Folleto Mining and Raw Materials MBA (Sevilla)

Mining and Raw Materials MBA

At EOI we are committed to conscious leadership: sustainable, digital, diverse, entrepreneurial and transformative. Because in EOI we train in knowledge, but also in values: we pursue the common good, progress and balance between economic and human. We go beyond training. EOI is the impact that our students will have on the planet. They are the ones who will build the future.

Presentation To ensure a sustainable standard of living, today’s modern society is totally dependent on Raw Materials. The ambitious goals for a green transition cannot be realized unless there is a sustainable and secure supply of Raw Materials together with the human capital needed to reach the desired end-use products. There is no doubt that the resulting unprecedented demand for Raw Materials must be met to a large extent through the extraction and beneficiation of mineral Raw Materials. With the correct appropriate management, mining and mineral processing can bring sustainable positive benefits to the host regions without jeopardizing the environment or the local communities. Based on today’s advances in technology and changes in management techniques, mining-generated wealth can improve the quality of life, bringing opportunities for sustainable economic growth, employment, and diversification. Companies dedicated to the mining of all kinds of rocks, industrial minerals and metals as well as their respective downstream treatment plants, while maintaining their respective viability, are making huge efforts to minimize the footprint of their activities throughout the mining cycle, including the reduction in the environmental impact, strict ESG adherence, true decarbonization, energy efficiency, etc. As a result, as the global demand for Raw Materials increases so will the demand for qualified professionals with a sound understanding of how to secure a sustainable long-term supply within the Raw Materials sector. The Mining & Raw Materials MBA offers students an opportunity to embrace the operational, business, and commercial principles and best practices related to the sustainable extraction, processing, and end-use application of Raw Materials.

START DATE October 2024

DURATION 12 months

HYBRID METHODOLOGY Face to face (Seville) Virtual (participants outside Seville) DEDICATION Thursday and Friday 17:00h to 19:00h and 19:15h to 21:15h


Top University graduates (preferably engineering degree), who want to develop executive skills and obtain knowledge that will allow them to successfully pursue their professional careers in the most demanding companies. Fluency in English Language is essential.

Mining and Raw Materials MBA



• Time Value of money • Financial Statements Forecasts • The Company Valuation • Leasing • Decision Making • Risk Analysis • Advanced Finantial Tools

MBA.06-HUMAN RESOURCES & MANAGEMENT SKILLS • HHRR Management and Administration • Team Work

This is an in-depth training programme in which theory and practice are combined and delivered by business professionals, who introduce a realistic view of management. The program is divided into three blocks: Business Management MBA.01-BUSINESS ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT • World Economic Situation • Concepts of Macroeconomics MBA.02-BUSINESS STRATEGY & ORGANISATION • Business Strategy: Introduction • Strategic Analysis • Techniques and Tools for Strategy Decision Making

• Effective Presentations • Professional Negotiation • Leadership

MBA.04-COMMERCIAL & MARKETING MANAGEMENT • Introduction to Marketing • Market Analysis • Value Proposition Product and Pricing Strategy • Distribution • Branding and Communication • Customer Experience • e-commerce • Digital Marketing • Commercial Management • International Marketing • Channel Strategy

MBA.08-BUSINESS DESIGN & LEAN STARTUP • Business Models Design and Lean Startup • Mining & Raw Materials MBA Project MBA.07-OPERATIONS • Operations Overview • Operations Key Functions • Industrial Organizations Control • Lean Manufacturing and Operational Excellence • Project Management

• Strategic Implementation • Structure and Organization • Business Game (online)

MBA.05-DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION • Digital transformation • Big Data and Business Analytics

MBA.03-CORPORATE FINANCE & MANAGEMENT CONTROL • Introduction to Finance (online hours) • Introduction to Finance • Cost Analysis • Financial Perspective

