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Enjoy every page, every moment. We are delighted to present to you the 2019 edition of our beautifully crafted de Boulle Magazine. It is a glimpse into the de Boulle lifestyle — and one unique way to communicate the de Boulle story. Come visit us. We look forward to seeing you at de Boulle in Dallas, at 6821 Preston Road, and at de Boulle in Houston, at 4444 Westheimer Road in River Oaks.


re Cut Yellow Diamond and pe Diamond Necklace.


de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Swirling Diamond Choker with yellow and white diamonds in 18K gold. Price upon request.




FROM THE CEO A new beginning, a new generation, a new look — but one thing remains unchanged

Timeless beauty. Refined luxury. Discriminating style. Attention to detail. Fine craftsmanship. Every one of those is a hallmark of de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry. It seems like yesterday, but it’s been more than 35 years now of our family serving thousands of customers worldwide. We have built — thanks to those amazing customers and our equally amazing staff — a reputation as one of the preeminent family owned fine jewelers in North America. We are humbled and proud. We also thought it was time to change things up. The de Boulle flagship store, in Dallas, Texas, is a magnificent, 13,600-square-foot, two-story, French-style villa — and we have just completely renovated it, from lighting to walls to floors. We couldn’t be more excited. The crown jewel? Our Patek Philippe dedicated showroom, a superb place for experiencing those superb Swiss timepieces. We love Patek Philippe. Our two companies, both family owned and both dedicated to impeccable quality and style, have a long partnership, dating back the early ’80s, when we introduced the wonderful wares of Patek Philippe to our Dallas customers. Now, an expansive collection of the world’s most captivating timepieces will be available inside the 600-square-foot Patek Philippe showroom, which is integrated inside our Dallas store. The guiding principle here was to create an environment that enhances the customer experience, a foremost priority for both de Boulle and Patek Philippe. I think you will quickly see — and feel — that we achieved that goal. Now, we head into the most wonderful time of the year: the holidays. To that end, both of our stores— Dallas and Houston, and our website, deBoulle.com, are ready with refreshing and inspired collections. You will see that we’re introduc- ing several exciting new designs this season, especially magnificent new designs at varying price points from the de Boulle Collection. And our mesmerizing High Jewelry creations, with luscious color and design, are nothing short of spectac- ular. According to my wife, Karen, jewelry is special, timeless and it transcends generations. That’s the very approach she took to designing now that our daugh- ter, Emma, has come on board: Karen wanted to create designs that appeal to a different generation. I’m excited that both Emma and our son, Nick, who had joined us already, are adding to the de Boulle legacy. Speaking of legacies, Niki Taylor has a sterling one. One of the most success- ful models and spokespersons of all time, she returns as the face of de Boulle. This year, our campaign is both confident and intimate, with Taylor as our brand ambassador. The images incorporate saturated color within a narrow tonal range whilst rich black and white tones create a moody intensity, reminiscent of early portraiture. This depth is contrasted with a relaxed, natural approach to styling — allowing Niki and the jewelry to be the stars that they are. Enjoy every page, every moment. We are delighted to present to you the 2019 edition of our beautifully crafted de Boulle Magazine. It is a glimpse into the de Boulle lifestyle — and one unique way to communicate the de Boulle story. Come visit us. We look forward to seeing you at de Boulle in Dallas, at 6821 Preston Road, and at de Boulle in Houston, at 4444 Westheimer Road in River Oaks. You know, with all these beautiful new things and new directions, I promise you one thing that will never change: our commitment to the best — in what we offer and how we do it. Happiest of holidays to you and yours.

Denis Boulle Chief Executive Officer de Boulle

de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Fancy Shape Diamond Necklace. Price upon request. Sapphire Cross with diamond chain. $21,200. de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Ruby and Diamond Necklace. Price upon request. de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Diamond Necklace. Price upon request. Fancy Colored Diamond Cross with diamond chain. $28,900. Ebony and Ivory Diamond Necklace. $90,800.


