Your guide to civil ceremonies in Argyll and Bute

When it comes to life’s momentous occasions, choosing where to hold the ceremony plays a significant part. That is why more and more people are choosing Argyll and Bute as the perfect location for getting married and holding special ceremonies. We hope you enjoy our Marriage Guide. Our registrars will be delighted to work with you to make your own special day the way you imagine. We look forward to welcoming you to Argyll and Bute

Your guide to civil ceremonies in Argyll and Bute

‘The ceremony was so personal and special to us, we had the most perfect day!’

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Welcome to Argyll and Bute

When it comes to life’s momentous occasions, choosing where to hold the ceremony plays a significant part. That is why more and more people are choosing Argyll and Bute as the perfect location for getting married and holding special ceremonies. Whether you dream of a winter wedding in a romantic castle, a marriage made in heaven against a backdrop of stunning mountains and coastline, or standing hand-in-hand, barefoot on a sandy beach, Argyll and Bute has it all. Our Registrars can travel to a variety of beautiful locations in the area, each offering a warm west coast welcome and stunning views.

Situated on the west coast of Scotland, Argyll and Bute is one of the most spectacular and diverse areas in the country. With around 3,000 miles of coastline, six main towns and 23 inhabited islands, the area is simply breathtaking. Argyll and Bute is divided into four distinct areas – Bute and Cowal; Helensburgh and Lomond; Mid Argyll, Kintyre and the Islands; and Oban, Lorn and the Isles. Each area has its own unique character and culture, and each one offers a wealth of beautiful locations and venues for your perfect day; whether you want something a little bit different in the great outdoors or a traditional ceremony in one of our lovely civic buildings.

This marriage guide concentrates specifically on civil ceremonies and will take you through the stunning civic buildings that we can offer for your big day, as well as an insight into some of the unique ways we can help you to make your wedding ceremony truly unique. It will also provide you with all the information you need about the legal requirements you must fulfil before you can get married in Scotland. We hope you enjoy our Marriage Guide. Our registrars will be delighted to work with you to make your own special day the way you imagine. We look forward to welcoming you to Argyll and Bute .


Civil Marriage Ceremonies

Your big day in Argyll and Bute - getting started

Are your Registrars qualified? All of our registrars are very experienced and have participated in many ceremonies over the years. All new staff are given authority by the Registrar General and full training is provided by an experienced registrar before they can conduct a ceremony on their own. Why should I have a Registrar deliver my ceremony? Standing up in front of your friends and family can be a nerve wracking experience but Argyll and Bute Registrars will be on hand to put your mind at ease and help you every step of the way. We will guide you on the day making sure you know where to go and what you need to say. Is a Registrar ceremony not short and basic? A registrar ceremony is whatever you want it to be. We want to help you to make your big day a truly memorable occasion for you and your guests. The ceremony can be as long as you wish it to be, and ideas and suggestions can be discussed with the registrar beforehand. Our motto is ‘It is your day so we do it your way’ and our focus is on making it possible for couples to have the day they are dreaming of.

After the excitement of deciding to get married, there is a lot to do and think about. Our guide will help you get started.

Why choose a Registrar from Argyll and Bute?

Ask any newly married couple and they will tell you that organising a wedding can be stressful – there is so much to plan. Here in Argyll and Bute we want the run up to your big day to be an enjoyable experience, which is why our team of professional, experienced registrars are only too happy to help guide you through all the legal requirements. Not only will we help you to ensure that everything is completed as smoothly as possible, we will create a bespoke ceremony that is truly personal and unique to you. Unlike religious and non- belief ceremonies, there will be no need to attend the office to collect your marriage schedule prior to your wedding, or return it. This is included in our service, giving you one less thing to worry about. Do Registrars have any hidden cost? There are no hidden extra charges. Our fees include the processing of all your legal paperwork, personal ceremony, registrar’s travel and a certificate.

Where will you get married? The most important decision is where you want to get married. You can have your wedding at any registration office or venue of your choice; for example, a sandy beach, a local landmark or a hotel. There may be a requirement for you to provide public liability insurance and for us to visit the place where you plan to marry but we will discuss this with you at the time of your booking.



‘From first contacting the Registry Office, to the morning of our big day, the registrar made everything so relaxing and stress free which was perfect for us.’

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What forms do you need to fill in? For both civil and religious ceremonies both parties to the marriage must complete Marriage Notice M10 form. These can be obtained from any registrar’s office in Scotland or downloaded from marriage/ or the National Records of Scotland website ( These can then be submitted to the registrar in the district where you are getting married (along with supporting documents and a fee). The earliest you can submit your notices is three months before the date of marriage and no later than 29 days, however,

it is advisable that you allow six to eight weeks. If you are not a British Citizen you may have to obtain further documentation. For couples who may be subject to immigration control they will not require entry clearance for the purpose of giving notice for marriage, however, it will be required for immigration purposes. Contact the UK Border Agency Immigration Enquiry Bureau to find out about entry requirements for the UK under immigration rules. What is a Marriage Schedule A Marriage Schedule is a legal document and it is very important as it allows the

marriage to go ahead, no marriage can take place without it. It is issued when the registrar is satisfied that there is no legal impediment to getting married. You will sign the marriage schedule at your civil marriage ceremony. What charges must be paid? A list of current statutory registration fees are available from any registrar’s office. These fees are subject to change though so it is best to check in advance. Current fees are also available on our website, www.


