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416 Automation Inc. Building a company for the next 100 years Leveraging Events to Build Your Brand LIVE AND IN PERSON

The Tyne Valley Oyster Festival & Rock the Boat Musicfest — PEI’s best-kept secret!

Acadia University A Solid Commitment to Innovation and Community

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W ith Canada Day and Independence Day just around the corner we have selected our top destination for the first major holiday of the Summer for our readers on both sides of the border, so you know where the action will be this July 1st or 4th. We also selected the best Busker Festivals in North America in this month’s issue because great entertainment doesn’t always happen inside on a stage, it can also come alive on the streets and we spotlight the best cities and towns to check out all the amazing action. The Annapolis Valley is known for many things, its amazing views of the Bay of Fundy, its apple orchards and for being one of the best wine regions in Canada. It is also known for having one of the best universities in Canada, Acadia University, which plays an important part in the exposure and growth of the Annapolis Valley’s economy. We talk with Marcel Falkenham, Leigh Huestis and Amit Batra of Acadia University about the university’s commitment to innovation and the community and how they look to continue to grow together. We also had the opportunity to chat with Adam MacLennan about his community of Tyne Valley, PEI and why you need to make your way to the island this Summer for some amazing oysters and then stay for the music when we learned all about Rock the Boat Musicfest which is the closing event for the annual five-day Tyne Valley Oyster Festival, which is a family-friendly fundraiser for the community. Tyne Valley offers one of PEI’s most exciting events with the Canadian Oyster Shucking Competition, where the best shuckers in Canada come to compete each year in August to represent Canada at the worlds. This is one of PEI’s best-kept secrets until now as we spotlight both these amazing festivals and Tyne Valley itself. Brittany Pickrem tells us about how live and in-person events can be a powerful way to develop a strong connection with your customer and not matter which live event path makes the most sense for your brand, you will have the opportunity to get super close to your target customer and promote your brand and all that it offers. spotlight on July

Connecting and engaging with customers is very important to any business, but when you do the same with your employees and vendors, you take your business to a whole new level and become a leader in business, we speak with Mimmo Carbonara about how he and his team have successfully done this with 416 Automation Inc. We hope you enjoy the issue and we would like to thank all our featured companies for sharing your challenges, successes and for inspiring others to follow their dreams and passion. We also thank all those involved in putting this month’s issue together along with our advertisers and readers as we look forward to telling more stories about successful businesses and the people behind making it all happen.

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The Annapolis Valley is known for many things, its amazing views of the Bay of Fundy, its apple orchards and for being one of the best wine regions in Canada. It is also known for having one of the best universities in Canada, Acadia University, which plays an important part in the exposure and growth of the Annapolis Valley’s economy. Spotlight on Business Magazine talks with Marcel Falkenham, Leigh Huestis and Amit Batra of Acadia University about the university’s commitment to innovation and the community and how they look to continue to grow together.

Leveraging Events to Build Your Brand

One particularly powerful way to develop a strong connection with your customer is through live, in-person events. This might mean speaking at conferences, trade shows, teaching workshops, hosting your very own event or being a corporate sponsor for an event or festival. No matter which path makes the most sense for your brand, you are able to create an opportunity to get super close to your target customer and promote your brand and all that it offers. So lets explore some different ways you can leverage in-person events to create connection between your customers and your brand.

A Solid Commitment to Innovation and Community Acadia University

& Rock the Boat Musicfest

We got the chance to learn about this innovative company back in 2017 and then they had one goal and that was to make your brand’s product better by offering superior custom solutions in the world of automated machinery, testing equipment, and adaptable electrical panels by being a leader in the industry, which they were successful in doing in a very short amount of time. With our second interview with 416 Automation’s president and founder, Mimmo Carbonara, that drive to be the best in industry was still very much alive. However, we learned that there was a lot more going on inside the company than just creating amazing product solutions for some of the giants of the automotive industry. They were investing in their peole and partnerships, setting the plans in place to build a company for the next 100 years.

The Tyne Valley Oyster Festival PEI’s best-kept secret!

Come for the oysters and stay for themusic, plus you can swim in some of the warmest beach waters north of Carolinas. The Rock the Boat Musicfest is the closing event for the 56th Tyne Valley Oyster Festival which is a five-day family-friendly fundraiser for the community. Tyne Valley offers one of PEI’s most exciting events with the Canadian


Oyster ShuckingCompetition, where the best shuckers in Canada come to compete to represent Canada at the worlds. This is one of PEI’s best-kept secret, featuring the best oysters and shuckers in the world and the best music in Canadian music which is all hosted by this scenic community and its amazing group of volunteers.