Patek, Philippe & Cie, quickly became the standard for fine watchmaking around the world. In 1932, the Stern family, which manufactured the dials for Patek Philippe, purchased the company. Now the last Geneva-based and family owned watch manufacturer, Patek Philippe has a remarkable history that spans more than 180 years. The company’s reputation for providing rare, high-quality, hand-finished timepieces that are known to last for gen- erations continues to drive watch enthusiasts to the brand. The integrated Patek Philippe showroom was a key element in the reno- vation of de Boulle’s flagship store. Denis and Karen Boulle’s first priority has always been to make clients feel comfortable — to feel, quite literally, at home. At the same time, they want to make sure everything they do is associated with exquisite quality, from the fine jewelry and watches they offer to the quality of materials used in the design of their stores. The guid- ing principle for the Dallas renovation was to create an environment that further enhances the customer experience, a top priority for both de Boulle and Patek Philippe. “We wanted the store to remain open and welcoming, but elegant,” says Karen Boulle, “not intimidating, not too cutting-edge or too old fashioned. Classical and timeless.” The Boulles again turned to the Houston office of Gensler, the global archi- tecture, design and planning firm that designed the de Boulle boutique in Houston, which opened in 2016. The new wall colors for the Dallas store are a carefully crafted blend of warm and cool gray tones, combining residential warmth with modern crispness. While the palette is simple and neutral, a variety of texture and patina adds interest. A big change is the reimagining of the spiral staircase and screening area. Designed by a local artisan and fabricated in steel, it is intricately fashioned to reveal the de Boulle Hallmark — the famous “de B” inside a faceted shape. “It’s very subtle, just like on our collection of branded jewelry,” says Karen Boulle. A cozy lounge — with its comfortable furniture, coffee bar and relaxed vibe — remains in place next to the sprawling fireplace. Bright yellow chairs pro- vide energetic splashes of color — and echo the trademark tone of de Boulle’s signature gift bags. Newly minted showcases will be delivered shortly — but new wood floors and newly plastered walls are already in place, providing a matte background for the gleam of beautiful jewelry and watches. Choosing plaster walls over painted gypsum — much like the thought that went into every detail of the remodel — elevates the quality of the entire interior in a subtle way. It quickly wins over guests, who can’t quite put their finger on why exactly the space is ever so warm and welcoming.



orld-renowned Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe and Dallas retailer de Boulle are celebrating the opening of a luxurious Patek Philippe showroom inside the newly renovated de Boulle flagship store, at 6821 Preston Road. An expansive collection of the world’s most captivating timepieces is available inside the new 600-square-foot space, which features an open, integrated floor plan and a VIP lounge.

Patek Philippe and de Boulle, both dedicated to impeccable quality and style, have a long partnership that dates back the early 1980s, when Denis Boulle, CEO of de Boulle, added the Swiss timepieces to his Dallas salon. Boulle always saw a parallel: “Both companies,” he says, “are independent, family owned companies that combine tradition and strive for innovation and perfection.” Patek Philippe traces its roots to 1839, as Patek, Czapek & Cie, founded by Antoine Norbert de Patek and Francois Czapek. After Philippe was joined in 1845 by French watchmaker Jean Adrien Philippe, the inventor of the keyless winding mechanism, their new company, Patek & Cie, eventually renamed


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Fancy Shape Aquamarine (53.4 ctw.) and Diamond (2.53 ctw.) Bracelet. $32,250.


“Jewelry is about the imagination, and estate pieces have a sense of romance that comes from the time when they were made.” —Denis Boulle, CEO, de Boulle


he world of estate jewelry offers a beau- tiful array of treasures to suit every taste: vintage jewelry, antique jewelry, one-of- a-kind pieces and more. It is anything you could imagine — and a lot of discoveries you couldn’t. The term estate jewelry doesn’t just refer to pieces which come from an estate — the things owned by someone — it also in-

cludes uncommon and fun jewelry, too. Many are designer pieces. When we are adding pieces to the de Boulle Estate Collection, we are looking for signed pieces from Cartier, David Webb or Van Cleef & Arpels. We are also looking for pieces that are emblematic of their period of creation. “We might have a client who is interested in something unusu- al and rare, which these pieces definitely are,” says Denis Boulle, CEO of de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry. “Jewelry is about the imagination, and estate pieces have a sense of ro- mance that comes from the time when they were made.” Our dedicated, expert associates are accredited by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and several of our staff are GIA Graduate Gemologists. With specialized equipment and many years of experience, our associates empower our customers to buy with absolute confidence. Each piece is thoroughly checked, researched and verified, so that our customers know that the piece they are buying is authentic. Our unrivaled collection of estate pieces is just one of the many facets that sets de Boulle apart. Timeless and individualistic, estate jewelry is filled with legends and lore, as well as the unique. Come visit de Boulle anytime to see what is new — and old.

MODERN CONTEMPORARY JEWELRY Circa 1970-Present Encompasses all jewelry after the 1960’s which has not been designated with a style. Graff natural fancy intense yellow radiant cut diamonds and marquis, round and pear shape diamond fringe necklace, circa 2010.




Circa 1950-1960 The years following World War II were a welcome return to prosperity — and jewelry design reflected that in its bold looks crafted with glistening diamonds and gemstones. The styles eventually gave way to voluptuous curves, espe- cially iconic pearl strands, and whimsi- cal portrayals of nature, including ani- mals, flowers, branches and vines. Harry Winston diamond clips.