What happens on the day? Parking

How long does it last? We want to help make your ceremony a memorable day for you and your guests. Ceremonies can be as full or as simple as you wish and, once you and your registrar have finalised all the details, they will be able to advise you approximately how long your ceremony will last. Guests We recommend that your guests arrive 15 minutes before the ceremony is due to start. Wedding Party Traditionally the parties arrive separately but arrangements can be made to suit your requirements if you choose to arrive together or along with your guests. Depending on your venue, arrangements may be different. Please note that we cannot allocate time to be traditionally late, as we have to consider arrangements for other marriage parties.

Parking can vary depending on the location of your ceremony. We try to ensure a parking area is available for the wedding party. Flowers Floral arrangements are displayed in our ceremony rooms but if you would prefer to arrange for fresh flowers, we will be happy to discuss this with you when we finalise your ceremony. Music A selection of music is available at our offices but please feel free to discuss choosing your own special pieces of music. Our main registration offices have facilities to play music either by Bluetooth or CD player. You can also decide to have live music to complement your ceremony if you wish. COVID-19 Due to the recent pandemic please contact your local registrar for details of any restrictions that may be in place.



‘Whatever your requirements are, I would definitely recommend one of Argyll and Bute’s Registrars to marry you due to their experience and professionalism they will provide you with a ceremony personal to you and make all your dreams of marrying the person you love come true!’

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Ceremony Enhancements

Oathing Stone The Oathing Stone is an old Scottish tradition where the couple place their hands upon a stone while saying their wedding vows. Any stone can be used for this purpose. One collected by the couple from a favourite place i.e. beach, local beauty spot etc would be appropriate. The stone can then be washed, scrubbed and treated with almond oil then wiped dry in order to give it a satin sheen (if desired). You can also arrange for the stone to be engraved with a Celtic knot etching, the date of the ceremony and your initials if you wish, although it isn’t necessary.

Your ceremony will include all the legal requirements but you can add your own personal touches too. We have detailed a few examples for you to consider but we will be happy to discuss any of your own ideas. Hand-fasting Ceremony Hand-fasting is an ancient Celtic/ Medieval custom, especially common in Scotland, in which two people come together at the start of their marriage to declare of their own free will that they intend to marry. While facing each other, the couple will join hands while a cloth is tied around their hands in a knot. This is where the

term “tie the knot” came from. Couples often choose to use a cloth made of a particular clan tartan or a specific colour of cloth symbolising something important to them. Quaich Ceremony A Quaich is a Scottish traditional two handled cup. You can fill the cup with a drink of your choice, usually whisky or you can combine two drinks symbolising the two of you becoming one. This can be drunk at the end of the ceremony for the first toast together as a married couple. The Quaich can be shared by just the couple or include their bridal party and family.

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Candle Ceremony This ceremony involves the couple, using individual candles which they will in turn use to light one unity candle. Family and friends will then be invited forward to light their own candles from the unity candle flame in a symbolic act of togetherness and the merging of both families. The unity candle ceremony is often used in naming ceremonies too as a gesture of unity, symbolising that those present will always surround the child(ren) in a circle of love. A memorial candle can also be lit in memory of someone who, for whatever reason, cannot attend the ceremony.

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Sand Ceremony The sand ceremony can be a beautiful and colourful addition to add to your ceremony. This ceremony requires the couple to provide different colours of sand and a vase, jar or even a shadow box frame. Some choose to personalise their container with the date of marriage or their names. The sand is then poured into the chosen container by different people that you have picked to be a part of your ceremony, each symbolising a different aspect of you, your relationship and your families. The colours can create a unique pattern or design. It can then be kept by the couple as a keepsake of their day.

Love Story Make your ceremony personal and unique by telling your love story. Tell the story of how you met, the proposal or what your plans are for the future together. You can even ask a family member to create something for you. For more details or other ideas for your ceremony please visit our website at www.argyll-bute. ‘What a fabulous service from booking our date to the big day!’

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Frequently asked questions

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office in Scotland or downloaded from uk/marriage/ or the National Records of Scotland website at Can we have photographs taken and a film recording of our ceremony? Yes, we want you to be able to capture these special moments forever. We will advise on any restrictions if there are any. Can we throw confetti? Confetti can be used, but only outside the building. Please remind your guests to dispose of empty boxes carefully. What other ceremonies do you offer? Our Registrars can also do Civil Partnerships; Renewal of Vows and Naming Ceremonies.