416 Automation Inc. Building a company for the next 100 years





June CentreStage Theatrwe Community Theatre succeeding on volunteer efforts CentreStage Theatre is located in the small rural town of Kentville along the Fundy Shore of the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia and since 1984 they have been offering

patrons both from the region and beyond a live amateur theatre experience in the heart of the apple country.  Spotlight on Business talks with George Henry to learn more about this year- round community theatre that not only provides the Annapolis Valley region with live theatre performances but also offers an outlet for the creative talents of its citizens in the process. June

B yputtingaspotlightonyour business, organization or community with effective and interactive media and advertising we will help you capture the interest of business leaders and potential clients, giving you an opportunity to promote your brand and grow market share through mobile, online, print, video and social media support, helping your business connect and stay engaged with your customers.

Black River ValleyNatural Large Lad Clothing DFS Pharma




July 2019

of the Expo is to bring industry buyers and suppliers together for an effective marketplace for all on the exhibition hall floor. For more information on this event: https://douglastradeshows. com/expos/lhf-expo-details

July 8th — 10th, 2019 Vancouver Convention Center | Vancouver, BC, Canada KNOWSHOW is an engaging B2B marketplace where leading lifestyle fashion brands unveil their seasonal products to Canadian retailers. In its 14th year, KNOWSHOW connects hundreds of unique retailers with preeminent and emerging brands in a concentrated showcase of the latest trends, styles, and products. The 2nd Annual KNOWHOW Conference brings additional value to the KNOWSHOW experience by offering tactical tools for business owners and marketers who are looking to increase sales and customers loyalty. Whether you are a brand or retailer, KNOWSHOW + KNOWHOW Conference will give you the exposure needed to stay relevant in a highly competitive industry. For more information on this event: Follow on Twitter: @knowshow Follow on Facebook: @knowshow Follow on Instagram: @VidCon KNOWSHOW& KNOWHOW Conference Follow on Twitter: @animeexpo Follow on Facebook: @animeexpo Follow on Instagram: @animeexpo Press members may be freelance or employed with a major media company etc. Anime Expo is the largest anime con around, with over 100,000 fans in attendance. For more information on this event:


July 9th — 12th, 2019 Parc de Dieppe | Montreal, QC, Canada An event built for founders. Besides world class content across 8 stages, the event is designed to offer concrete investments and networking opportunities throughout the entirety of the Tent Village with over 30 tents focused on showcasing different industry sectors, geographic locations, and facilitating real time connections. Startupfest welcomes some of the biggest names in the startup world, with over 125 speakers that will give concrete takeaways to help you build your business, plus over 7,000 attendees from 20+ countries to connect and engage with over this 3 day event. For more information of the event: Follow on Twitter: @startupfest Follow on Facebook: @ internationalstartupfestival Follow on Instagram: @startupfest July 10th — 11th, 2019 Neal Blaisdell Center | Honolulu, HI, USA Now in its 25th year, the Hawaii Lodging,Hospitality&Foodservice Expo was launched in 1995 as the Hawaii Hotel & Restaurant Expo. It is now the largest trade exposition in the State and the only event providing access for industry buyers to a full range of products and services for the Hawaii’s most important economic sectors. Although seminars are occasionally offered, the objective Hawaii Lodging Hospitality Foodservice Expo

Speakers and seminars cover a huge array of topics, and, if the three days of the show aren’t enough for you, there is also a huge variety of preconference events. If you only go to one martial arts training event this year, make it this one! For more information on this event: Follow on Twitter: @masupershow Follow on Facebook: @MASuperShow

SEMICON West 2019

July 9th — 11th, 2019 Moscone Center | San Francisco, CA, USA SEMICON West is a premier event having proved its hegemony in the semiconductors applications market through proper channeling of products. This event displays products like Cables andbusbars , Communication Engineering, Computer and communication technology,Data communications, Electrical components and accessories, Electronic engineering, Hi-tech products and new techniques, Industrial equipment and accessories, Installation and control equipment, Lighting and lamps, Programmable logic controls, Storage/enclosures in the Electronics & Electrical Goods, Industrial Products industries. Notable speakers from around the globe make keynote speeches focusing on the market need of semiconductors appliances in the market, for professional as well as for daily use. For more information on this event: https://www.semiconwest. org/ Follow on Twitter: @SEMIconex Follow on Facebook: @ SEMIAmericas

Accounting & Finance Show New York 2019 July 10th – 11th, 2019 Javits Convention Center | New York, NY, USA This event is specially designed for accountants, auditors, bookkeepers, business owners, CAOS, CFOS, CPAS, credit controllers, etc. The event provides the attendees with the opportunity to learn about cloud accounting, cybersecurity, pricing and cloud pricing, practice management, building business advisory services, compliance and control, wealth management and financial planning, and tax accounting. For more information on this event: exhibition/accounting-finance- show-new-york/index.stm

