or after me and connect on a person - al level. It creates more of a balance instead of one way or the other. It really helps when dealing with con - tractors and team members.” Kim said the benefit of working together is just being together. “Many couples work opposite shifts and don’t see each other. Although we can drive each other crazy, and it’s not roses every day, for the most part we do well. When we first started [in real estate invest - ing] I was not supportive because he left a corporate job with a steady paycheck. I was freaking out. It took about eight years for me to really get on board. Now, I am grateful for the

freedom we have, and the vacations we go on. But we do take breaks from each other—every human needs their alone time and their breaks!” For Greg, the benefit of working alongside his wife is trust. “I like knowing I have at least one person I can trust to get something done! I’ve told other couples two things: 1) There can only be one person in charge when it comes to the final decision. One person has to ultimately make the decisions. If both think they are going to do it, there will be problems. 2) Separate work from home. I can go into work mode and go into home/vacation

mode and give up control.” In addition to their REI educa - tion programs, the Slaughters are working on other plans that also align with helping others. Kim is in the process of launching her non - profit called Together Saving Paws, an organization that will help no-kill shelters and rescues. “If I see a human with an animal, I see the animal first!” she said. “Together Saving Paws is a grant program to which no-kill shelters can apply. We are donating 10 per - cent of profits from Greg’s online education program to the nonprofit.” It’s not a surprise that Greg offers this advice because it’s straightfor -

20 | think realty magazine :: february 2021

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