How many guests are able to attend the ceremony? Every ceremony room varies in size, they can hold between four and 80 guests but we would be happy to advise you on the accommodation available. Can you provide witnesses? Both witnesses need to be over the age of 16. For the couples who want to steal themselves away for an elopement wedding, we may be able to provide you with witnesses if your ceremony is due to take place Monday to Friday. This will of course be discussed before your special day. What time/days of the week do you conduct ceremonies? Ceremonies are carried out Monday to Saturday during times set by the local registrar. If you have special requirements, please discuss these with us and we will look at the options available.

Do we have to have wedding rings?

No, you do not need to have rings. Be assured that this does not affect the validity of your marriage at all. You may wish to exchange gifts as another idea. If we are getting married outside, what happens if it’s raining on the day? When you are booking your ceremony, you must have a wet weather alternative in case of poor conditions. Are there any residential qualifications to be married in Scotland and what documents do we need when we are submitting notice forms? No, there are no residential qualifications for getting married in Scotland. There are legal requirements that we will explain to you beforehand. You can also find these on form RM1 which is available from any registrar’s



Other special ceremonies

Renewal of Vows If you are already married but would like to renew your marriage vows, our Registrars offer a renewal of vows ceremony – a unique and personal way to celebrate your original wedding vows. Although these ceremonies are often associated with a special anniversary, they can be performed at any time in your marriage. They have no legal implication but are a public statement of your continued commitment to each other and to relive the happy occasion all over again. There are many personal reasons on why to renew your vows. A special milestone like an anniversary perhaps or you may now have children and wish to include them in a second ceremony. The ceremony can be held within any Argyll and Bute registration office or at a venue of your choice. There may be a requirement for you to provide public liability insurance and for us to visit where

the child. There is a special option for grandparents to take part as well, if you choose. The ceremony is put together by you. As you go through the choices and select how you want your ceremony, you will be creating a unique event that you and all your guests will remember. You may wish to include poems, readings or music within the ceremony - the choice is up to you. Children of any age can have a naming ceremony – they are not just for babies. Any parent or anyone else who has legal guardianship of the child can arrange a naming ceremony. Our website is full of inspiration for your ceremony. The ceremony can be held within any Argyll and Bute registration office or at a venue of your choice. There may be a requirement for you to provide public liability insurance and for us to visit the place where you plan to hold the ceremony but we will discuss this with you at the time of your booking.

you plan to hold the ceremony but we will discuss this with you at the time of your booking. The renewal of marriage vows ceremony can be personalised to your own requirements and may contain readings, rededication of rings or you could also acknowledge your children. Our website is full of inspiration for your ceremony. Naming Ceremony A naming ceremony is a way for parents to celebrate and welcome a child or children into the family, usually inviting friends and family to share in the occasion. The ceremony is an opportunity to announce the name which you have chosen for the child but there is much more to the occasion than that. During the ceremony you, as parents, state your love and commitment to your child and declare hopes for their future. Adult friends or relatives, chosen by you, take part in the ceremony as ‘Supporting Adults’ who will pledge a special relationship with


Bute and Cowal Cowal lies at the gateway to the Highlands and also provides the Dunoon town centre or Hunters Quay, just a few minutes outside the town.

has a magnificent view point overlooking the Kyles of Bute) Portavadie, Kilfinan and surrounding villages.

marine gateway to Scotland’s first national park - the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. If you are travelling by road from Glasgow on the M8 you should head to Gourock, where there are two ferry services across the Clyde to Dunoon – one carries vehicles and passengers (Western Ferries) and the other is passenger only (Calmac Ferries). This trip gives you a wonderful introduction to the Cowal peninsula, including a different perspective on the town of Dunoon as you arrive by sea. The mountains surrounding the sea lochs provide a spectacular backdrop as the ferry docks at either

Alternatively, you can travel by road using the A82 then onto the A83, which takes you along the ‘bonnie banks of Loch Lomond’ to join the A815 itself well worth travelling with its magnificent scenery and views of beautiful Loch Eck. Five miles north of Dunoon is the Younger Botanic Garden at Benmore, best known for its avenue of giant redwood trees which were planted in 1863 and are now among the highest in Britain. Cowal covers the areas of Toward, Hunters Quay, Strone, Ardentinny, Loch Eck, Strachur, Lochgoilhead, Tighnabruaich (the road to Tighnabruaich

‘The ceremony itself was just perfect and so meaningful.’

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Dunoon Dunoon is the second largest town in Argyll and Bute and came to prominence in the 19 th century when paddle steamers offered easy access to visitors from Glasgow. The world’s last ocean-going paddle steamer, the PS Waverley, still operates during the summer season. The journey down the M8 from Glasgow takes as little as an hour and a half, including a ferry crossing. For those who prefer to travel by road via Loch Lomond, this can be done in less than two hours. The town is also home to the Cowal Highland Gathering, a world-renowned Highland games which also includes the Scottish and World Highland Dancing Championships, held annually in August, the event attracts around 23,000 visitors and competitors from all over the world. The Victorian-era wooden Dunoon Pier which was built in 1867 has undergone extensive repair and refurbishment and is now being used for many different events. Several other buildings within the central area of Dunoon have been refurbished in the last year and have brought many people to the town for various events. In 2018 Dunoon hosted The World Championship Water Skiing competitions and also the Royal National Mod.