June 30th — July 3rd, 2019 Bellagio Hotel and Casino | Las Vegas, NV, USA Hosted by theMartial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) and Century Martial Arts, the SuperShow is the premier event for continuing education in the martial arts industry. Since2001, it has drawn thousands of participants annually from across the United States and the globe. The Martial Arts SuperShow features dozens of learning experiences, from on- the-mat training to professional business seminars, plus the chance to network and explore new products and services available on the market. Martial Arts 19 SuperShow

July 4th — 7th, 2019 Los Angeles Convention Center | Los Angeles, CA, USA Anime Expo is an event that illustrates complimentary badges that are provided as a courtesy to those intending to do press coverage of Anime Expo. Anime Expo 2019 (AX 2019)




VidCon 10

July 10th — 13th, 2019 Anaheim Convention Center | Anaheim, CA, USA

Vidcon is the world’s largest events for fans, creators, executives and brands who are passionate about online video and building diverse communities. In this show you will get live on-stage performances, panels, fireside chats, interactive experiences, fan and creator meet & greets, innovative brand activations and more. For more information on this event:

Follow on Twitter: @VidCon Follow on Facebook: @vidcon Follow on Instagram: @VidCon


Wholesale coffee prices are dropping so why isn’t our morning fix getting cheaper W holesale coffee prices are dropping. This might be hard for you to believe if you stopped by Starbucks or Second Cup on your way to the office, but the price of coffee has fallen to its lowest level in more than a decade as the world's demand for coffee shows no sign of slowing with 35,000 cups of coffee being consumed around the world every second of every day. The price of a pound of arabica coffee beans has dipped below $1 US this year on the world's biggest commodities exchange in New York. This might not seem like a lot but that is about half of what it was as recently as 2016. The reasons are complex, but broadly they boil down to what is happening in Brazil, the world's largest producer of coffee beans. Brazil's coffee farmers produced almost 70 million bags of coffee last year representing nearly 40 per cent of the world's supply. Brazil has dominated the worldmarket for more than a century, but in recent years the country has been cranking out even more beans than usual and other coffee producing countries aren't content to simply let Brazil fill all of that demand so we are seeing a major global overproduction of coffee, which is pushing down wholesale prices to their lowest level in years. So, if wholesale prices are down, why hasn't it filtered down to big savings for consumers. Well, for major multinational coffee chains, the wholesale price of beans is a fairly small part of their operational costs, behind things such as employee salaries, rent, marketing and other expenses, and with those staying flat or increasing do not expect any changes to pricing anytime soon.

Uniting Canada on the Court A fter24yearstheNBAFinalshavearrivedinCanadawithconsiderable excitement even for those that are not die-hard basketball fans. Canada which is known for its crazy hockey fans are now pumped to see their Toronto Raptors going shot for shot with the defending NBA champion, Golden State Warriors with games drawing huge crowds and big television numbers in Canada, while ratings remain lukewarm south of the border. The Raptors, who finished this regular season with the NBA’s second-best record, set the bar high in the NBA playoffs, when Kawhi Leonard sunk his Game 7 buzzer-beating shot against the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 6 of the second round of the playoffs, moving the Raptors on to play the Milwaukee Bucks for the a chance to make it to the big show.

Cannabis edibles and infused products offer huge market opportunities C anada is gearing up to legalize cannabis- infused foods, beverages, topicals and other next-generation products in the coming months, once the Trudeau government in Ottawa approves and rolls out its final regulations for these products that reports from Deloitte say, could account for more than half of the estimated $2.7 billion annually in cannabis sales. Cannabis companies, as well as food and beverage manufactures, have been preparing to launch their own pot-infused products which they anticipate will appeal to a broader customer base, particularly those who aren't interested in smoking weed but rather eating it. The federal government wrapped up its consultation on the draft edible rules in February and has said the new regulations for cannabis edibles and infused products must be brought into force no later than Oct. 17, 2019.

Recent ruling just another blow to Canadian oil sector T he Canadian oil sector got more bad news when a Minnesota court ruled that Enbridge Inc’s environmental impact statement for replacement of its Line 3 oil pipeline is inadequate, raising the possibility of further delays. Not something the sectors wanted to hear as the Line 3 project would double current capacity to 760,000 barrels per day of Canadian crude from Alberta to Wisconsin, which would provide much- needed relief fromcongestion on existing Canadian pipelines. It is the furthest advanced of three proposed pipeline expansions — along with the Canadian government-owned Trans Mountain and TC Energy Corp’s Keystone XL — that would ease Alberta’s oil glut, unfortunately all have been facing court challenges and long delays.

