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Year 13

Prerequisites All students taking this course must have an instrument/voice that they can submit performance work on, or be skilled in composition so that they can submit a portfolio of works. Some students may elect to make a detailed study of music works and submit an analysis portfolio. Level 2 Music is highly recommended. Description This course caters for a diverse range of student musical interests and skills. Students work independently and in groups depending on their musical talents and interests based around the following themes: • Highly competent performer: Students present a portfolio of performances. • Well-developed composer: Students present a portfolio of compositions • Well-developed ear: Students develop skills in listening and in the notation of musical scores. Includes the examination of various musical styles with detailed analysis of specific works. • Song writing: The student may work on their own or collaborate with another student in the submission of a portfolio that presents three songs that must be recorded. The portfolio is assessed from the finished recorded songs. • Enjoys research: Students have the ability to undertake a Level 3 research task that covers his field of musical interest. • Recording and sound systems: Students with knowledge of these systems and an interest in rock, jazz, and/or contemporary music

can understand work in sound and sound production. Assessment The course contributes towards NCEA Level 3 and University Entrance, with, on average, 20 to 26 credits but can provide upwards of 48 credits. Students will select from a range of Music Achievement or Unit Standards that cover both their musical interests, abilities and skills. All Music achievement standards cater for the increasingly wide range of musical styles available to students. Courses can be supplemented by various unit standards available in contemporary music. Internal assessment is carried out by the Music staff in association with specialist instrumental tutors. Samples of student work are moderated through NZQA. Students can elect to have any combination of internal and external examinations, provided they submit a balanced programme of study.

NB: Only Achievement Standard assessment counts towards University Entrance in this course.

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