The marriage ceremony rooms in Dunoon are based on the ground floor of Castle House, an imposing building in its own grounds and enjoying panoramic views over the Firth of Clyde. Built in the 1820s as a holiday home for Lord Provost Ewing of Glasgow, it was originally more modestly named Marine Villa before it was renamed Castle House reflecting its splendour. bequeathed by a local councillor, and is now home to Castle House Museum, a rich store of Victorian memorabilia on the top floor of the building. The Castle House grounds are In later years it housed the Tulloch Library, a collection also home to a statue of Highland Mary, looking towards Ayrshire where her true love Robert Burns lived. The beautiful grounds are an ideal location for outdoor civil ceremonies and there are numerous spots particularly well suited for you to take spectacular photographs. One particular spot is at the top of Castle Hill where you will discover a stunning view over the river Clyde. Dunoon’s ceremony rooms include private waiting facilities for the wedding party and are furnished in keeping with the character of the building. The larger of the two ceremony rooms can accommodate a wedding party of four and up to 56 guests, while the smaller

room accommodates the wedding party of four with a maximum of 10 guests. Castle House has a disabled access and a small number of parking bays available, however, public parking is within easy walking distance. Bute At the heart of the Firth of the Clyde lies the beautiful Island of Bute, which has long welcomed visitors to its shores. The island’s ceremony rooms can be found in Eaglesham House, which is situated in Mount Pleasant Road overlooking Rothesay Bay. The building is set on a hillside and stands alone in well- maintained grounds. These are also available for outside ceremonies and are planted with mature trees. The grounds also provide a striking background for photographs. Eaglesham House has two ceremony rooms. The larger can accommodate a maximum of 68 guests, while the smaller can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests. There is ample car parking space within the grounds, and a disabled access and toilets are also available.



‘It was everything we were looking for for our intimate wedding’

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Helensburgh and Lomond

Helensburgh Helensburgh and Lomond Civic Centre, formerly East Clyde Street School, was designed by architect Alexander Nisbet Paterson and constructed in 1903. The architectural quality and style of the school building reflects the prosperity of late Victorian Helensburgh. A recently completed transformation of this building saw a new, large modern extension added - providing Helensburgh and Lomond with stunning new council offices, combining old with new whilst retaining many original features which have been tastefully restored. The ceremony suite is located in the heart of the Civic Centre and contains everything you could wish for on your day. Able to hold 80 guests, it has permanent ceiling fairy lights, a separate entrance for the bridal party, a dressing room for the bride and there is ample free parking for guests. After the ceremony, the landscaped areas at the rear

Founded by Sir James Colquhoun and named after his wife, Lady Helen, Helensburgh is Argyll and Bute’s largest town. Situated on the north shore of the River Clyde opposite Greenock, Helensburgh provides beautiful views of the estuary and beyond. Many renowned architects, including Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson and Robert Wemyss, built magnificent houses in the area for wealthy Glasgow businessmen attracted to the area’s scenic ambience. Among the famous people associated with or born in Helensburgh are Henry Bell, Andrew Bonar Law, John Logie Baird, Deborah Kerr and Jack Buchanan. Helensburgh caters very well for its residents and visitors, with a large variety of shops, restaurants, coffee shops, a swimming pool, bowling greens, tennis courts and golf course. There are a number of centrally located hotels and guest houses.

of the building overlooking the River Clyde provide a beautiful backdrop for photographs. The two original wrought iron Boys and Girls entrance arches have been erected within this area and have provided many couples with fun and quirky photograph opportunities. How to find the ceremony rooms: entering Helensburgh from the top of Sinclair Street (A818) turn left at the third set of traffic lights – the venue is on the right hand side at the first set of traffic lights on East Clyde Street, which will take you into the car park. Alternatively, coming from the (A814) coast road, you will be on East Clyde Street, turn left at the first set of traffic lights and you’ll come straight into the car park. The town is served by regular trains to and from Glasgow, as well as rail links to Oban, Fort William and beyond.


Mid Argyll, Kintyre and the Islands

distance of the waterfront and car parking. The ceremony room can accommodate up to 30 people and is located on the ground floor with wheelchair access and toilets. Parking is available at the ceremony rooms and within easy walking distance. On weekdays, however, only two spaces can be reserved. Campbeltown The Royal Burgh of Campbeltown minute flights from Glasgow to Machrihanish); by sea (seasonal ferry during May to September); or road (the scenic A83 via Loch Lomond). You can also take the stress out of driving and make the most of the views by using the five times per day Glasgow to Campbeltown bus service. The local harbour has pontoons for mooring and facilities nearby for yachtsmen. Kintyre has always been popular with tourists for its many is situated on the beautiful peninsula of Kintyre. Easily reached by air (direct 40 beaches, variety of golf courses, local whisky and, of course, it’s stunning beauty which inspired Sir Paul McCartney’s ‘Mull of Kintyre’.