Circa 1940-1950 The Golden Age of Hollywood brought big, bold glamour to the jewelry scene — by way of multicolored golds in yel- low, rose and green, heightened with a variety of gemstones, shapes and ma- terials for added drama. The term ret- ro-modern itself suggests looking both backward and forward, so this jewelry looks to the past and future for its in- spiration. Like a great Hollywood star, each piece is always ready for its close- up. Herz-Belperron clips.

Circa 1920-1935 A design movement in the years be- tween the world wars, the Art Deco period derived from the exciting Paris exposition of 1925 known as the Expo- sition Internationale des Arts Décora- tifs et Industriels Modernes. It was an extravaganza designed by the French government to highlight the new mod- ern styles of architecture, interior deco- ration, furniture, jewelry and other dec- orative arts. In the U.S., the Jazz Age of the 1920s and ’30s perfectly coincided with the Art Deco movement, bringing color back into jewelry and introducing geometric themes with linear designs embellished with even more color. Yard emerald and diamond ring.




Circa 1900-1915 So named for England’s King Edward, this era brought forth jewelry known for its use of platinum, pearls and di- amonds. Its hallmarks are exquisite craftsmanship — often made with plat- inum — and a feminine flair, especial- ly its garland styles embellished with garlands and flowers in invisible set- tings. Pearl brooch/pendant with rubies and diamonds.

Circa 1895-1910 Art Nouveau jewelry was a rebellion against the more complex designs of the mid and late Victorian period. It was also a movement toward the hand- made, with silver, enamels and moon- stones combined in organic forms to represent insects, plants and flowers. René Lalique dragonfly brooch.

Circa 1840-1890 Queen Victoria, who reigned over the United Kingdom for almost 64 years, greatly influenced much of the fash- ion in the world. Initially, sentimental jewelry with floral motifs and symbol- ic themes flourished. The middle of the century brought the Grand Period, with its many revival styles, including Goth- ic and Renaissance. Late in the century, the Aesthetic Period blossomed. During this time, gilded metal, rolled gold and manufactured gold-plating techniques were perfected and gems such as ci- trines, amethysts and garnets were pop- ular. With the death of Prince Albert in 1861, the queen went into mourning for years — which resulted in black jewelry becoming in vogue. Engraved bow brooch with turquoise.


Limited edition of 11 ceramic pieces

FOR INFORMATION ∙ TIME ART DISTRIBUTION LLC Phone +1 212 221-8041 ∙ info@timeartdistribution.com

On Niki: de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Asymmetrical Earrings featuring a pear shape diamond and a pear shape emerald accented with fancy cut emeralds, emerald cut diamonds and pavé set diamonds.

quick Q&A with the one and only Niki Taylor — world-renowned supermodel and star of our ad campaigns —

art and not a random accessory. It is the intent behind the piece that gets my attention. You live in Tennessee with your husband and kids — but what is something you look forward to when working in Dallas? Dream team Meet Niki Taylor and Judson Baker, part of the immensely talented group of pros — stylists, artists, directors, assistants — who make beautiful images exclusively for de Boulle NIKI TAYLOR — MODEL The south Florida native began modeling at 13 and immedi- ately captured the heart of America — and then the world — with her girl-next-door charm and beauty. Her first cover, What’s not to like? I only wish I could spend more time here!

from what it’s like being on a de Boulle photo shoot to what jewel- ry really means to her. You just finished a multiday photo shoot for this year’s campaign. What is a memorable piece of jewelry from it? My favorite is actually the whole deBoulle Collection, de- signed by Karen herself. I love the snake bracelet and snake ring that I got to wear. Then there’s her Lariat Toggle Necklace. I personally would wear that piece with a white button-down shirt, jeans and heels. But, all in all, I’m an earring girl: I love the Pavé Diamond Huggie Earrings. They are timeless and you can wear them day-to- night. The photos I love the most were the first shots we did on day one. It was all about the jewelry. Just skin, beautiful hair and makeup. Photographer Judson Baker’s lighting is amazing. Niki, what is it like working with the Boulles on a photo shoot? One of the joys of working in fashion the way I do is meeting the people behind the brands. In this case, Karen and Denis are both so hands-on. It is great to be around them. As own- ers and designers, as they care so much about every aspect of their business — from the marketing to the creative. What is your own take on jewelry? How do you like to wear it? I do not wear a lot of jewelry, but the pieces I do wear always have a special meaning for me. I think jewelry is wearable How about a memorable moment from the shoot?

at 14, was Seventeen magazine. Her second? Vogue , at 15. In 2016, she returned to model- ing, and her covers now number more than 400. Her campaigns have included Cover- Girl, Versace, Escada, Jean Paul Gaultier and many more. She has been a television inter- viewer, launched a fragrance and started a foundation for the advancement of women in business. In an era of questionable notoriety, uncertain values and here-today-gone-to- morrow celebrity, Taylor continues to be rec- ognized worldwide for her grace, charm and on-camera charisma, as well as her ongoing efforts for the welfare of others.


