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NOTES FROM ANDREW I hope you have been reading my past newsletters – I’ve talked about my knees, being tired, self-limiting beliefs and more. The need for goals, were returning. They were not getting the pain down their legs any longer but low back pain had returned. I was surprised as the last time we had communicated they had returned to golfing and all desired exercise with no symptoms. Even full-time work, travel and heavier lifting were being tolerated well. So, I asked what all therapists would ask – “are you still doing your exercise?”

consistency and difficulty taking my own advice have also been discussed. In this last month – I hadmy 3rd knee meniscectomy, took some time off and have resumed consistent exercise- including sand volleyball! I’ve scheduledmy personal physical and all the fun stuff associated with turning 50 as well (I won’t include the details from that). I’ve spent much more time with my family, bothmy immediate family and extended family for our summer “vacation”. It is awesome to slow down a bit, catch up with family and do some counting of the many blessings we have. Doing all of this personal health, rest and relaxation has been good. It is not my normal reality. With the forced time down with the knee procedure and long term scheduled family events all occurring at the same time it feels like one of the longest breaks I’ve ever had. As I have returned, I have been thinking about my patients, particularly those who have come back with the same issue “rebounding” again. It is interesting to hear someone (myself in particular) talk about how they did their exercises until they felt better- then slacked off. When we stop doing a successful exercise program, we tend to do okay at first and all of a sudden – symptoms return in full force. One of my most interesting comments froma client recently was their plan to have spinal surgery as their symptoms

Now I think I ama fair teacher. But I did not get through to this individual until I asked how his blood pressure was doing. He said great. I asked if he was still taking his blood pressure medication and he responded “of course – otherwisemy blood pressure problems would come back”. I said sounds like your back exercise and smiled. I think something clicked with him. We frequently talk with our clients about getting not only the right exercise but the right amount of that exercise as our best way to help speed recovery- getting you back to the things that you want to- naturally. Hopefully reducing, or even eliminating, the need for medications, injections and sometimes the need for surgery. I’m not aware of any pill that anyone can take that will increase strength, improve flexibility or increase endurance. But I do believe that properly prescribed and performed exercise has this amazing potential. I have asked clients to think about exercise like a prescription drug. That once you find the right dose, you need to keep performing it long term. Keeping up with an exercise program is hard- but is often the most effective thing you can do. Is there some ache or pain keeping you fromdoing what you need or want to do? If so, let us know if we can help find the right dose of the right exercise to get you back to your best!


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