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LED - dim 12 & 24V rotary dimmer switches


To obtain the optimum lit effect it is sometimes necessary to adjust the brightness of lighting using a dim- mer switch. Dimmer switches used for conventional lighting including tungsten halogen, fluorescent, compact fluorescent and 230V lamps are unsuitable for use with LED lighting.

LEDim is a simple, reliable and economical to use, rotary style PWM dimmer featuring a linear potentiometer mounted in an ABS enclosure with a removable and plug - in terminal block for easy wiring. External flanges provide 4 - fixing points. Alternatively, the push - on knob can be removed and the whole unit panel mounted and fastened with the nut the spindle.

These switches are designed to provide smooth brightness control of single colour, constant voltage LED arrays up to 8amps. Available in one version suitable for both 12 & 24V use. Brightness is adjusted by turning a rotary knob which can also be used to switch the lighting off.

One combined 12V ~ 24V inline dimmer

Dimming method: Pulse Width Modulation

8A @ 24V max load

Single channel output

Rotary knob for on/off and brightness

All plastic construction

Simple installation & connection

Compact size L89xW59xH35mm (ex knob)

Power consumption less than 1W


Low power, manual dimming control of 12 or 24V d.c. constant - voltage, single colour LED arrays




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