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Recently, I spoke with one of our new members who was feeling a bit intimidated by the talent and numbers of some our older, more established members. They told me they felt like they were never going to “get there” and asked me what they were doing “wrong.”

Have you ever stood at the edge of the water and looked out at the horizon? You know that magic line where sky and sea meet? If you hopped in a boat and started paddling toward the horizon, could you reach it? How would you know when you got there? What I have found is that the only way to know we’ve made progress or reached the horizon is to get closer to our destination and turn around to see how far we’ve come. How far are we from the shore? What have we accomplished? Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday. Right now, as you’re reading this, make a list of a few things you’ve accomplished and be proud of what you’ve done. Have you hired an assistant, an LP, or a processor? Have

I gently reminded them that their idol is way further along in this journey and that it has taken three solid years of hard work to get where she is. It’s the same for all the other members who are experiencing success. While the decision to change your business and your mindset is an event, the results of change don’t happen overnight. To keep from getting discouraged, I’ve come to realize that we really need to focus more on what we HAVE accomplished than on what we haven’t.


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... CONTINUED FROM COVER you changed a system or a process, or have you made a transition? Have you started marketing to your database, called on agents, sent a handwritten note, or implemented the Just Ask? Every step and every stroke of the paddle puts you that much closer to where you want to be. Instead of focusing on the other group members and getting discouraged, focus on them and be encouraged! They are showing you what is possible! If someone has a business that models what you would like, go visit them! I’m reminded of someone hacking their way through a jungle with a machete. The first person has it the toughest. Everyone who follows in their footsteps has a much easier time of it.

The trail has been blazed! Let’s not just always focus on what we haven’t done. Let’s focus on what we have done. Celebrate it and keep moving forward! I just want to thank you so much for being part of my journey. I really appreciate you. I also want to let you know that I believe in you! You’ve already done great things, and the best is yet to come.

That’s it.

A REALTOR’S SECRET WEAPON ESCALATION CLAUSE As a real estate agent in my area, I know that every now and then, a property comes on the market that is incredibly

This is a really great tool for agents to use in those multiple- offer situations. They may want to check the language with their brokerage firm’s attorney, but, in my market, this little secret weapon wins the deal every time! Please feel free to share this with your clients and real estate referral partners! Escalation Clause: Buyers understand there may be multiple offers on this property. If the purchase price in the buyer’s offer is not the highest of all the written offers submitted, the buyer’s offer will automatically be increased to an amount equal to One Thousand Five Hundred dollars ($1500) over the highest competing written offer submitted, not to exceed $485,000. Seller shall submit to the buyer a copy of the highest competing written offer (competing buyer’s name redacted) within one (1) business day of the seller’s acceptance of this offer, or this offer will become null and void, and the buyer will receive a full refund of their deposit. –Mary Carroll

rare, wonderful, and well-priced. I’ve used this secret weapon in my toolbox many times during a quicker market, but, even now, as our market is more balanced, it comes in handy.

Recently, my clients and I found the perfect home for them. Unfortunately, it was the perfect home for five other people, as well. Knowing we were one of six offers competing for the house, I wanted to make sure my clients won the deal, so I checked with the lender to be sure I could submit with an escalation clause. She gave me a cap, and I discussed it with my clients. We used the escalation clause, and, drumroll please ... my clients are closing on their $400,000-plus dream home!

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“Hey, it’s from . I just wanted to say hi and see how you guys are doing.”

“Hey, it’s from . I am so sorry I missed you. I was really looking forward to catching up for a few minutes. Anyways, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate clients like you. Man, working with people like you makes my day and brings a smile to my face. If I could just work with clients like you all day long, I would be really, really happy. So, I just want to reach out and say how much I appreciate you guys being in my life and letting me give you guys a hand. And if you know of anybody who is looking to buy, sell, or refinance their home, I would be absolutely honored to help them out as a special favor to you guys. Anyone who you know has got to be as cool as you are. Thank you so much, and I appreciate everything. Here’s my number: 555-1212. I’m looking forward to talking with you, and I will catch up with you soon.”

Let them answer.

“Great! I don’t want to keep you for very long because I know your time is very valuable. I just want to let you know that I really appreciate working with clients like you. You guys just make my day. I smile every time I think about you guys. If I could just push that little universe reset button, man, I’d only want to work with nice people like you. Is there anyone you know of who’s looking to buy, sell, or refinance their home right now who I can help?” If they answer “No” (which is probably going to be most of the time): “Well, let me ask you something. Can I ask you a favor?” Let them answer. “Yes, absolutely you can ask me a favor.” “If you hear of anybody who would like to buy, sell, or refinance their house, can I count on you to send them my way? I would really appreciate that.” If they answer “Yes”: “Awesome. Can I have their name?”

