Big Bend Road PLAT Study Transportation Big Bend Road from US 41 to Covington Gardens Drive has been programmed by Hillsborough County for a PD&E study to widen from four to six lanes. The intersection at US 41 and Big Bend Road itself could be improved for additional capacity by adding double left turn lanes and bringing right turn movements under signal control to improve traffic flow and enhance pedestrian crossings to improve safety as development occurs, as illustrated in Figure 30 . These will likely be some of the identified improvements from the PD&E analysis. Gateways were a common theme in public comments and community plans collected during previous studies in the south Hillsborough County area. This node could serve as a gateway between the industrial development along US 41 and the planned mixed use development on Big Bend Road, as shown in Figure 31. This indicates a shift in the look and feel of the corridor through building design and intentional land use policy. Gateway treatments should include wider sidewalks to promote non-motorized traffic and to provide a connection to the planned South Coast Greenway, as well as decorative plantings in the median and/or along the corridor. Transit facilities on US 41 should also be included to meet existing and future transit service outlined in the SouthShore Transit Study. In addition, a plan view of the intersection is featured in Figure 32 , showing a gateway treatment on all approaches.

Figure 30. Potential Westbound Improvements: US 41 at Big Bend Road

Source: Hillsborough County


Hillsborough County • October 2019

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