Big Bend Road PLAT Study

In addition to Port Redwing, the Manatee Viewing Center is also located immediately west of this node and is a seasonal (November through April) as well as local tourism hot spot. The Viewing Center is located between the I-4 corridor and world markets, and this discharge canal is a state and federally designated manatee sanctuary that provides critical protection from the cold for these unique and gentle animals. Transportation The roadway cross section on Big Bend Road and US 41 is rural and doesn’t provide safe, non-motorized facilities for users. Sidewalks are only present in front of existing business on each corner and bicyclists are forced to use the unmarked, paved shoulder. Railroad tracks and lack of sidewalks present difficulties to connecting the Waterset development to US 41. 8.1.2 Potential Development Form Land Use Additional residential and mixed-use development at this node would transform it to a high-density Connected Suburban scenario and employment center. This location would benefit from progressive architectural design policies and use of liner buildings in front of the heavier industrial uses to provide a buffer or transition zone between the distinctively different uses. Policies should place emphasis on aesthetically pleasing features to offer an appealing destination or place. An example of such design and land use transition is shown in Figure 29 . Placing office buildings or street buffers directly adjacent to heavy industrial uses, like the TECO power plant, would provide future residents a more attractive sense of place which protects land values while stimulating the economy.

Figure 29. Land Use Transition

Source: Google Free Images


Hillsborough County • October 2019

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