JUDSON BAKER — PHOTOGRAPHER Baker has been taking pictures since he was 14. Straight out of high school, he shot his first album cover, for a Denver rock band. By 24, he had moved to Italy and was spotted by Marco Reati of L’Uomo Vogue , who commissioned a 10-page feature spread for the magazine with the model Josh Hol- loway. Baker went on to shoot editorials for Arena , Details and Marie Clair e magazines as well as campaigns for major fashion brands such as Valentino and MaxMara. With por- traits that include Beyoncé, Usher and Gwen Stefani, Baker has an impressive portfolio of celebrity photography, too. After 15 years in New York, Baker decided to move back home to Texas. Taking after his father, who was a champion bull rider and horse trainer, he now lives with his family in Dripping Springs, with cutting horses of his own.


MY FAVORITE THINGS KAREN’S PICKS “A soft and elegant necklace that glows! So versatile it would look great worn backwards.” Opulence Necklace with Ethiopian opals and diamonds. $15,200. 2


3 “Wonderfully wearable. This bracelet is perfect on its own or perfect for stacking.” Emma Cuff with diamonds. $3,000.

“These are retro and modern. A beautiful statement piece that can be worn alone.” de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Dynasty Earrings with emeralds and dia- mond. Price upon request.

5 “These can be worn casual or for a special occasion. I love the feminine shape and the slight update on these traditional huggies.” Dome Earrings with diamonds. $4,300.


“Worn on any finger, or as a pinky ring. I especially love the three colors of gold stacked together.” Posh Stackable Rings from $2,800 each.


A Partnership Built on Principles

The Boulle andmining families are committed to ethically sourced di- amonds and to the highest ethics in the business, supporting and funding various sustainable-de- velopment projects. Here, just some of the ways we are working together to help improve every- thing from environmental impact to employee development. Land rehabilitation The Northern Cape, primarily desert, has an especially delicate landscape. We, therefore, rehabili- tate all the mines. Mine rehabilita- tion is the restoration of the post- mined landscape to its intended post-mining land use. Rehabilita- tion offers a number of advantag- es, which can include improving the visual appearance of the areas, establishing a cover to provide erosion control and improving runoff-water quality. When reha- bilitation is complete, pecan trees are planted, which can create jobs for more than 200 people. Work wellness We make sure to keep working hours limited to 45 hours per week, and we consistently check the health of our employees. We are very strict about having living wage practices in place — practic- es that encourage good health and well-being. Employee development We support developmental and social projects for our employees, making sure no one goes uned- ucated and that all have the best conditions for an enriched life. All the mining operators are trained and highly skilled once in the op- erating role, and we encourage continued education.

Nick Boulle on safari before the journey to the mines

identify — using blockchain, a secure record-keeping technology — where your diamond was cut, polished and set. Through blockchain technology, a unique birth certificate and jour- ney for your diamond is catalogued, which establishes a new level of in- formation transparency. “Our clients are very educated about their pur- chases,” says Denis Boulle, CEO of

Y From left to right:

The Big Hole, Kimberley South Africa. A diamond in the rough.

de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry. “Through our direct-sourcing relationship, our clients can feel confident that we are operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.” Your diamond’s possibilities By working closely with our friends in South Africa, we are able to offer unique stones directly from more than 30 diamond mines in South Africa. All of the mines are whol- ly or substantially owned by the mining family, who strives to support and expand the growth and need for transparency, globally, especially supporting mines that are abiding by ethical and sustainable practices. Currently all mining is performed via alluvial mining. The mines are created near where very old rivers once dragged dia- monds along riverbeds, millions of years ago. Today, miners pull the ground up in the same direction that the rivers flowed, then sift for diamonds. (The largest stone that has come from the family mines was 278 carats. White and various colored stones have been found, including yellows, pinks, purples and blues.) Once your rough diamond is unearthed, it is delivered to our skilled, diamond-cutting artisans in South Africa. Your stone is cut, then inscribed with its Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certif- icate number, then professionally inspected in the famous diamond city of Kimberley, South Africa. What’s more, you can even name your diamond — anything you wish — whether you commission its creation or discover it already waiting for you at de Boulle. How it works 1- Visits to de Boulle are arranged, to begin dreaming about your diamond's cut, size, color, setting and more. 2- We then begin the sourcing to discover your personal diamond. This process can take a while, but, remember: A diamond took millions of years to form! 3- You'll receive updates and photographs as your diamond is mined, cut and polished. 4- Once your diamond leaves its mine in South Africa, we can create the jewelry of your dreams from one of our designs — or we can hand-craft a masterpiece as unique as you.