Going into the East finals the team and fans knew they were in tough as they had come up short against Cleveland Cavaliers in three previous years finals. But that was not the case for these Toronto Raptors, they won the series against the Bucks and now have the opportunity to bring the NBA championship north of the border for the first time in the league’s history.

For Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, which owns the Raptors, the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team and the Toronto FC soccer club, the season’s success has been successful regardless of the outcome, but they are focused on the NBA Championship as a redemption following decades of futility, most notably by the Maple Leafs of the NHL, which have gone since 1967 without a Stanley Cup Championship and MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays which have not won a World Series title since going back to back in 1992 and 1993. Basketball continues to grow in popularity in Canada and it is interesting how far the Toronto Raptors have come, as the NBA franchise is now worth more than its NHL hockey cousin, at $1.7 billion versus $1.5 billion for the Maple Leafs, according to Forbes. •




The Dynamic Soul of Selling — The under-utilized Factor in Sales and How to Initiate it By Jody Euloth

business, people are increasingly interested in aligning with brands, companies and individuals who share similar values and with those who demonstrate their mission for making a positive social impact. Finding a way to make a connection with the decision makers is vital. This famous quote by Maya Angelou offers powerful insight… ’At the end of the day, people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.’ Being mindful of the energy you give off is the best way to initiate connection. Energy, a dynamic quality; the capacity of acting; and a usually positive spiritual force, can be felt and it can be transferred. Have you ever been in a room with someone who just sucks the energy out of it and out of you? And, have you been in a room where you can feel the charismatic vibration of an individual? The difference is noticeable and the latter positively induces attraction, and in turn, connection. With all the negative stresses in society today, particularlyinthefast-pacedbusinessenvironment, isn’t it refreshing when you encounter someone who exudes positive energy? Eye contact, a smile, politeness, an optimistic mindset, open body language: these social skills produce energy that is contagious. And this energy sparks connection. It’s no longer cool to just try to make a sale, and close the deal. Finding ways to connect with the people you do business with is the under-utilized factor that will produce positive results. Even if you don’t win the deal or the contract, the relationship you are building and the connection you are making will extend beyond the business. This is an area we can all work to improve as this speaks to the true soul of selling. •

THE MESH MEDIA NETWORK Strategic Partnerships, Sponsorship, Marketing, Communications

L et’s get to the soul of it. Solving problems is not enough. It can get you to the table where decisions are made, but it will NOT be the deciding factor. Chances are your competitors are solving problems too. Chances are you’ve successfully answered all your prospects’ questions. The one thing that will set you apart and put you in a category of one and is the most under-utilized factor in sales is… Connection You’ve heard people say that ‘business is all about relationships.’ But what does that mean exactly? The process of ‘building’ relationships does not mean that you should become so close to your clients that it crosses that weirdo line between business and pleasure. It does not mean that you should continually touch base with them with no apparent purpose because that can start to become weird too. It does, however, refer to how well you are able to establish a genuine and memorable connection with the people you are trying to do business with. There is a reason why the ‘self-help’ industry is valued at $10 billion-a-year. People are becoming more aware and in-tune with positively ‘transforming’ in all aspects of life. And ‘improving relationships,’ whether it be personal or professional, hovers at the top of the list. In

Jody Euloth is the CEO of The Mesh Media Network and Founder of The Dynamic Soul of Selling . She helps entrepreneurs, business and sales professionals and creative visionaries get over their fear of selling so they can generate more revenue and make a bigger impact in business.







4000 LITER KETTLES | 561-845-8009 | Riviera Beach, FL




You have the passion and perspective Are you passionate about what you do? I’m really hoping you answered yes, otherwise why do you do it? That passion needs to come across in your content. It’s really hard for a social mediamanager or a copywriter to make that passion come across as well as you would. The other VITAL factor here is perspective – yes you are an expert in your field, and that comes with a particular perspective on things in your industry. Ideas and topics, you feel strongly about, and that is something that a social media manger cannot research or guess. You need to thread that perspective through all of your content, so that your audience knows what you stand for. You need to draw your line in the sand when it comes to what you believe in and don’t. This helps those on your side of the fence feel more compelled towards you and you will capture their attention more than if you are wishy washy on your point of view. Building relationships and sharing your voice It’s very possible that I say this every week, but let’s say it again for those in the back. Social media is about building relationships. And to build meaningful relationships you need to be yourself and use your own voice. And to do that – you can’t make someone write it for you! Do you see the disconnect there? This is especially important if you are a personal brand or solopreneur – which most of you watching are!

Creating your own soc ial med ia content — why you can and should !