“Absolutely, you can count on me.”

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After you’ve processed everything from the event, ask yourself the following:

Timing can be uncanny sometimes. I was just listening to a buddy of mine, Joe Polish, give a talk on “What to Do After an Event.” With our next meeting coming up, I thought I would share some of his insights with you. How much you get out of an event has a lot to do with what you do AFTER the event is over. And, as you have heard me say many times, SPEED OF IMPLEMENTATION is the secret. First, review everything you learned at the event: every thought you had and every perspective. Find the elements and ideas that align. The time between having those thoughts and implementing them is a function of your speed of implementation . THAT is what determines whether the idea will take hold. Ideas, aspirations, and ambitions have a shelf life without action. The more you can engage with those ideas and elements and do something with them, the better. After an event, people usually rush to the airport to catch the soonest flight (oftentimes, they even miss part of the event), and everybody goes back to their lives. We’re all conditioned to do so. Sometimes “unlearning” is more important than learning. Often, the best way to make use of what you learned is unlearning the habits that will mess you up. For example, spend less time trying to “read all the books.” You’re better off mastering a single book than reading 20 books in a shallow way. There are so many options. There are so many things vying for your attention. Most people operate on the surface level: We don’t go deep with much of anything.

What are the elegant ideas?

What’s the one thing that solves 100 problems?

What are the ideas that, if I actually implemented them into my life and business, would produce great results?

Then, take your answers seriously.

There will also be things you learn that are great ideas for the future, but they aren’t great ideas for right now. Have a NOT NOW List. It will be a safe place to put those future ideas you don’t want to lose. Instead of rushing out at the end of the event, I’m known to stay a full extra day, locking myself in the hotel room at my desk and focusing on to-do lists for my team and myself. This “speed of implementation” tactic has made me millions, literally. Also, after any event, get a massage. Go to a movie. Do yoga. Whatever is fun for you, do that, too.

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Keeping your referral partners informed throughout the loan process is the best way to show them you value their relationship. However, constantly updating partners while you are busy doing all the necessary tasks to close is time consuming. Utilizing a feature like Jungo’s automated pipeline reports in Reffinity will help you save time and still keep your partners updated. Furthermore, understanding which referral relationships are bringing in the most closed loans will help you focus your efforts on maintaining high-value relationships.

Here’s what Reffinity can do for you:

SCOTT SCHANG (FREEDOM CLUB MEMBER) For me, freedom is a journey, not a destination. Freedom is a state of mind. It’s making choices and taking chances, even when everyone around you is doing it differently. Freedom is having a passion for failing, failing as fast as possible, and being grateful for the opportunity to get up and try again. Freedom is having friends, colleagues, and mentors to guide you along the way. That said, sometimes it’s difficult for an obsessive, delusional entrepreneur like myself to “unplug” and “relax.” I am eternally grateful for Freedom Club for helping both Josh Lewis and me get out of our own way and demolish the illusion that if you want it done, you have to do it yourself.

Identify High-Value Relationships.

• Track the number of referrals received. • Determine which referrals are deep referrals. • Track total number of loans closed in volume/units.

Automate Referral Partner Updates.

• Send automated “Thank You for the Referral” emails. • Schedule customized reports for individual referral partners. • Manage default settings on automated reports across the board. You can start tracking and measuring your Realtor partner relationships on the Reffinity tab in Jungo today. For more information about Jungo’s Reffinity feature, visit referral-partners.

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loan; have a general knowledge of Fannie Mae, FHA, VA, and USDA guidelines; know how to run DU; know how to stack and submit files; know how to request and clear conditions; and know how to communicate with both borrowers and Realtors. We are looking for a genuine team player who is excellent at communicating professionally with clients and is a steel- trap with following through on tasks and assignments. You should be able to learn new skills and information needed to adapt to the ever-changing mortgage industry and have a self-motivated ability to “figure things out” along the way. Only apply if you want to be part of a fast-growing team who really cares about their clients.