our diamond’s journey A diamond — one of the most rare and beautiful creations possible — is the result of an extraordinary voyage. It has been forged below the earth’s surface over millions of years, where extreme heat and pressure, over time, turned carbon in its purest form into one gleam- ing stone. Shot by a volcanic erup- tion into the air, then carried away


by rivers — again, over time — a diamond, by the time you feel it and wear it for the first time, has taken an ex- traordinary long and winding journey to be with you. Your diamond’s story Volcanic eruptions may have brought a stone to the earth’s surface, but its journey involves a great deal of ef- fort to bring it to you: many tons of rubble and countless hours of labor. Beautiful South Africa is home to some of the largest diamond mines in the world — and de Boulle is now partnering with one of the most esteemed min- ing families there to bring you a diamond with a story as unique as your own. de Boulle is partnering with close family friends and have effectively added a fifth C to the famous four — carat, cut, color, clarity — when it comes to diamonds: chronicle. Because we are always committed to responsible sourcing, de Boulle provides provenance information for every newly sourced diamond it offers. And, now, our new Personal Diamond Program will also



ow a new Boulle in the business is influencing even more than jewelry

de Boulle has been in business for more than 35 years — and today prides itself on separating itself from the competition with its own branded line of jewelry, the de Boulle Collection. The collection is designed and curated by Karen Boulle, whose work on the Collection has created ripples in the design world for the choice of unusual gemstones. Much of Karen’s inspiration springs from her childhood, liv- ing in the farthest corners of the world with her well-traveled parents. “I’ve always been attracted to color,” she says, “and I think that’s from the markets I saw, growing up. The Ghurka women had these amazing colored bangles. And when my fa- ther would go to Kathmandu, he would bring back beautiful little boxes with turquoise and coral.”

On Karen: Emma Linear Earrings $5,400. Posh Stackable Bracelets from $7,600 each. Posh Stackable Rings from $2,800 each. On Emma: Emma Stud Earrings $2,500. Emma Three Stone Necklace $1,600. Emma Cuffs from $3,000 each.

For Karen, jewelry is special and timeless. “It transcends generations. This is the ap- proach I used in designs for 2019.” Karen’s daughter, Emma Boulle, greatly influenced those designs. What’s more, Emma has joined de Boulle, as her older brother, Nick, already has, in the family business. With both Emma and Nick adding to the de Boulle legacy, “the feeling that de Boulle is a family owned business,” says Karen, “couldn’t be more true.” With Emma on board and now two gen- erations of Boulles at work, Karen wanted to create designs that appeal to a younger clientele. “The pieces are fun and are at dif- ferent price points,” she says, “but they are classical and timeless. My hope is that we have created heirloom pieces to be passed down to daughters.” From stacking bands and bracelets to dangling earrings, pendants and more, the new designs are for women of all ages. The personal style of both Karen and Emma could be described as chic and ele- gant. Emma, though, says it’s her mother who leads the way. “My mom tends to stay ahead of the trends,” she says. “I actually call it casual luxe. Whether she is wearing big and bold pieces or something more com- fortable and casual, she rocks it.” Looking back, Karen recalls several pieces given to her by her mother — “an antique sapphire bracelet and a Tibetan turquoise ring. Both were delicate and feminine, with an intimate story behind them. The ring undoubtedly started my love affair with turquoise.”

“This is a wonderful business to be in. We are surrounded by beauty and are a part of so many special celebrations and

milestones.” —Karen Boulle

Emma, too, prefers her jewelry to have meaning, or for it to be passed down. “Two of my favorite pieces are from the de Boulle Collection,” she says, “a diamond bracelet to commemorate my 24th birthday and a del- icate pavé band that I selected instead of a class ring.” Says Karen: “This is a wonderful business to be in. We are surrounded by beauty and are a part of so many special celebrations and milestones.” Emma agrees. “Jewelry and special moments are tied together.”

From left to right: Emma Linear Earrings $5,400. Emma Stud Earrings $2,500. On Emma: Turquoise Burst Earrings $33,500. Multi-Strand Bracelet $74,300. Turquoise Ring $16,637. On Karen: Rosette Pendant $8,250. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Earrings $32,500. Assorted pen- dants starting at $1,600.




fench fold 32 page 56


Design, in my eyes, is one of the most complex and personal sides of the jewelry business. You have to look inside at what brings you inspiration — and around at your world — for something you feel can be shared by, and enjoyed by, the people you serve. For a writer,

Three Cuff Bracelet in 18K rose, yellow and white gold. $5,900 each.