Basically, this would be the equivalent of when you were in junior high and you made your friend go talk to the boy you like and ask him if he wants to go out with you. Just super weird and awkward. You are breaking that connection if you aren’t doing the communicating yourself. Speaking of connections, I have recently changed my handles, so I have listed them below:

Denise Alison empowers business owners to build relationships and connect with their potential customers on social media, and through live video.

By Denise Alison H ow do you feel about social media marketing? Often, I’ll meet an entrepreneur who wants to take social media marketing entirely off their desk, put it on someone else’s, and forget about it. But that’s not really how it works! And let me also be transparent and add- that I do manage social media and create content for clients. But its’ always better when they give me something to work with, the more input they have, the better the content ends up being. But most entrepreneurs can and should create their own content. YOU are the expert! You are the expert in what you do, that’s why you do it. And a big part of your goals with social media are to showcase that. But if you put that entirely on a social media manager plate, that expertise

is not going to come through, and you will not be effective at positioning your expertise. Why? Because without your input, the social media manager is going to research the topic and post what they can – but they will never be an expert. And guess what. This content is much less effective than original content that is coming directly from the expert. So, you might make some improvement in terms of posting more frequently and consistently, but that really doesn’t mean anything if the content isn’t GREAT! You see, social media is about quality over quantity. You’d be much better off creating 3 amazing posts yourself then having someone create some so-so ones for you.

Stand out from the flock.




OurTop 10 Picks for your Canada Day Celebrations

Calgary, AB

By Calli Gregg



C anada Day is just around the corner, so Spotlight on Business has put together our top destinations to spend Canada Day this July 1st. Whether you are looking for amazing world-class pyro-technicians, greats eats or throw back a few locally-brewed beers and lagers while you take in the festivities across this amazing country we have gone coast-to-coast to find the best places to spend Canada Day this year.

There will be many free family-friendly events full of music, dance, art, and culture with live music and The City of Calgary Fireworks Show at 11 p.m. SoonJuly1st before11pmmake sure tohead to the Max Bell Centre, Nose Hill Park, Tom Campbell’s Hill Park, Riverfront Avenue, or the South Bow River pathway between Third Street SW and First Street SW – just look towards the Centre Street Bridge if you’re in any of these Calgary hotspots for a world-class fireworks show! For more information on all Canada Day events in Calgary visit Recreation/Pages/Events/Canada-day.aspx

— Dawson City, YT Pack your Klondike-era best and get yourself to Dawson City in Yukon Territory. The prospectors know how to party and they know how to include everyone who visits their small town nestled on the confluence of the Klondike River and Yukon River (better pack your fishing rod and gear). Celebrate Canada Day Dawson City style with a day packed full of fun community events! The entire Canada Day weekend offers a whole range of activities, where else would you want to be? Canada Day will start off with a Parade through town, ending at Minto Park where there will be Cake, Music, a Carnival, a water balloon toss, cricket match, and more! Spend Canada Day in Dawson City this year. It’s sure to be fun for the whole family! For more on Canada Day in Dawson City visit https://

— Old Port of Montreal, PQ Located in Old Montreal, the Old Port stretches over two kilometres along the St. Lawrence River. Every year on Canada Day, Montreal hosts its annual parade featuring street entertainment, food and fireworks. The day at Jacques-Cartier Pier couldn’t be more fun-filled, with a parade and wealth of day-long activities making the Old Port a family-friendly choice with fireworks taking to the sky at the Old Port at 10 pm, we are sure that there will be a lot of Montrealers holding their sleeping, face- painted petit patriotes after this fun filled Canada Day celebration. To learn more about Canada Day in Old Port Montreal check out ht tps://www.oldpor / canada-day-2019.


— Calgary, AB In a city that is famous for the Stampede, why not visit Calgary a fewdays early and celebrateCanada’s 152nd birthday. There are events all across the city at locations like Prince’s Island Park, Olympic Plaza, and more.

Old Port of Montreal, PQ




Vancouver, BC




Niagara Falls, Ontario


— Charlottetown, PE There’s nothing like a patriot’s pilgrimage to Prince Edward Island by air, water or bridge. After all, Charlottetown is where Canada was born! The Birthplace of Confederation is hosting an event for the whole family at Victoria Park on July 1st from noon to 10 pm. Every event is family-friendly and includes a Living Flag activity, a Family Fun Zone, giveaways, and a firework show hardly rivaled throughout the Maritimes. And it being a Maritime Province, the music won’t be in short supply throughout the while Islanders celebrate Canada’s 152nd birthday. For more information on events and time check out initiatives/special_events_and_initatives/capital_ city_canada_day

— Regina, SK Nobodydoes aprairie-themedCanadaDay like the city of Regina. On July 1st, Saskatchewan’s capital plays host to the Western Canada’s Strongest Man competition which includes events like the harness and rope truck pull, the keg toss, the car deadlift, Atlas stones, and the overhead press medley. The day also sees the highly anticipated Plywood Cup up for grabs where teams of four build a boat with limited materials and time before one brave team member races across Wascana Lake. The celebrations finish off with an amazing firework display at 10:30pm. For information about all the events this check visit https://www.

