuaded and compensated to the best conceivable degree. Truth be told, the absolute most created countries, for example, the United States are world pioneers because of their groundbreaking development, researchand enterprising people. Incredible business people can change the way we live and work, on a neighborhood and public basis. On the off chance that effective, their advancements may improve ways of life and as well as making abundance with enterprising endeavors, they likewise make occupations and add to a developing economy. The significance of a business venture isn't to be downplayed. Entrepreneurship is significant, as it can improve ways of life and make abundance, for the business people as well as for related organizations. Business people additionally help drive change with advancement, where better than ever items empower new business sectors to be created. WHY ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS IMPORTANT


I guess everyone needs to get this cheat sheet about how to grow followers, but we forget it’s all about content creation. Every brand, personal or an organization wants to establish rapport with audience. Everyone has a great product, how they establish communication with their audience decides almost everything. Here are some important tit-bits- LEARN THE TACTICS OF CONTENT CREATION

If we are looking for something in turn, then there is no need. Personal branding is with the intention to add value; rest everything will follow. What’s the need ?

Create posts, videos for any platform that you want, but be original and be consistent. How can you do that?

Share your journey, your skills, what you are good at, what you are learning but be yourself. What should be included? Content is an amalgamation of our life experiences turned into stories. Be observant of your actions, failures, success events, life lessons and convert them into content. We will never run out of content. How to be creative each time? All good things in this world takes time. At least two years. That is the reason a lot of people don’t create content – because it requires patience, and it requires thick skin to not think of what others might think! (Bonus point: They aren’t thinking of you anyway; they are thinking of what you are thinking of them!) Howmuch time it takes? Is it possible to get clients through creating content? If we create content not with the intent of getting clients rather than sharing all that we know, giving without any intention of receiving, inbound leads will eventually come. A giver, is always given.

Respect their time, respond to their DM’s, keep them engaged, talk about topics that they can connect to. Content creation is not a one-way street. If the audience loves it, they will give our feedback. If they don’t, we will still get to know. That helps us build upon it. Understand your audience People whose content aligns with your thought process, whose content we could add to our learning library, There is so much content out there, if we start making content on that, we would never run out of content. Whom should we follow? Today’s phones have great video quality, a great one for start. If not daily, consistently at the same time is important Language should be audience specific – India – Hinglish; outside India – English Enjoy the journey instead of waiting for the reward – It is during the “during”, that our entire life is lived! 1. 2. Tips for never giving up? Sooner than we know, content creation will be an industry bigger than even e-commerce. Be yourself – because everyone else is taken Some technicalities:

Owner of Team Flawless Amin Kabani @flawlessbyamin

Use 2 to 3 different foundation colors to create dimension on the face. One that matches your current skin tone, one that is 2 shades lighter , and a third that is 2-3 shades darker. Use the lighter shade where you want brightness (under the eye area especially ) and use the darker shade to create shadow or depth (temples and cheekbones). All products used are Team Flawless Cosmetics and available at www.teamflawless.com Makeup tips:

SHAMYLA SYED TYLE ST TE ENT BLOG Why is skincare so important?

Taking good care of your skin is important for more than our appearance. You can apply as many high quality and luxurious facial products on your face as you like but if you are not healthy on the inside, everything you wear on the outside will only give you temporary results. Your skin is the largest organ you have, therefore it is absolutely essential to your general health. It is worth the time and energy to take care of your skin on a daily basis. Before you start an external skincare regime get to the root of eliminating acne, pores and wrinkles by following these easy tips; Drink a cup of warm lemon water on empty stomach on waking up. Drink 1-2 litres of water everyday. Add lots of fresh and green veggies in your diet. Wash and moisturise you skin twice a day. Smile often and stay happy this truly prevents early ageing! We are all familiar with fashion and style It’s definitely something we deal with everyday and it certainly helps us craft an identity.