A drive down the coast quickly shows just what inspired him, with long sandy beaches, small intimate coves and the famous ‘mist rolling in from the sea’. These beautiful beaches make a stunning setting for outdoor ceremonies. Campbeltown ceremony rooms are located in the magnificent A-listed sandstone building, designed by Sir JJ Burnet. Situated in the town centre, the Burnet Building also houses a local museum and has beautiful views over the loch. There are two ceremony rooms available, both with many original features and displaying paintings by artists William McTaggart and Archibald MacKinnon. The large ceremony suite accommodates up to 70 people and is beautifully decorated in rustic shades, with a grand fireplace and fabulous wooden beams, overlooking the Lady McCartney memorial garden, which can also be used for your ceremony. The smaller ceremony room, in creamwith dark wood paneling, enjoys views over the loch to Davaar Island and holds smaller, intimate parties of up to ten people. There is ample parking close to the office but we would recommend guests use Hall Street, which is a short walk away. There is a disabled access to the rear of the building and a portable loop system for those who are hard of hearing.

A scenic hour and a half drive from Glasgow past the shores of Loch Lomond and over the magnificent Rest and Be Thankful, down the western side of beautiful Loch Fyne, brings you to the gateway of this stunning and historic area of Argyll. The area has many beautiful islands and sandy beaches. Kintyre is also known as the mainland island as it is only connected at Tarbert by a narrow area of land. The food is world renowned, especially the locally caught seafood, and the whisky trade has always been a large visitor attraction. More recently, however, the area’s gin distilleries are becoming just as popular. Lochgilphead Twenty-four miles south of Inveraray on the A83 is the town of Lochgilphead, home to Argyll and Bute Council headquarters at Kilmory Castle. The castle gardens are home to many rare rhododendrons and unusual trees and plants, and offer a stunning backdrop for photographs, as does the nearby Crinan Canal and front green. The registrar’s office and ceremony rooms are at the top of Argyll Street within easy walking

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Islay Islay (pronounced eye-la) lies on the West Coast of Scotland within the group of islands known as the Inner Hebrides. At 25 miles long and 15 miles wide Islay has approximately 3000 inhabitants and is known as ‘The Queen of the Hebrides’ It was once the seat of the Lord of the Isles and the ruins of their council buildings can still be seen today on an island in the middle of Loch Finlaggan. More famous now for its whisky distilling, there are currently 9 distilleries on the island. It is also home to two famous Gin Distilleries. A regular ferry service operates from Kennacraig which is about 110 miles from Glasgow by car. There are also short daily flights from Glasgow and Edinburgh and a twice-weekly flight from Oban. The ceremony room located in Bowmore, the island’s largest town, is tastefully decorated and can accommodate up to 10 guests. There is a disabled access and free on-street parking nearby. For larger wedding parties there are various venues on the island which are able to accommodate you, including many of Islay’s beaches.

Jura Jura is situated in the Southern Inner Hebrides, just off the west coast of Scotland. You can travel via Islay by taking the car ferry from Kennacraig or by flying from Glasgow Airport to Islay. You can also travel with Jura Passenger Ferry direct to Jura from Tayvallich in the summer season. Jura’s name comes from the Norse language meaning Deer Island. The island offers isolation, tranquil and peace for those who are looking to get away from it all. Jura is much more sparsely populated than neighbouring Islay, and is one of the least densely populated islands of Scotland. In a list of the Scottish Islands ranked by size, Jura comes eighth where as ranked by population it comes thirty-first. The local registrar is based in the Jura Service Point in Craighouse the main village on the Island. Colonsay You can travel to the Isle of Colonsay by ferry fromOban or by plane from Connel or Islay. There are many interesting walks and stunning sandy beaches on the island. Civil marriages can be

conducted in various locations including the community hall which can accommodate intimate parties of four or larger celebrations for up to a maximum of 100 people. Many couples choose to marry on the beach during the summer months. The local registrar is located at the council service point at Scalasaig, the main village on the island. Gigha The beautiful Isle of Gigha is breathtaking and the most southerly of the Hebridean Islands. The island is seven miles long and only a half a mile wide and can be reached via a short 20-minute crossing from Tayinloan on the A83. Gigha, known as God’s island, has been owned by its islanders since 2002. With its silver beaches, secluded bays and clear green seas, it will make you feel like you are at the other side of the world. With the variety of beaches, the locally owned hotel and amazing gardens you will have plenty of choice of where to hold your ceremony. For enquiries for Gigha contact the registrar in the Campbeltown office.

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Oban, Lorn and the Isles

Oban Oban is a vibrant town on the west coast of Scotland. With a population of around 9,000 this grows to host up to 25,000 visitors in the summer months. Oban, meaning little bay in Gaelic, has a busy port which carries passengers to the Inner and Outer Hebrides and its piers are home to many fishing boats which supply much of Scotland and Europe with their fresh catch, as well as the highly accredited local seafood restaurants. Oban Registration Office is situated in the town centre and has its own marriage room which can hold up to 25 guests. The room has neutral decor to which a couple can add their own touches if they wish. The building has wheelchair access, toilets and there is a car park to the rear. The area is rich in history with numerous historic sites to visit. These can provide dramatic back drops to your wedding photos or marriage ceremony, some of which allow couples to hold their wedding ceremony inside or in the grounds of the castle or monument. Oban has many activities for families and those interested in outdoor pursuits. Set on the coast there are various beaches. Popular for sailing, Oban has recently opened its own marina. The town also has its own whisky distillery.