— Vancouver, BC This one is so big, so iconic that it spills out into the streets of Downtown Vancouver. Food trucks are everywhere, the Picnic Plaza is full of families and kid-friendlygames andactivities andentertainment as Vancouver boasts the second-largest Canada Day celebration in the country (second only to Ottawa). With the fun-filled daytime festival, the evening parade through downtown Vancouver and the fireworks show, going to Canada Place on July 1st is one of the best ways to celebrate Canada’s birthday. All the events for Canada Place can be found at

— Niagara Falls, ON This one is another no-brainer. Niagara Falls is already one of Canada’s biggest attractions, but on the country’s birthday expect a ridiculous amount of people to come and celebrate from both North and South of the border. So, plan to arrive as early as you can to take in all the events of Canada’s 152nd Birthday bash at the Falls. The phenomenal sights and sounds make Niagara Falls one of the best places to be on July 1st. You can check it all out at events/annual-events/canada-day/entertainment. aspx.






— St. John’s, NL Start the party a half hour earlier than anyone else in Canada. For Newfoundlanders, Canada Day Celebrations begin at sun-up with a ceremonial canon shot from the Signal Hill National Historic Site with free transportation from the Visitor Centre to the hill-top ceremony – and free birthday cupcakes upon your return! Later that afternoon, free family-friendlyentertainment will be provided at King George V Park complete with bouncy castles, games, activities, face painting, balloon animals and shapes, a cultural showcase and concert with even more cupcakes! Oh, and you are in Newfoundland so you know that there will be live music on the Quidi Vidi Bandstand and the first fireworks show in Canada takes place at 10 pm. For more information on Canada Day celebration in St. John’s visit their website at https://destinationstjohns. com/event/canada-day-celebrations/ — Halifax Regional Municipality, NS Come for The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo but stay for the Canada Day celebrations in the Halifax Regional Municipality. This year’s July 1st celebrations offers new and continuing traditions such as the Pancake Breakfast, Flag Raising Ceremony, Family Fun Fest at the Commons, Halifax Ribfest, FUSE 2019, live music at Sullivan’s Pond and the Halifax Public Gardens, and of course the main event – an outdoor concert with fireworks at Alderney Landing. All this and more make Halifax Regional Municipality a great place to spend Canada Day and celebrate Canada’s history, diversity, and future. Plus, with a variety of free, interactive events that span across Halifax and Dartmouth, it truly offers something for everyone so wear your red and white to celebrate Canada’s 152nd birthday in the Halifax Regional Municipality. You can learn more about all the amazing event throughout the HRM for Canada Day by visiting http:// #2

— Ottawa, ON If you’ve never spent a Canada Day weekend in the nation’s capital, I seriously recommend stopping by a Visitors Centre or, at the very least, browse ht tps:// campaigns/canada-day.html for more information – and to find a complete list of events and their official websites. There is nothing like spending Canada Day in Ottawa and it needs to be on your bucket list. You have performances by amazing artists throughout the city. At Parliament Hill under the shadow of the Peace Tower, the huge crowd, the sea of Canadian flags and, of course, its incomparable atmosphere... the Hill is the emblematic site of this exceptional day! Set in the heart of Canada's Capital, Parliament Hill has some memorable moments in store for you for July 1st. Celebrations will begin with a Peace and Friendship Circle, an Algonquin ceremony hosted by Mr. Albert Dumont, and the Peace Tower Carillon concert. An official ceremony, with artillery fire and the traditional flyby of the Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds and CF-18, will be followed by the noon show starring the National Arts Centre Orchestra, K'naan, T. Thomason, Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal, Karim Ouellet, Shawnee and many more. A second Snowbirds air show will kick off the evening show which promises to be most electrifying! KAYTRANADA, Marie Mai, Cœur de Pirate, Brett Kissel, the Strumbellas, William Prince, KarimOuellet, K'naan, Crystal Shawanda and other guests will warm up the Hill stage.

The Canada Day fireworks show will round off this amazing day with a bang and will undoubtedly drape the front page of every Canadian newspaper on July 2nd! So regardless where you are on Canada Day, we hope you enjoy time with friends and family. Take in the many attractions, food and of course amazing fireworks.

Happy Canada Day from our family to yours !!!!

