NCEA Course Booklet

• The effect of environmental factors on different organisms. • Local geology and geological processes • Star and planet formation – how our solar system formed and the relationship between the sun and the Earth. Assessment This course contributes towards NCEA Level 2, with 8 of the 20 credits externally assessed by examination, and the remaining 12 credits internally assessed. The following Achievement Standards will be assessed: • AS 91187 (4 credits – internal) Carry out a practical Earth & Space Science investigation.

• AS 91189 (4 credits – internal) Investigate geological processes in a New Zealand locality. • AS 91190 (4 credits – internal) Investigate how organisms survive in an extreme environment. • AS 91191 (4 credits – external) Demonstrate understanding of the causes of extreme Earth events in New Zealand. • AS 91192 (4 credits – external) Demonstrate understanding of stars and planetary systems. There are a wide range of Level 2 Earth & Space Science standards available for assessment. The course may be tailored to meet the needs of the class or student as appropriate, following discussion with the teacher.

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