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• In LovingMemory • As I contemplated what to write about this month, my thoughts quickly turned to my grandfather Richard Elliot Hawkins who recently passed away on December 31st at the age of 92. I was lucky enough to have my grandfather in my life for a long time and his influence on my life is significant. He taught me many life lessons and I thought I would share a few. First, he taught the value of hard work and doing a job right. Having lived through the Great Depression he witnessed the value of hard work from his own father and passed that on to my dad and to me. As a young boy, I wanted to earn some money and so I started a lawn mowing company with my older

brother. One of the lawns we worked on was my grandfathers. Each time we completed his lawn, he would come out and inspect our work. At times in the beginning, I’m sure that it would have been much easier for him to just complete his lawn on his own, but he took the time to work with us so we could get better. He pointed out little sections of the lawn that might benefit from a little extra trim just to make it look nice. He would often say, “Any job that it is worth doing, is worth doing right!” Second, he taught me to be persistent and consistent in pursuing my goals. My grandfather was an avid golfer and if you know the game of golf, you know how frustrating it can be. When he wasn’t working, he would be working on his golf game. He would do drill after drill to become better at putting, chipping, and hitting it out of the sand. I remember commenting to him once while playing a round of golf, that “the game must be pretty boring always hitting it straight down the middle and having short puts for par.” He replied, “it took lots of practice to get here, and there is always something to fine tune to stay on top of your game.” Finally, he demonstrated the value of being a life-long learner. Gramps loved to read and was constantly reading. Mostly non-fiction books about great leaders and history. When we would travel together as a family, I was always in awe of his knowledge of the places we visited. He had a very keen mind and I loved to sit and listen to him recount stories about his early childhood and his time in the Navy. I could go on for a long time about my Grandfather, but I will be forever grateful for the lessons he taught me and for the love that he shared over my lifetime. I hope that throughout my life I might be able to leave a similar legacy to my family and others that I interact with on this wonderful journey of life. Make the most of each day. Love you Gramps!! David Hawkins

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