Three Cuff Bracelet in 18K yellow gold. $5,900. Signataire Money Clip featuring our de Boulle Hallmark in 18K yellow gold. $5,600. Men’s Square Ring in 18K yellow gold with diamonds. $5,800.

a book or a story requires a particu- lar voice, depending on its purpose. Often, the difficult and time-con- suming portion of any design pro- cess — be it for jewelry, watches, in- teriors, cars, architecture, anything — is the time spent finding a voice. Design is something that touches ev- eryone’s life. Design is everywhere we go. With jewelry, design certain- ly determines the look of a piece, whether it’s something worn every day or if it’s for making a statement during the most special of occasions. The person and the occasion need to share a voice in that moment. It is this complex idea that makes design

close relatives, battling cancer — but also because she has worked so hard with my father, Denis, to build the business we all work on together to- day. I consider myself privileged to be working with her on the de Boul- le Collection, to continue expanding our men’s line. When we begin on a design, we usu- ally have a place, a mood or a situa- tion in mind. For what became the

such a personal idea. For me, jewelry and watches carry the unique ability to mark the most import- ant moments in life. Those moments can be all too short — so, the right piece is not only a way of cele- brating a moment, big or small, but also of extend- ing one.

is race day — and what that piece would look like. For me, it turned out to be a simple gold cuff, aug- mented along the edges with subtle patterns of the number 3 repeatedly over- laid on itself. In this way, the number 3 happens to also resemble the letter B — a letter most important to de Boulle. From there,

“Design is one of the most complex and personal sides of the jewelry business. You have to look inside at what brings you inspiration, and around at your world.” —Nick Boulle

Boulle’s biggest inspiration

Three Cuff Bracelet, I was struck by a vintage photograph of Steve McQueen riding a motorcycle in a racing paddock. He had not one but two female passengers on the back, as he cruised to the start of the fa- mous 24 Hours of Le Mans car race. My experiences before racing at Le Mans have been very different, to say the least, but that photo made me think about what kind of piece a guy might want to wear in a moment like that — when his only thought

we’ve worked on belts, money clips and more, each subtly decorated to recall, just slightly, our company logo. The goal? Leave a small mark, ensuring that the piece speaks most of all to its lucky wearer. Our men’s collection pieces are perfect for en- graving with initials or a special date — to make sure the occasion they stem from is remembered for- ever, and that each piece is proudly passed down. That is what jewelry — and design — can do.

I’ve grown up marveling at my mother’s motivations and inspira- tions in the world around her. She has found it in the far reaches of the planet, and in the earth’s most mag- ical and rare animals. She has cer- tainly found it in many of her own pets. But, she, herself, is an inspira- tion to me , not only because of the hardships she has endured — immi- grating to the United States with no

Three Cuff Bracelet in 18K yellow gold. $5,900. Signataire Buckle featuring our de Boulle Hallmark in 18K yellow gold. $6,400. Men’s Square Ring in 18K yellow gold with diamonds. $5,800.


Texas-based Randy Johnson teamed up with Nick Boulle of de Boulle Motorsports to co- drive in the Johnson Equipment Company Pescarolo LMP1 rac- ing car around the steep banks of Daytona International Speed- way, in what is known as the Classic 24 Hour at Daytona. The race takes place over 24 hours — just as the name says — and involves cars racing for one hour during every six hours that pass. … The Pescarolo is aston- ishingly fast, with its 720-horse- power Judd V-10 engine that revs to more than 9,000 rpm. At Daytona, the drivers can top out at 202 mph. … Boulle start- ed race No. 1 for the team and was able to move the car up one position during the hour-long race, to finish in second place. … Johnson took the wheel for race No. 2 and drove the car to a strong finish. … Boulle started race No. 3 and not only set the fastest lap of the field but also cruised to a win, with Andy Wallace in chase in an Audi R8 LMP1. … In race No. 4, Boulle took the hole shot, thanks to a perfectly timed start. Boulle had the task of reeling in time lost overnight — a mere but import- ant 58 seconds — to the Audi. In the end, the Boulle-Johnson team lost too much time and the team’s car rolled across the line in second place. DAYTONA, FLORIDA — JANUARY 2019 At the Rolex 24 Hours of Dayto- na, Park PlaceMotorsports faced off against some of the strongest lineups ever seen at the famed endurance race — superstar drivers such as Fernando Alon- so, Juan Pablo Montoya, Gra- ham Rahal, Christian Fittipaldi, Simon Pagenaud and Rubens Barrichello. Notably, a driver synonymous with Porsche and racing, the American Patrick Long, was a part of the Park Place Motorsports team. … The Park Place Porsche 911 GT3 R, labeled No. 73, would be pi- loted by Boulle, team principal Patrick Lindsey, Porsche facto- ry ace Patrick Long and the Le

