your own content. I have also formed great partnerships with LinkedIn members simply from engaging back and forth on posts. STEP 2 CREATE The best advice I can give you is don’t overthink this and create similar content to what is already working. Take notes on the type of content you see other people in your indus- try creating and create your own version of it. If your content stinks, don’t worry! The algorithm of Linke - dIn most likely won’t even show it. I look to create 3-5 pieces of content each day. You can follow my hashtag #thinkwealthy on LinkedIn to see examples. STEP 3 FOLLOW UP Once you begin to have engagement with your posts, don’t forget the whole purpose you are here—to grow your business. Direct message those who are regularly interacting with your posts and set up a call. The goal here is to establish the relationship and find ways to do business. You are now on your way to becom - ing a LinkedIn All Star. The best time to get started is now. I recommend downloading the LinkedIn app on your phone and using downtime to follow these steps to help grow your real estate investing business. •

headshot and bio. Your headshot should be professional and up close. You want your audience to feel like you are a real person and recognize you instantly if they were to see you at a conference, for example. You’d be surprised how many times people thought I was the main speaker at a conference, simply because they recognized my face from LinkedIn and associated me with real estate investing. Your bio is the next thing people are going to read when they come to your profile. The most important element in your bio is a call to action. Make sure people know what the next step is you want them to take if they took the time to visit your profile. Buying your product or service might be too soon, but scheduling a call or downloading a free PDF to learn more about your company or service works really well.

THREE DAILYHABITS Have you ever been to a network - ing event and met the guy who just wanted to pass out his business card? Don’t be that guy. The best way to use LinkedIn is to be someone that is contributing val - ue to the community. You can do this in three simple steps. STEP 1 ENGAGE In the search bar, type in the name of your industry. In my case, I would type in “multifamily.” From there, LinkedIn will show me the recent content about multifamily real estate. My daily goal is to leave a comment on ten other posts about multifamily. Don’t overlook the importance of this activity. It is very likely that the more you engage with others, the more they will engage with you when you start creating

Ellis Hammond manages a private network of investors seeking passive investment opportunities in multifamily syndications across the United States.

Ellis is passionate about the intersection of faith and capital and hosts a weekly podcast show, Kingdom REI, in order to educate and inspire other investors and entrepreneurs to see capital as a means for greater Kingdom influence. To learn how you can invest alongside Ellis and this community, visit

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