Mull The Isle of Mull is a popular wedding destination on the west coast of Scotland due to the superb scenery, warm and welcoming island hospitality and not least because of its accessibility from the mainland and regular ferry service. An abundance of wildlife including otters, golden and white tailed eagles, minke whales and basking sharks, to name but a few, can be found on the island and around the coast Mull is the second largest island of the Inner Hebrides. Tobermory, (Gaelic Tobar Mhoire, meaning ‘Mary’s Well’), is the capital of the island with its famous brightly coloured houses along the Main Street and legend has it that the wreck of a Spanish galleon, laden with gold, lies somewhere in the mud at the bottom of Tobermory Bay. Our registrars are based in the old Court House and Prison, built in 1862, on Breadalbane Street, Tobermory. Couples can be married in the ceremony room here, which is in the Old Court Room and it still has lots of original features. The room can comfortably accommodate up to 44 people and has stunning panoramic views over Tobermory Bay and the Sound of Mull, with the hills of Morvern and Ardnamurchan in the background. As well as toilet facilities, an extra room is available for bridal

parties, for use prior to the ceremony. If the weather is fine, your ceremony can be held in the Registration Office grounds. Ample car parking is available within the grounds. The ceremony room is upstairs in an old building but please be aware that there are no lift access. For small ceremonies a room can be made available on the ground floor. Of course, there are plenty of other scenic locations to hold your ceremony on Mull – from hotels, castles, beaches, lochs and waterfalls. Previous ceremonies have included our registrars climbing Beinn Mhòr to conduct a ceremony and venturing out of Tobermory Bay on a boat for a ceremony on water. Our staff will be happy to provide information about different locations available for your ceremony to help make your day a very special occasion.



Tiree Tiree is the most westerly island of the Inner Hebrides. The island has no woodland and only three hills on an otherwise flat landscape. The only distractions you are likely to hear are the waves lapping on golden sandy beaches and birdcalls. The island is one of the sunniest places in Britain, and with the moderating influence of the warm Gulf Stream, winter temperatures are generally higher than on the mainland, while summer evenings are warm and balmy. For stargazers, Tiree is the perfect location due to the island having no street lights and a small population - ideal conditions for viewing the night sky. With its golden beaches, lustrous sea and picturesque scenery enhanced by an abundance of wildlife and flowers, the island

is an ideal setting for your civil ceremony. Tiree is renowned for its world-famous surf and enjoys more sunshine than practically anywhere else in the UK, earning the island its nickname the Hawaii of the North. Although the charms of Tiree have remained a well-kept secret, it is easy to access. A regular ferry service operates from Oban to Tiree during the summer months with a more limited service operating in winter. The daily crossing from Oban takes four hours. There is also a daily flight to Glasgow with a journey time of approximately one hour and a twice-weekly service from Connel. Whatever your requirements local staff will endeavour to provide you with a bespoke ceremony.

‘one of the easiest parts of getting married was working with the council and our registrar.’


Iona Iona is a tiny island off the southwest coast of Mull and is part of the Inner Hebrides. Run by the National Trust for Scotland, it has many historical features alongside glorious white beaches and clear crystal waters. You can travel to the island by getting the ferry from Oban to Mull, and then travelling to Fionnphort for the Iona service. Visitors to the island return many times due to the relaxed atmosphere and pace of life. With its unchallenged peace and remarkable beauty, Iona is the perfect choice for your special day.

Coll The Isle of Coll is a small

of Breachacha runs inland along an attractive deeply-bayed coastline. Whether you sail or fly to Coll, it’s a stunning journey. If you travel by ferry, keep your eyes peeled for a host of wildlife, including dolphins, whales and basking sharks. And if you’d like a guided tour of the island, there are lots of options. Take a boat trip, go on a guided kayak adventure or join a land-based tour. The RSPB also offers guided walks for a short period in June. Both Iona and Coll are operated by Home Based Registrars. For enquiries for either Iona or Coll contact Oban registration office.

Hebridean island some four miles west of Mull. It is approximately 13 miles long and three miles at it’s widest, and has a population of around 150 all-year residents, with more in the summer. The island is a holiday destination for many seeking peace and quiet, and those who enjoy nature and the natural beauty of the Hebrides. Arinagour, Coll’s main village, lies on the west side of loch Eatharna. Around half of the island’s population live there and the village pier is the landing point for Caledonian MacBrayne’s ferry crossings to Oban and Tiree. The road to the township