Mans–winning Matt Camp- bell. … The team ran strong throughout the grueling 24- hour race. … In what would certainly be one of Boulle’s most memorable stints of the year, he moved the car up one position, during pit stops, be- fore running for two hours in second place. … Despite rain and stiff competition, Long, Lindsey, Campbell and Boul- le eventually made up ground and got back on to the lead lap. … In a bid to gain track position and to fill the fuel tanks in preparation for later in the race, the team made a strategic mistake: pit-stop- ping from first place. When they rejoined the field, they were in seventh position. … The rain-soaked race was called early — after 23 hours and 50 minutes — giving the Park Place Motorsports driv- ers no chance to use their strong pace in the wet to move

its. … The No. 73 Porsche GT3 R would be fielded once again by Boulle, Lindsey and Long, in what was easily the most hotly contested class in the field: GTD. … Rain arrived on the morning of the race, making for a slippery track. The field was started under yellow conditions for seven laps. … Once the green flag dropped, the wet conditions worked in Boulle’s and the Porsche’s favor, with gains in time and position. After about two hours in the car, Boulle handed the car over to Long, but an electrical issue reared its head. Running without traction control was a tempo- rary solution. … The drivers continued to push, staying in the top 10 and on the lead lap. … Eventually, with only two laps left to make an improve- ment, Long managed to gain four full spots, thanks in part to a late move down the inside into the final corner, though two cars ahead pushed hard to keep the others behind them. The team finished in the sixth position. STAVELOT, BELGIUM — MAY 2019 de Boulle Motorsports part- nered with Larbre Compéti- tion to compete in the Total 6


back into the top spot. SEBRING, FLORIDA — MARCH 2019


The 12 Hours of Sebring is one of the most demanding endurance races in the world, on a circuit known for its bumpy, dark and treacherous blind corners that push driv- ers and machines to their lim-

he 2019 racing season was packed with highs and lows — not only for the de Boulle Motorsports team, but also for its partners and fans. It became the team’s most action-packed season yet since its debut on the North American karting scene, in 2004. With races across the United States and Europe, the scale of the events and the sheer excitement of it will remain unforgettable for everyone involved. Here, some 200-mile- per-hour highlights.

Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, in their No. 50 Ligier JS P2 in the LMP2 category. … No one could have predicted the view on race-day morning: Drivers and teams awoke to a layer of snow, which covered the trees on the way to the circuit and which continued to fall. With the race set to start at noon, drivers and teams were equally surprised to see the sun eventu- ally come out and quickly melt and dry the circuit. … Boulle’s European teammates would take the green flag before hand- ing the car off to him, to run a triple stint around the demand- ing circuit. During the race, the competitors would each face the infamous Eau Rouge and Raidillon corners, running up the blind, steep and fast set of corners — taken flat-out at close to 250 kilometers per hour — in dry, raining, sleeting and even snowing conditions. (Boulle himself saw the track go from wet to completely dry and back to wet again.) The team fought on, and wound up in eighth The grandest race of the sea- son for any racing team, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and its Cir- cuit de la Sarthe are always a test. Cars reach extremely high speeds, must deal with mas- sive deceleration under braking and be comfortable for drivers in first-gear corners as well as corners with minimum speeds that are as high as 155 mph. … Much like the racing, the sched- ule for Le Mans is very demand- ing: Two weeks before the race, teams arrive to set up. The fol- lowing Sunday and Monday, Le Mans week begins with the Pésage, wherein the teams’ cars are gone through by officials. Tuesday marks the beginning of test day, with roads shut down for several hours of testing, which continues into the dark- ness. Wednesday and Thurs- day are for qualifying sessions, wherein drivers race into the night. Friday is a day to recov- er and rest — but only until the afternoon, when drivers are pa- raded through 70,000 screaming place in their category. LE MANS, FRANCE — JUNE 2019


They make me feel likea classic song.


fans, over several miles of road, stopping for interviews, selfies and pictures. And then, Satur- day, the big race begins at noon. … Boulle took the start for team and ultimately advanced sever- al positions. Boulle and team- mates Irwin Creed and Roma- no Ricci switched and ran well through the evening, steadily making up more positions. They pushed into the top 10 at times, in the 25-car LMP2 field, but, in the end, finished 12th. WATKINS GLEN, NEW YORK — JUNE 2019 After Le Mans, it was back to work, this time at the Six Hours at The Glen, at the famous Wat- kins Glen International track in New York state. Boulle was back with the Porsche Patricks — Long and Lindsey — again, for Park Place Motorsports, for the third round of the IMSA Mi- chelin Endurance Cup. Watkins Glen is a technically challeng- ing and extremely fast racetrack that pushes cars and drivers to their limits, through some of the highest grip levels for GT3 cars and prototypes alike. The week- end was short-lived, though, as the team faced technical issues that led to an early retirement, after Boulle ran his first stint and Lindsey drove just a por- tion of his first run in the car.