Snowbirds - Ottawa, ON




Parliment Hill, Ottawa, ON

Tim Houston MLA, Pictou East




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Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) or Immigration Canada is a great place to start as they can direct you in how to begin the process. • Seek out the underrepresented in our country, woman, youth, minorities or disabled persons, whenever possible. It may appear to be more work initially, but you will find the work is worth it when you find a gem you did not expect. We have to get past the stereotypes and start opening our minds to the change that is hitting business like a tidal wave. • Provide a good wage, a living wage, with great benefits, so a person can live a good, healthy life and raise a family, not just scrape by. As an owner, pay your people well, make sure they can go to the dentist when they need and have pensions when they eventually retire. Let’s start taking responsibility for the people who are the face of our company and they will take care of business. I certainly, don’t pretend to have all the answers however, if this article helps you to think outside the box, a little bit, and find one new person or view your existing people a slightly more positive and progressive light, then I am happy and you are welcome. •

Contractor’s Corner — The Human Element

By Dan Monk

I recently attended the Halifax Chamber of Commerce Spring Dinner, at which, Patrick Sullivan, CEO, provided these shocking statistics: • Halifaxcurrentlyhas4.9%unemployment (lowest since they started recording in 1976) which, based on my experience is basically zero, because those who are unemployed are often between jobs and not looking or possibly unemployable. When you are looking for skilled people, this low unemployment rate makes the potential employment pool very shallow. • Every Friday in Canada approximately 5000 people are leaving the work force due to retirement. Even if 5000 young people are entering, which they are not, we are losing 35- 45 years experience per person, which is equal to 175,000-225,000 years experience leaving the work force every week. This is mind blowing as the baby boomers leave the work force in ever increasing numbers. If you don’t know this by now, let me break it to you, the right employees, are more critical then what you produce in your company. Without the right people, training, personality and motivation your company will suffer, regardless of the quality of the product or service you produce. So, what do we do with this challenging situation? These are a few things to consider as a solution to this situation: • Consider immigrants, either people recently arriving in our country or people who would love to move to this land of opportunity.

“ E mployees areyourmost valuableasset,” this statement has always sounded disingenuous and impersonal to me, because I don’t believe that people are “assets.” To me, assets are inanimate objects that can be bought and sold, but loyal, dedicated, committed employees are so much more than an asset. In a small business, after the owner, the employees are the heart, soul and face of the company. They represent the enterprise and they are critical to the image, growth, stability and profitability of the company. As a professional engineer, I did not receive any formal training in “Human Resource” management or how to organize and run a company, minimal training in finance and no sales training. These skills are considered business related training; however they are essential to all successful businesses and getting this training is critical. Some people get this training from individual courses, mentors or simple experience from the school of hard knocks. It doesn’t matter how you learn, as long as you learn the “nuts & bolts” of business. The largest single struggle for most companies today is not finding business, it is finding employees or subcontractors to complete the work.


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By Jamie Barrie O n the Fourth of July Americans everywhere celebrate the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776. This declaration on July 4th, 1776 sent the message to Britain that the thirteen American colonies would no longer be subject (and subordinate) to the monarch of Britain and were now united, free, and independent states.  The Congress had voted to declare independence two days earlier on July 2, but it was not declared until July 4. We wanted to give an honorable mention to Bristol, RI, America's Most Patriotic Town, which is also the home to the U.S.’s oldest Independence Day celebration. The original party was established in 1785 by Revolutionary War veteran Rev. Henry Wight but has grown and only gotten better every year.

Now let’s move onto our top selections for Fourth of July celebration destinations. 10 Addison, TX

Everything is bigger in Texas! This beautiful suburban community in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is known for its fireworks show: Kaboom Town. Yes, the fireworks are awesome but patriots young and old don’t only come for the 30-minute light show. Kaboom Town has something for everyone and includes an air show, carnival, games, hundreds of food vendors and live music – not to mention some of the most family-friendly and budget- friendly accommodations in the US making it fun and affordable, which is what gets this spot in Texas in our top selection for Independence Day destinations! 9 Seattle, WA You can head down to the world-famous Pike Place Fish Market, dodge a few fish, buy something fresh to toss on the grill and afterwards head over to the fourth of July celebrations at Gas Works Park for one of the best fireworks display in the country. Visitors can also look forward to live entertainment, sack races, pie-eating contests and one of our favorites, a beer garden. Sounds like a great place to be for Independence Day.