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If you are thinking about getting married in Argyll and Bute, whether you are having a civil or a religious ceremony, contact the registrar for your area by calling 01546 605521 and selecting the area you require. You can also email the team on Or visit our website Bute and Cowal Dunoon – Samantha Gillies, Customer Service Point, Ellis Lodge, 5 Argyll Road, Dunoon PA23 8ES Bute – Sandra Cobain, Eaglesham House, Mount Pleasant Road, Rothesay PA20 9HQ Helensburgh and Lomond Helensburgh - Elaine Crichton, Helensburgh and Lomond Civic Centre, 38 East Clyde Street, Helensburgh G84 7PG Mid Argyll, Kintyre and the Islands Campbeltown – Julie McLellan, Burnet Building, St John Street, Campbeltown PA28 6BJ

Islay – Gemma Cameron, Customer Service Point, Jamieson Street, Bowmore PA43 7HP Lochgilphead – Lorna Wilson, Customer Service Point, Manse Brae, Lochgilphead PA31 8RD Jura – Contact Islay office, Jura Service Point Jura PA60 7XG Colonsay/Oronsay – Contact Islay office Customer Service Point, Scalasaig, Isle of Colonsay PA61 7YW Oban, Lorn and the Isles Oban – Fiona Dickie, Municipal Buildings, Albany Street, Oban PA34 4AW Tiree – Rona Campbell, The Business Centre, Crossapol, Tiree PA77 6UP Mull – Andrew Penny, County Buildings, Breadalbane Street,

Tobermory, Mull PA75 6PX Coll – Contact Oban office Iona – Contact Oban office


Islay House There is a long tradition of Weddings being held at Islay House. Built in 1677 for the Campbells of Caldor, and a later residence for Lord Margadale and his family, this beautiful historic building is one if Islays hidden treasures. Now, a boutique 11 bedroom hotel, Islay House offers a bespoke wedding service with excellent in house catering to create the most glorious day you could wish for. From an intimate dining experience in the Queens Drawing Room with stunning views across Loch Indaal to a grander affair and Marquees on the lawn, they can help make your special day an unforgettable one for you and your guests.

Bridgend, Isle of Islay PA44 7PA Tel: 01496 810287 Email: Web: Number of Guests up to 150 Accommodation YES

Campbeltown Town Hall Campbeltown Town Hall is a magnificent award-winning venue for civil marriage ceremonies and wedding receptions located on the beautiful Kintyre peninsula. Combining over 250 years of built heritage and stunning architecture with 21 st Century facilities, Campbeltown Town Hall will provide an inspirational and romantic backdrop for your special day. Whether you are looking to host an intimate ceremony or an evening reception for up to 200* guests, they can offer a range of packages to meet your every need. Alternatively, they would be delighted to tailor their services to help make your dream wedding come true. Just give the team a call and they will go out of their way to help Campbeltown Town Hall – At the heart of Campbeltown since 1760.

54 Main Street, Campbeltown PA28 6AB Tel: 01586 552870 Email: Web: Number of Guests up to 200* (150 comfortably) Accommodation NO


Officers Mess Function Suite Located near Campbeltown on the former Machrihanish Airbase The Officers Mess is a modern flexible venue available for exclusive use for functions, celebrations and events. Licensed for Civil Marriage ceremonies and suitable for large or small celebrations, it has 3 spacious event spaces for dining or dancing, 2 modern bars and a patio area for outdoor seating.

79 MACC Business Park, Machrihanish, Campbeltown, Argyll PA28 6NU Tel: 01586 551555 Email: Web:

The Cruin A unique venue that sits on the waterside with panoramic views of Loch Lomond, The Cruin is a wonderful choice for couples who want to have an authentic Scottish wedding. You can say your vows in the beautiful Cruin Suite, which has amazing views and a log burner which makes the space feel extra intimate and cosy, or outside amongst the breathtaking Scottish scenery. The McIntyre Suite is perfect for an evening reception, and can easily be decorated in any theme or style you wish.

Loch Lomond Castle Estates, Arden, Loch Lomond G83 8RB Tel: 01389 850263 Email: Web: Facebook/Instagram: #thecruin Number of Guests up to 120/200 Accommodation Yes

Crinan Hotel

used in conjunctionwith theGallery Bar on the same floor which looks out over the Crinan Canal Basin. For larger gatherings, their Westward Restaurant on the ground floor also offers fine sea views towards the islands. If the weather is favourable you might wish to use the Hotel’s ‘Secret’ Garden. The Crinan Hotel, with its tranquil setting, inspiring vistas, stunning food, lovely bedrooms and the friendliest small hotel team in Scotland, makes an ideal venue for weddings.

Whether you are planning a small intimate occasion, a larger family celebration or are really pushing the boat out, the Crinan Hotel will provide a memorable setting on the West Coast of Scotland. There is a lovely little church just a fewminutes’ drive from Crinan or you can host the ceremony in one of the public rooms in the hotel. Lock 16 on the Top Floor has an outstanding outlook towards the Gulf of Corryvreckan for smaller gatherings and can be

Crinan, Crinan by Lochgilphead, Argyll PA31 8SR Tel: 01546 830261 Email: Web: Number of Guests up to 65 Accommodation YES

The Lodge on Loch Lomond Hotel

The Lodge on Loch Lomond Hotel is a unique waterfront Wedding destination and provides the perfect backdrop for a magical outdoor ceremony overlooking Luss Beach, blend your decor ideas with the setting and create a wonderfully romantic occasion. Accommodating up to 200 guests and offering a selection of Wedding Packages, the expert Wedding Team can guide you through the process of creating your dream wedding day.