Kirk Franklin

It’s one thing for us to tell you about our personal service and dedication to excellence. But when our clients do it, it speaks volumes.

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Happy Campers

Brian Amis, Jordan Amis Sallie Behnke and Jared Behnke


Stefanie Prentiss, Dr. Ernie Fernandez and Michael Prentiss

Nick Boulle, Dr. Ernie Fernandez, Karen Boulle and Denis Boulle

Gary Webber and Camber Record

ince its founding in 1983, deBoulle has proudly supported the Dallas and Fort Worth communities. de Boulle is a proud supporter of Camp Sweeney, a program for children with Type 1 Diabetes. “Our goal goes beyond pro- viding our customers with the finest retail experience possible. We are also committed to supporting and partici- pating in our wonderful community,” says Denis Boulle. A diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes chang-

turning point in the lives of more than 35,000 children. Camp Sweeney is regarded as one of the largest and most effective diabetes education facilities in the world and serves over 1,000 children every summer. Operating a medical childcare facility is extremely costly, about $4,500,000 per year. While some campers are able to pay tuition, Camp Sweeney provides financial aid to approximate- ly 86% of campers. No camper has ever been turned away. In 2012, the Sweethearts for Sweeney gala began as a col- laboration between the Boulles and close friend David Genev- er-Watling, who identified the need to provide scholarships for underprivileged children to attend Camp Sweeney. Today, the gala takes place just before the winter holidays under the moniker ‘Gift of Sweeney’ and raises more than $200,000 each year to fund special scholarships for children with extraordinary circumstances. Since 2012, de Boulle has helped raise more than $1,100,000 for Camp Sweeney. “Camp Sweeney provides financial assistance to any camp- ers who cannot pay, but sometimes even this is not enough for children to attend camp,” said Dr. Ernie Fernandez, Camp Sweeney’s volunteer Camp Director. “The Gift of Sweeney event at de Boulle allows us to bridge the gap for our families in greatest need.” To meet this need, donors fund camper scholarships and purchase raffle tickets for exciting items including a Men’s Rolex Watch provided by de Boulle. To learn more about Camp Sweeney or to help a child with Type 1 diabetes, visit CampSweeney.org

es the life of a child forever. Days filled with school, sports, and activities are quickly replaced by blood tests, insulin in- jections, and carbohydrate calculations. Every step required to manage diabetes is a step away from what children see as “normal.” But at Camp Sweeney, Type 1 diabetes is nor- mal. When diabetes disappears, every camper can show what makes them special, not what makes them different. Camp Sweeney makes the practice of good diabetic control normal, so every child is on a level playing field and no longer feels that diabetes makes them different. Campers are given opportunities to succeed and once they begin to achieve their goals at camp, they develop confidence in their own talents and abilities. Campers support one another over the course of a session, they build friendships that are based in service – friendships they can count on long past the end of the summer. Camp Sweeney opened in 1950, and has provided a positive



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From top to bottom: Cartier Roadster Chronograph 48x43 mm in stainless steel. $7,900 Rolex Datejust 126300 41 mm in stainless steel. $7,200 Rolex Sea-Dweller Deep Sea 126660 44 mm in stainless steel. $12,500

POSSIBLE PULL QUOTES No one could have predicted the view on race-day morning: a lay- er of snow, which covered the trees on the way to the circuit and which continued to fall. Park Place Motorsports faced off against some of the strongest lineups ever seen at the famed endurance race — superstar driv- ers such as Juan Pablo Montoya, Graham Rahal and Christian Fit- tipaldi. Nick Boulle had the task of reel- ing in time lost overnight — a mere but important 58 seconds — to the Audi R8. Despite rain and stiff competi- tion, Long, Lindsey, Campbell and Boulle made up ground and got back on to the lead lap.

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de BOULLE DIAMOND & JEWELRY DALLAS 6821 Preston Road 214-522-2400 de BOULLE DIAMOND & JEWELRY HOUSTON 4444 Westheimer Road 713-621-2400 For more information, please visit deBoulle.com Note: Product details, prices and availability are subject to change.

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