Folleto Mining and Raw Materials MBA (Sevilla)

Presentation To ensure a sustainable standard of living, today’s modern society is totally dependent on Raw Materials. The ambitious goals for a green transition cannot be realized unless there is a sustainable and secure supply of Raw Materials together with the human capital needed to reach the desired end-use products. There is no doubt that the resulting unprecedented demand for Raw Materials must be met to a large extent through the extraction and beneficiation of mineral Raw Materials. With the correct appropriate management, mining and mineral processing can bring sustainable positive benefits to the host regions without jeopardizing the environment or the local communities. Based on today’s advances in technology and changes in management techniques, mining-generated wealth can improve the quality of life, bringing opportunities for sustainable economic growth, employment, and diversification. Companies dedicated to the mining of all kinds of rocks, industrial minerals and metals as well as their respective downstream treatment plants, while maintaining their respective viability, are making huge efforts to minimize the footprint of their activities throughout the mining cycle, including the reduction in the environmental impact, strict ESG adherence, true decarbonization, energy efficiency, etc. As a result, as the global demand for Raw Materials increases so will the demand for qualified professionals with a sound understanding of how to secure a sustainable long-term supply within the Raw Materials sector. The Mining & Raw Materials MBA offers students an opportunity to embrace the operational, business, and commercial principles and best practices related to the sustainable extraction, processing, and end-use application of Raw Materials.

START DATE October 2024

DURATION 12 months

HYBRID METHODOLOGY Face to face (Seville) Virtual (participants outside Seville) DEDICATION Thursday and Friday 17:00h to 19:00h and 19:15h to 21:15h


Top University graduates (preferably engineering degree), who want to develop executive skills and obtain knowledge that will allow them to successfully pursue their professional careers in the most demanding companies. Fluency in English Language is essential.

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