The Pros and Cons of Tech in Real Estate


by Shawn Tiberio

mobile application that lets us use it in the field? • Updates —is there a constant barrage of updates we must install? • Price —we can’t overlook the soaring cost associated with each piece of technology we add into the process. It is easy to see why many real estate investors simply choose to ignore technology when we look at the negatives. I mean really, we are trying to find properties, make offers, get contracts in place, and enjoy the perfect job. But seriously, who has the time to sit and learn something new, deal with the different updates, and basically be strapped to our computer all day? This is the number-one reason I hear daily from real estate profes- sionals all over the country on why they never use any form of technol - ogy in their business. I get it; you want to make deals happen, not be strapped to that laptop all day. However, with this list of cons, technology brings a massive upside with it. Let’s take a look.

W ith the growing popularity of every guru out there saying, “Automate your business like a McDonalds burger line and you will succeed,” we now see more and more “automation systems” that many call software. Each one claims to do it better, faster, and with fewer headaches. But the burning ques - tion is left in the back of our minds: “Does this truly work and will this really make my business more suc - cessful?” Let’s break it all down. PROVS. CON Technology in a real estate inves - tor’s business comes with some great upside. With that said, there are some downsides to it as well. CONS OF TECHNOLOGY: • Time —how much time will you spend on the learning curve to understand how and where to use it? • Online vs. mobile —is the platform something we must sit at a computer for, or is there a

PROS OF TECHNOLOGY: • Organization —We all could use a little less clutter and confusion and a little more organization. • Streamlined communication — Who has time for the endless back and forth emails just to set up a time to talk? • Consistent marketing output —It’s no secret, marketing is the lifeline of a business and consistent marketing is the key to keeping your opportunities for the next investment coming in. • Inexpensive employee —This one always turns some heads. Technology can replace a number of tasks that many businesses hire someone to do. Simply put, technology is your new hire without all the crazy excuses why something isn’t done yet. • Better experience for your prospects —Your buyers and sellers will feel better about doing business with you simply because the process is clean, organized, and more professional.

26 | think realty magazine :: february 2021

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