Full Potential: Building a Strong Core to Relieve Back Pain


February, 2018

“This Part Of The Body Helps Relieve Back Pain!” BUILD A STRONG CORE TO RELIEVE BACK PAIN Do you want to target your core? One of the first actions a physical therapist does is to evaluate your core strength, flexibility and coordination. This can pinpoint the root cause of your back pain. Then with hands on therapy, the spinal joints can be freed up to move like they should and specific exercises are prescribed to restore your core strength. Find out for yourself, what is truly causing your nagging back pain. After all, if you let it go on, it can get a lot worse, or even cause long-term damage such as arthritis. Call us today about your problem and discuss the right solution with one of our physical therapists. (continued inside)

INSIDE: � Build A Strong Core To Relieve Back Pain � 4 Core Activation Tips � Exercise Essentials � Upcoming Workshop � Patient Success


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