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APRIL 2020

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two-day reduction in post-knee-replacement-operation hospital stays. Knee replacements still require the cutting of flesh and bone but are getting close to being a same- day surgery. Simply amazing! While supervised by the surgeon, ROSA does most of the work, with the result being a more precise and less traumatic surgery with more rapid recovery. About 30 of these procedures have been completed by Dr. Golden’s team at Ojai Hospital. So while I wait in line, I continue using my arthritic, misaligned original equipment. I understand the delay, and I’m looking forward to a rescheduled surgery. Not elective, however, and still on the Community Memorial Hospital surgery schedule is Kathy’s hysterectomy for removal of stage 1 endometrial cancer. We’ve come to know several more doctors — and support staff — along the way of her journey. Kathy is now where I was on March 16: preoperative appointments completed, ready for the operation, and waiting with hope that the surgery will go ahead as planned. Many of my readers are likely smiling by now and ready to offer some hard-won advice from having experienced these surgeries before us. Living in the days of COVID-19 as we are, delays and complications add layers of complexity to what previously was routine. We appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and advice.

Over the dozen years I’ve been representing Medicare health plans in Ventura County, the provider directories for the plans I represent are familiar territory as I review my clients’ health providers. I’ve come to know the names of primary care physicians and specialists throughout Ventura County. Now that my wife and I have turned a fresh-faced 60, physicians’ names are beginning to turn into real, live people. We are starting to have appointments! A slight blip on my presurgery EKG detoured the approach of my right knee replacement to Cardiology Associates and Dr. Fatimi. However, the resulting treadmill and echocardiogram report made no mention of my heart’s purported “right branch bundle block.” This is a very pleasing result for everyone, especially me! With my preoperative tests, X-rays, and appointments completed, my date with ROSA, the robotic knee replacement machine, was set for March 19. Dr. Thomas Golden, orthopedic surgeon, was to be chaperone for my not-quite-romantic encounter with ROSA at the Ojai Valley Community Hospital. Coronavirus considerations brought the Community Memorial Health System to the decision on Monday, March 16 to cancel all elective surgeries. So I’ll have to wait a while to meet the lady with the sharp instruments.


The first of its kind in California, ROSA has quickly proven its mettle. Surgery planners have seen a one- to

–Lyn Thomas


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