CCI Newsletter 3 - 2021-2022

Q&A: A New Director ’ s Queries

Every year, we welcome new members to the benefits of CCI. Many of our condominium directors are seeing the value they gain from the expanding expertise we provide at our events and the learning opportunities from our professional and business partner members. It also allows them to gain a connection to them, when in search of goods and services. We are always grateful when our members participate in CCI and more importantly, in the learning process we share from the expertise of industry - related professional and business partner members. We thank Debbi, the director of a condominium corporation who joined our CCI membership ranks for the first time. She writes: I have attended two (2) webinars and found them to be very informative. Keep up the great work! She also offers the following questions which will be helpful to all. 1. We will be holding our AGM soon and there will be a director change to our board. What is the process to report a change to CCI? Following an AGM or at any time there is a change to the director listing, we appreciate receiving a change form from the contact person, secretary, or manager so that we have an up - to - date listing for communicating with them. The corporation is responsible to update CCI with any changes, just as they must do with CAO. At any time, the contact person or the manager on record may request the board listing that we have on file to confirm the members who are listed. You can contact the Administrator for the change form or you can find it here . 2. As president (or contact person for the corporation), do I sign everyone up or do you send an invitation to each board member? So far no one else has received the Communiqué. When the Administrator sends out a

Communiqu e from the CCI Chapter, it goes to all member directors where I have been provided with their email address, whereby they agreed to receive electronic correspondence from CCI. On occasion, we will receive an "undeliverable" email. At that time, the email address will be removed from our listing and no further emails will be sent. Other times, a director may inform me that they are no longer on their board and ask to be removed from receiving future emails. They will be removed. It is recommended that the condominium board set up a process they feel is best to receive and distribute Communiqu es. It is important that CCI has one valid email address for every corporation so we can be in touch. For example, some have a corporation email address that receives all emails related to the corporation and is accessible to their directors only, without CCI having personal email addresses for every director and to ensure security of information for the corporation as needed. It is up to everyone to set their SPAM filters appropriately to receive the Communiqu es from the Administrator (Email: ccisw@cci - Some corporations will share event information with owners. It is up to the Board on how they choose to share in their communities to help owners better understand board responsibilities as well as their own About the Condominium Corporation Membership This membership category is open to all Condominium Corporations. Each Corporation designates a person to be their "member representative" to receive all notices and communications from CCI. That person can also vote on behalf of the Corporation. The membership and benefits are shared with the owners of the condominium corporation membership. Membership to the chapter includes opportunities to take advantage of additional learning, nationally and provincially. You can review upcoming

Trish Kaplan, CCI (Hon’s ) is the current part-time Adminis- trator for CCI-London and Area Chapter, having served in the position from April 2003 to Sep- tember 2010. She received the CCI Distinguished Service Award from CCI National in November 2006. Trish was also a Director on the CCI Board from 2010- 2015 when she was subsequently returned to the position of Ad- ministrator. Trish is a condominium owner, served on the Board of Directors of the condominium she resides in for a time and a retired condo- minium manager. Her experience in the different areas of condominium continues to be a benefit to the chapter and its members.

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