The Lodge on Loch Lomond Hotel, Luss, Argyll G83 8PA Tel: 01436 860201 Email: Web: Number of Guests up to 200 Accommodation YES


Islay, Queen of the Hebrides With a backdrop of stunning views, overlooking Loch Indaal, it is the perfect venue to celebrate your day, your way. At Ionad Chaluim Chille Ìle they can cater for all your requirements, from an old fashioned Scottish wedding to a more intimate ceremony and everything in between. To have unique and long lasting memories of your special day, get in touch to start your new adventure. Ionad Chaluim Chille Ìle, Gartnatra, Bowmore, Islay PA43 7LN Tel: 01496 810818 Email: Web: Number of Guests up to 250 Accommodation NO

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Ardkinglas Estate The secluded and tranquil setting of Ardkinglas, approached through ancient woodland and with sweeping terraced lawns opening out onto the shores of Loch Fyne, is a hidden gem, surprisingly only an hour from Glasgow airport. The garden is the perfect setting for your marquee, tipi or whatever you decide to have for your special day. They can accommodate any numbers from 2 to 200 guests. This enchanted venue can be exclusively yours for the day, to enjoy without interruptions from the outside world. They are more than happy to arrange a viewing, at your convenience.

Ardkinglas Estate, Cairndow, Argyll PA26 8BG Tel: 01499 600261 Email: Web:

SGE Argyll Hotel This landmark hotel in Dunoon combines tradition and a couples personal style and vision for their special day. With stunning views to complement the unique town of Dunoon, The Argyll Hotel can cater for up to 70 day time guests with additional guests in the evening. They can also offer smaller rooms for more intimate ceremonies/receptions.

SGE Argyll Hotel, 54-58 Argyll Street, Dunoon PA23 7NE Tel: 01369 702059 Email: Web: Number of Guests up to 60 Accommodation YES

SGE Esplanade Hotel Situated on the traffic free promenade overlooking the River Clyde, the Esplanade Hotel has the perfect backdrop for your special day. No matter the size of your wedding party, the hotel has 3 function suites available. So whether you are looking for an intimate gathering or a big celebration, you will be sure to have the day of your dreams in this coastal resort.

SGE Esplanade Hotel, Westbay Promenade, Dunoon PA23 7HU Tel: 01369 704070 Email: Web: Number of Guests up to 70 Accommodation YES


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The Machrie Hotel & Golf Links Set on the dunes of Islay, Queen of the Hebrides, The Machrie is one of the most beautiful locations in Scotland. With access to 7 miles of sandy beach, one of Islay’s whisky distilleries or even getting married on the golf course, they can offer a special place to share your vows. They can create a bespoke package with a focus on ensuring your day is as unique and special as you are. The Machrie boasts 47 stylish rooms, suites and lodges. Their event space offers the perfect venue for between 2-150 guests.

The Machrie Hotel & Golf Links, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay PA42 7AN Tel: 01496 302310 Email: Web: Number of Guests up to 150 Accommodation YES

Portsonachan Hotel Portsonachan Hotel is an amazing 19 th century hotel situated on the South side shores of Loch Awe and offers a range of wedding services so you can create the perfect day. The Portsonachan Hotel was built circa 1840 and is arguably the most picturesque destination in Argyllshire, West of Scotland. Located on the shores of the magnificent Loch Awe, it provides a stunning backdrop for your special day with breathtaking photo opportunities.

Portsonachan, South Loch Awe Side, Dalmally PA33 1BJ Tel: 01866 833224 Email: Web: Number of Guests up to 80 Accommodation YES

Ardanaiseig Hotel Ardanaiseig is a stunning Hotel steeped in history making it a perfect choice for your day. All their packages are bespoke and individually tailor made to suit each and every bridal couple. And you don’t have wait till the summer, Ardanaiseig transforms into a Winter Wonderland in the colder months making a spectacular backdrop when adorned with snow. Guests are kept warm and toasty with the fireplaces ablaze as well as whisky tasting and sampling of the local distilleries in true Scottish hospitality and style.

Kilchrenan by Taynuilt, Argyll PA35 1HE Tel: 01866 833333 Email: Web: Number of Guests up to 30 - 150 Accommodation YES

Manor House Hotel The Manor House Hotel and Restaurant in Oban, Scotland, provides a gorgeous secluded backdrop for your special day. The Georgian Villa on Oban Harbour built for the Duke of Argyll in 1780 is perfect for those all important photos. Offering amazing food using the best of local seafood, meats and produce you and your party can be assured an excellent meal of the finest quality. There are 11 individually decorated rooms so your guests can really relax and enjoy the day with you. Gallanach Road, Oban, Argyll PA34 4LS Tel: 01631 566429 Email: Web: Number of Guests up to 30 Accommodation YES


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