While existing household cleaning products offer adequate protection against the transmission of germs and viruses if used correctly, manufacturers have attempted to innovate in order to address specific pandemic-driven concerns. A growing fear of chemicals among consumers and increasing awareness about eco-friendly cleaning products is fueling growth for healthy home care products. Overall, companies that offer healthy household cleaning products position themselves as plant-based, natural, safe, free of harmful chemicals and cruelty-free. Brands are targeting millennial moms by increasingly offering child-friendly home care products which are natural, nontoxic, safe, hypoallergenic and effective. The products are specially formulated for baby’s delicate skin and leave no residue or harmful fumes after washing. There has been a growing consumer preference towards cruelty-free and plant-based products which is stimulated by ethical led choices. Vegan detergents, polishes, soaps and degreasers are gradually gaining popularity. With ethical consumerism becoming more popular, companies are increasingly offering cruelty-free and vegan home care products. Companies are increasingly offering eco friendly home care products which feature natural plant-based biodegradable ingredients. Many companies claim to have recyclable packaging. Some companies also offer plastic-free packaging and reusable/refillable packaging. Companies that are innovating within formats are focused on the eco conscious consumer. From laundry balls to zero-waste dissolvable strips, these companies are reducing or eliminating packaging for the most discerning environmentally-focused consumer. With increasing awareness healthy home care products are here to stay, notes Shilpa Tiku Chief Research Officer and Partner at Verify Markets.

The Quality Of Giving TANU VATSA AGGARWAL Take a lit candle and light many others with it. Has the flame suffered any loss? What happens to the flame when you put all those flames together? I get’s bigger. It is the same principle in life. We should always seek to light that flame with the inner peace and self-love from within. Once that has been attained, you will be like a light in the world, ready to ignite everyone who crosses your path. People will feel your warmth. There is no greater gift than GIVING itself. “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself” – RalphWaldo Emerson When you recognize that your feeling should be determined by your own actions, not someone else’s reaction, your decision to give will not be for any selfish desire of recognition or praise. It will be purely out of good intention, and that’s giving. Things that are done out of pure intent are an amazing gift to all. It is evident that some people give to obtain something in return. Is that really giving? Even if it is just a thank you that you expect, it takes away the essence of an act. You should be proud of yourself, not proud of what other’s think and feel about you. If you can be really happy in giving, then it is already complete. If you want to be happy for anyone outside of you, be happy for them. Also take note that other’s growth is your growth and vice versa. Contribution is of one three ways to ever be truly fulfilled. I have heard people say, “oh, so I have to give money to charity?” First, you don’t have to do anything in life: everything is a choice. Second, is that what this world has made us believe, that the only gifts come in a box or a cheque? I know most people wouldn’t even lose a minute of sleep over kids half way across the world. I don’t expect them to yet. We must rediscover and feed our true qualities first. Start with the people around you, and begin with the things that are basic. What about the gift of love, change, or generosity in every day life? How about the gifts of appreciation, acceptance, gratitude, and

communication? Why don’t we give ourself the gift of life, which so many seem to forget. They are all free and help you and the people around you. They are far more important than a few cheques a year. In saying that, helping a fellow man in need is the most fulfilling act we could ever perform. As we become more self-aware and the heart opens, we will notice the power we have to change someone’s life. It will become like an addiction, something you feel you cannot live without “ It is more blessed to give, than to receive” Jesus Christ


This makeup tutorial helps you highlight your lips in the most pleasant and subtle ways to let you gracefully sport them on a date night, a party or just a regular day out. Faking fuller lips is a matter of just a few seconds and few simple steps that will let you ditch the idea of fillers forever. Take a look at the detailed guide to learn how you can finally have the sexy, larger lips you have always been dreaming of. Use a lip primer or a concealer to prime your lips and create a smooth base for the product to go over. Concealer will give an overall more nude look to your lips, but making sure you have the right colour of lip liner will ensure your lips look more natural & will hold your lipstick in place for a longer time. Start with a pencil that is just a little bit lighter than your skin tone, start by drawing above the natural lip line, and creating the shape you are looking for on the skin itself with the pencil. It’s almost like a concealer shade. Then use something that’s close to your natural lip color. Create a shape that you’re happy with by drawing just outside the natural line of your lip, and blend your liner downwards. There are a few different techniques to filling your lips, and it all depends on the look you’re going for. For a matte look simply color in your lips with the remaining pencil. If you’re going for gloss, draw lines along the lip and blend themwith gloss or a lip balm. For lipstick, find a similar color and blend well for the best color match. And that’s that! All you need to create the impression of bigger lips is some concealer, liner, and a little time to master the technique. Even if you have thin or small lips, these detailed directions can make all the difference and transform them into gorgeous, bigger buds. Just grab your favorite lip pencil and lip gloss or lipstick - my favorite is Matte Lip Kit from Amber Dazzle, to get going with recreating a pair of lovely lips that can make everything seem to be quite 3-dimensional and beautiful.

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