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Earth & Space Science

Year 12

Prerequisite None, although some Level 1 Science is an advantage.

Assessment This course contributes towards NCEA Level 2, with 8 of the 20 credits externally assessed by examination, and the remaining 12 credits internally assessed.

Description This course exposes students to a range of Science topics at Level 2 within an Earth and space context. It is an ideal choice for students who wish to develop their general scientific understanding and knowledge. There is a focus on Earth & Space Science, which involves integrating aspects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students will study extreme Earth events, such as earthquakes, tsunami and volcanoes. The course includes a field trip to look at how geological processes have formed the local landscape. They will research how an organism has adapted to an extreme environment, such as the deep sea or Antarctica. Students will also design and carry out a practical investigation within an Earth or space science context. They study the formation of stars and planets.

The following Achievement Standards will be assessed:

• AS 91187 (4 credits – internal) Carry out a practical Earth & Space Science investigation. • AS 91189 (4 credits – internal) Investigate geological processes in a New Zealand locality. • AS 91190 (4 credits – internal) Investigate how organisms survive in an extreme environment. • AS 91191 (4 credits – external) Demonstrate understanding of the causes of extreme Earth events in New Zealand. • AS 91192 (4 credits – external) Demonstrate understanding of stars and planetary systems. There are a wide range of Level 2 Earth & Space Science standards available for assessment. The course may be tailored to meet the needs of the class or student as appropriate, following discussion with the teacher.

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