⃞ ⃞ Clearly define the job description. ⃞ ⃞ Decide if you want an in-office or remote loan partner. ⃞ ⃞ Determine the pay. Will it be a salary? With or without bonuses? Clearly define this in writing. ⃞ ⃞ Watch this class on hiring: MortgageMarketingAnimals. com/course/how-do-you-hire-the-right-team. ⃞ ⃞ Look through the ads and decide which one to use: for-hiring. ⃞ ⃞ Rayce Robinson’s ad is excellent for finding virtual loan partners. It can be used for in-office loan partners too. Adjust it to fit your needs. Rayce’s Example: Help Wanted: I’m looking to hire a salary-based LOAN PARTNER to join my team. We currently have one (1) available position. This position is different in that you can be located anywhere in Florida and work virtually yet receive a monthly salary. This position is a full-time position. A mortgage license is ideal for this position, but we are willing to consider someone who is unlicensed if they have strong processing or underwriting experience. We have a generous compensation plan, and the pay range will be between $40,000–$50,000 and will be discussed in detail during the interview. The ideal candidate may currently/formerly be a loan officer who loves working the loan but doesn’t like to “go get new business” and wants to know they will get paid every week. Also, a processor or underwriter who likes talking to people but is burned out will enjoy this position. This candidate absolutely must know how to pull and analyze credit; know how to review income and asset documents; have an understanding of how to structure a VIRTUAL LOAN PARTNER hiring through

Responsibilities include:

• Taking applications and entering files/uploading documents into the database

• Sending out needs list to client

• Following up on needs list

• Tracking the mortgage pipeline

• Calculating income and running DU

• Helping clear conditions

• Making sure closings happen on time and putting out fires

• Doing Realtor follow-up

We only have one (1) position available. Job Type: Full-time Mortgage experience required: 2 years Please send in your resume for consideration.

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1. Why do you think you would be a good fit for this job?

5. What is it that interests you in working virtually as opposed to a traditional office setting? 6. What are 2–3 interesting or unusual things about you personally that are not listed on your resume?

2. How would you rank your ability to use technology from 1–10? 3. What are the loan origination software systems you are proficient in?

7. What are 2–3 hobbies or interests you have?

4. Do you currently hold a mortgage license?

–Irene Duford


Part One: Schedule immediately following a coffee appointment.

The Monday morning following coffee, call them, “How was your weekend? Was it your best weekend ever? Well, I hope it’s an amazing week!” Connect on social media after your call and comment on or “like” a post or two. The Tuesday of the week following your coffee appointment, send a Mr. Schmooze Gift of “One Thing.” (Watch the class on it.)

At your first meeting, FROG your potential

loan officer and ask for a second coffee, “We have about 15 things we do that are a little different. I would love a chance to show you what sets us apart.” (Set the appointment.)

Give them a five-star review on Facebook, Zillow, or Yelp.

Call every Monday for 12 weeks total. On the first call, say, “I would love to audition to be a backup lender. What would we need to do to make that happen?” For the remaining weeks, ask them “Did you work or play?”

Text them five minutes after meeting is over, “Thanks for your time! It was great to finally meet you!” As soon as you get back to the office, send them a note saying, “It’s easy to see why you are so successful! Thanks for making the time to meet me for coffee! I look forward to chatting again soon (or seeing you at our next coffee).” The Friday after coffee, send them an email saying, “Hi, I hope you have your best weekend ever in real estate! Just wanted to say it was the highlight of my week having coffee with you. Thanks again for your time.”

–Kristen Watkins

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TOOL TIME: HOMEBOT Homebot is for loan officers and real estate agents and is designed to keep customers engaged and to drive more transactions. Homebot sparks the conversation. It keeps your clients in touch with you when they start having questions and educates them about refinancing, principal payments, buying the next dream home, etc.

UPCOMING EVENTS: ‘Get More Loans’ Mastermind Event Sept. 13–14 Tampa Bay, FL

Before we dig into what Homebot does, our story really begins with your clients. At retirement, 83% of wealth comes from real estate. Yet, homeowners don’t consider their home as an asset, much less a retirement strategy. In fact, homeowners leave billions in unrealized wealth on the table due to a lack of understanding and guidance. Homebot changes all of that by delivering a personalized, up-to-the-minute home value and financial strategy to your client’s inbox every month, creating instant engagement. Also, Homebot is in your brand. So, when clients receive this information, it’s as though it is coming directly from you, their lender. And, it’s automated. Once you upload your list, your monthly marketing campaigns begin. You simply set it and forget it.

It’s not just for your existing clients. Your prospects will use Homebot to understand purchasing power and explore new markets or investment opportunities. This makes Homebot a great tool for generating new leads and referrals. Homebot communicates with millions of consumers every month, and they are ADDICTED. Email open rates are an astonishing 73%, and hundreds of leads are generated every month. At the end of the day, Homebot is here to empower homeowners and prospective buyers by helping them make smart home decisions and build wealth.

‘Get More Loans’ Mastermind Event Nov. 15–17 St. Petersburg, FL

Freedom Club - Branch Academy (Members Only) Nov. 18 St. Petersburg, FL Freedom Club - Mastermind (Members Only) Nov. 19–20 St. Petersburg, FL

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