Our Top 10 Destinations for Independence Day Celebrations




6 NewOrleans, LA

The Big Easy is no stranger to a good celebration, and the Fourth of July is certainly no exception. Located in southeasternLouisianaandstraddlingbothsidesof the Mississippi River, this city isn't short on photo-worthy scenery. And on Independence Day, New Orleans goes all out, hosting not one, but two fireworks shows at the same time which can be viewed from along the New Orleans riverfront or aboard a riverboat. For the latter, hop onto the Creole Queen or Steamboat Natchez and tilt your head directly up into the sky. During the day, there's no lack of barbequed meat to sample. For those wanting to snag a great Fourth of July deal, take a stroll along the river and walk into the French Quarter for some bargain shopping as well! 5 Mount Rushmore, SD Displaying the faces of some of America's most influential presidents, Mount Rushmore National Memorial is one of the hottest places to be to watch the fireworks show on the Fourth of July. The small towns of the Black Hills band together during this two-day celebration, displaying their patriotism with Old West shootouts, re-enactments, cookouts, and ice cream socials. At night, stand with thousands of other patriots as the 60-foot facesofAbrahamLincoln,GeorgeWashington, Theodore Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson shine above the crowd in the midst of some of America's most striking geological wonders.

8 Washington, DC

What better place to celebrate America's birthday than in the nation's capital? Visitors can take in the annual National Independence Day Parade, watch fireworks over the National Mall and participate in a variety of free activities. Besides the fact that the fireworks display over the Washington Monument is the icon of iconic images, celebrating Independence Day at the National Mall is a no-brainer for many more reasons to more than 700,000 Americans and visitors every year and why we have selected it as one of our top picks for 2019. 7 Myrtle Beach, SC There's certainly no shortage of things to do in Myrtle Beach during the Fourth of July festivities. This popular tourist destination, a 60-mile stretch of sandy brown sand, becomes a hotspot for the family during the summer months. Particularly desirable for those with kids (or grandkids) in tow, Myrtle Beach boasts a slew of amusement parks, racetracks, and outdoor water parks. On the Fourth of July in particular, be sure to get a glimpse of the many parades going on throughout the town, including the Pawley's Island Golf Cart Parade, where participants create "floats" out of golf carts and flatbed trucks. Fitness enthusiasts can take their mark on the Independence Day 5 or 8k run in The Market Common. As night falls, claim a spot along the Boardwalk and turn your head upwards for an inspiring view as the lights of America's independence reflect off the magnificent Atlantic Ocean.

4 San Diego, CA Why not Celebrate Independence Day San Diego style? America's Finest City is also known as one of the best cities for a Fourth of July celebration. Whether you're traveling with friends or family, San Diego is an easy choice for 4th of July celebrations. It is hard to think of anything better than relaxing with loved ones on a long stretch of sand and watching an extraordinary show of lights in the sky. The city's memorable July 4th events are capped off with the annual Big Bay Boom Independence Day Spectacular. ★




1 New York, NY

There should be no doubt that New York, the host which hosts the largest 4th of July fireworks display in America would be on our list. New York has so much to offer and every year, Macy’s Fireworks sees more than three-million people line the banks of the East River in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens to watch what has become in its 43-year history a “dazzling pyrotechnic spectacle.” It’s also an annual tradition for more than 12 million Americans to view the event on television each year. But if you are there live, then head to Coney Island for the iconic Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest before taking in the Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular from one of the Big Apple's many rooftop hangouts. You can even watch like a VIP from the Empire State Building's open-air observatory. You will not be disappointed. We hope that wherever you are, you celebrate the America you love and that you enjoy the day and all that this great holiday represents and offers with friends and family. We would love to hear where you like to spend your Fourth of July and you never know it just might make our list for next year.

3 Nashville, TN

Otherwise known as "Music City," Nashville is arguably one of the best places in the nation to get your groove on during the Independence Day festivities with more than 180 music venues around town. There is no better place to listen to live music than in the city that practically invented music. July 4th in Nashville is a fun-filled day of music, parades, food trucks, and of course fireworks. Set to the music of the Grammy-award-winning Nashville symphony, this marvellous fireworks display is sure to please! 2 Philadelphia, PA Celebrate America's birthday at the birthplace of America itself -- Philadelphia! For those looking for a true party, the "City of Brotherly Love" makes America's birthday a weeklong affair. Plus "Wawa Welcome America!" which is a citywide festival that is jam packed with multiple fireworks displays, free concerts, free museum days, community events, free outdoor movie screenings, block parties and more. So, why not tour Independence Hall – where the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th, 1776 and retrace the steps where our Founding Fathers made history. From free museum days to free performances, Philadelphia pulls out all the stops to celebrate one of the most prominent days in American history. On the evening of the Fourth of July, assemble for what is said to be the largest free concert in the country as an awe- inspiring 15-minute light show plays brightly against the backdrop of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Is there a better place to celebrate America’s 243rd birthday than America’s birthplace? Well if you are following along with our selection you know that we think there is one.

Happy Fourth of July, from our family to yours!!!!




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