Full Potential: Building a Strong Core to Relieve Back Pain


February, 2018

“This Part Of The Body Helps Relieve Back Pain!” BUILD A STRONG CORE TO RELIEVE BACK PAIN Do you want to target your core? One of the first actions a physical therapist does is to evaluate your core strength, flexibility and coordination. This can pinpoint the root cause of your back pain. Then with hands on therapy, the spinal joints can be freed up to move like they should and specific exercises are prescribed to restore your core strength. Find out for yourself, what is truly causing your nagging back pain. After all, if you let it go on, it can get a lot worse, or even cause long-term damage such as arthritis. Call us today about your problem and discuss the right solution with one of our physical therapists. (continued inside)

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Health & Fitness

The Newsletter About Achieving and Maintaining Optimal Well-Being February, 2018 “Life Is Better Without Pain!” BUILD A STRONG CORE TO RELIEVE BACK PAIN

A prime example of how important core muscle strength is to protect against back pain was shown in a study with 443 firefighters that were put through core strengthening routines. Over a 12 month period, those firefighters had 62% less injuries than the group who did no core strengthening exercises. When your core is strong, it means your spine is better protected against injury when you twist, lift or strain your body doing an activity.

If you suffer from an aching back or even neck pain, weakness in your core muscles can be to blame. Do you have to sit for long periods at a computer, in the car, or are you just not that active anymore? All these positions can lead your core muscles to become weak. Even if you exercise regularly, unless you target your core muscles, you can cause an imbalance in your muscle strength, straining your back and putting you at risk for injury.

Bliven, Kellie C. Huxel, and Barton Anderson E. “Core Stability Training for Injury Prevention.” Sports Health. SAGE Publications, Nov. 2013. Web. 12 Sept. 2016.


Pain Relief “Work On Your Core To Relieve Pain Correctly.” 4 CORE ACTIVATION TIPS

1. Strengthening Perform specific strengthening exercises that engage all the layers of your abdominal wall, pelvic muscles and spinal muscles. Lying on your back, place your hands on your lower abdomen. Try to activate the transverse abdominis muscles beneath your hands drawing the muscles together towards your belly button. Keep breathing while you do this and hold for 10 second counts. Repeat 10 times and do 3-4 times a day, even while you stand! 2. Balance While keeping your abdomen tight in standing, try to stand on one foot. Stand close to a wall so you can keep your hand on it. Hold for 10 seconds each foot and repeat 5 times a day. Enhancing your balance engages the nerves that control the core muscles, helping everything work together.

3. Move Avoid sitting for prolonged periods and if you have to work, then break up the day with standing for 1-2 minute periods every 30 minutes. Keep working on tightening up your abdominal muscles in sitting, standing and lying down. Walk for 15-30 minutes a day, focusing on your posture and abdominal muscles. 4. After pregnancy Pregnancy severely stretches out the abdominal wall and many women can suffer from a condition called diastasis recti. Carefully strengthening your core muscles is essential for long term spinal rehabilitation after child birth. Talk to one of our physical therapists today about having a complete recovery, even years after your last pregnancy.



Patient Success

I have continued to gain confidence and respect! “I have become optimistic about resuming life free from serious restrictions or limitations! From my first PT sessions, I have continued to gain confidence and respect for the depth of knowledge and skill with which I experience care and treatment at Full Potential.” - Gayle W.

I now have my full range back with almost no pain at all! “My movement before coming to Full Potential was extremely limited and painful. I now have my full range back with almost no pain at all! It is impossible to list all of Full Potential’s strengths -- the entire staff is professional and friendly. It is results oriented, which helps keep an eye on the goal while being encouraged by little victories. BJ and Joel are a great team. Very clean facility. Everyone made the experience very positive. I will never go anywhere else for PT. Thank you all so much!” - Jill V.

Full Potential has an excellent team effort and coordination! “The biggest and most positive change was getting an education on how to strengthen my body and how to heal it myself. Full Potential has an excellent team effort and coordination. Every visit was different and the office is very pleasing. Thank you!” - Nancy L.

Thanks for Joining Us!

BJ Johnson, PT presented a workshop to our community about Neck pain and Headaches. He educated our guests on why neck pain can lead to headaches and vice versa. We had a great turn out and we are looking forward to our next event! Stay tuned...

Amanda Collins, DPT presented her workshop on Women’s Health. She began a Pelvic Health program at Full Potential PT and has helped several women overcome pain and incontinence. We are excited to begin helping more women in our community!

Full Potential News

Holiday Staff Party!

Last year, our community voted us Best of the Best! We were thrilled to have that title for 2016, but now we need your HELP again to become the Best of the Best in 2017! Keep nominating us every day for your favorite Physical Therapy office, Full Potential Physical Therapy ! Go to our Facebook page to find the link to vote for us! Vote for us for Best of the Best 2017!

December is always a busy month, but our staff was able to get together for a Holiday Staff Party. There was a lot of great food, even better company, and endless laughs! We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Holiday.

Giving Back Over the Holidays

Over the holidays, we participated in the Thanksgiving drive as well as the Emergency Shelter Bags during Christmas with the Holland Rescue Mission. Thank you to everyone who participated, we had a great turn out and we enjoyed seeing everyone who came in to support our community!

www.facebook.com/fullpotentialpt Visit us on Facebook for more tips and updates!

Outstanding relief for your aches... Try these simple exercises to keep you moving... Exercise Essentials

Exercisescopyrightof PRAYER STRETCH - LATERAL While on your hands and knees in a crawl position, slowly lower your buttocks towards your feet. Also, lower your chest towards the floor as you reach out towards the side. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 6 times. Strengthens The Core

Relieves Low Back Pain LUMBAR EXTENSION Standwith good posture, feet shoulder width apart. Position your hands on the back of your hips. Lean back, far as you comfortably can. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 5 times.


Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.

Who do you know that needs our help?

At Full Potential, we know that a referral from our patients is the biggest compliment. Let us thank you with these 3 simple steps! 1. Start by handing out the referral cards located at our front desk to your friends and family that are in need of our help! 2. The card with your name on the back must be returned to us at their first appointment! 3. You win! Come in to claim your prize!


• Bill VanBruggen • Rita Nykamp • Melody Freckman READY. SET. GO! Thank you to the following for referring your friends and family! • Lynda Redder • Bev DePree • Martha Woltman • Patti Schonfeld • Carlene Ramirez • Ann Nieuwkoop • Judy Allen • Melody Freckman • Michael Tubbs

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