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Earth & Space Science

Year 12

topics from star formation to earthquakes. There are opportunities to study a wide range of topics including geology, astronomy, Solar System interactions, volcanic activity and biological systems. There will be a field trip looking at how geological processes have formed the local landscape and other opportunities for both research and practical investigation. Earth and Space Science would be a good choice for anyone who has an interest in the environment around them or is fascinated by the night sky. It offers an ideal opportunity for students to develop their general scientific understanding and knowledge. Topics include: • Extreme Earth events – the science behind volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and Tsunami.

Prerequisite Earth and Space Science Prep is an advantage, although not required. Description Earth and Space Science involves the scientific investigation of the Earth and its place within the solar system and universe. This course studies Earth processes, including plate tectonics, atmosphere processes, and life on our planet. It also explores the Earth's position in the solar system and the formation of stars beyond. Earth and Space Science is a science in its own right which covers the planet Earth and beyond strand of the New Zealand science curriculum. The Earth and Space Science course is a hands- on subject that integrates aspects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology by applying them in real world contexts. It will include a broad range of

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