Mining and Raw Materials MBA

Mining and Raw Materials Intensification MRM.S.01- THE MINING AND RAW MATERIALS

MRM.S.03- RESPONSIBLE MINING & RAW MATERIALS DEVELOPMENT • Business Strategies for Sustainability • Environmental, Social & Economic Value • Circular Economy • Societal Demands & Concerns • Decarbonization in the Raw Materials Sector

Master Project As part of your training, you will carry out a Master Project in group that will be presented to a panel of investors and business advisors. This project will allow you to put into practice all the knowledge of the MBA and apply them to a real business plan through the methodology 'Lean Startup' of entrepreneurship. Throughout the MBA, and especially with the project, you will enhance your ability to make decisions and expose your arguments in a clear and structured manner. You will also learn to work in teams and meet different milestones in the established deadlines.

IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY • History of Mining & Raw Materials • Industry Characteristics of Metals & Industrial Minerals • Discovery & Production of Raw Materials • Relationship between Producers & Consumers • EU & R.O.W. Regulations & Legislation • World diversity of Raw Materials


• Mineral Project Evaluation • Economic Evaluation: Risk vs. Uncertainty • Financing Structures & Strategies • Investment & Portfolio Management • Cash Flow Modelling, P/L & Balance Sheet

MRM.S.02- MINING LIFE CYCLE • Permitting • Prospecting and Exploration • Explotation

MRM.S.05- MARKETING & BUSINESS FUNDAMENTALS • Marketing & Sales • Supply/Demand Balances • Pricing • Commodities & Futures Exchanges • Logistics & Distribution • Compliance

• Mineral Processing • Metallurgy and other transformations • Rehabilitation • Energy • Safely & Health • Field Visits

Mining and Raw Materials MBA


Mining and Raw Materials MBA


We complete your training with the program EOI+, a set of activities throughout the Master that will take your training beyond technical expertise. This is a commitment by EOI to train the best professionals holistically, with skills and values of our time.

Through EOI Venture Launchpad you will have the opportunity to develop a comprehensive entrepreneurship program that lets you implement a new project at the end of the Master. You will be able to develop entrepreneurial skills that are essential in any organization such as initiative, creativity and passion.


Leading, decision making, communicating, presenting, negotiating... These are all essential skills for any professional. With the EOI Leader+ program you can train and develop these skills in a practical way throughout the Master.


Through EOI Social, on a voluntary basis, the students will select a social initiative, then collaborate in order to work on it as a group while studying the Master. This is a way to learn by helping others.


We live in a digital world that is changing society and the way companies perform their activities. Through the EOI Digit-all program you will delve into the basic fundamentals of the digital environment where organizations live and which all professionals should know.


Mining and Raw Materials MBA


Methodology The academic program offers an interdisciplinary selection of courses taught in English with a global perspective by teaching staff with extensive international experience, to offer you a full vision of the world. Daily sessions are led by outstanding teachers with a solid professional background bringing both theory and practice together into the classroom through the case-study methodology. Our professors are expert facilitators who believe in participatory learning, fostering engagement, dialogue and discussion among the students. Furthermore, EOI offers a pool of conferences and sessions with prominent business professionals, institutional leaders and outstanding members of the community to discuss and share their experience on the global scene.

Mining and Raw Materials MBA


Mining and Raw Materials MBA



In EOI, teachers are a fundamental part of the success of the courses. The faculty is composed by business executives of recognized professional prestige and proven track record in the subject taught, which transmit not only theoretical knowledge, but also their own experience in their practical application. The teachers will accompany you throughout the learning process and will be at your disposal for questions on any topic of the subjects they teach.

M a Luisa García President AABAN (Asociación Andaluza Business Angels Network)

José Mª Corella HO Marketing TELEFÓNICA ESPAÑA

Cristobal Cantos Consultant

Elena Font Trainer & Coach


Macarena Gutiérrez CFO & Chief Administrative Officer ATLANTIC COPPER

Javier Targhetta Mining and Raw Materials MBA Director. President & CEO ATLANTIC COPPER Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales FREEPORT-MCMORAN

Rafael García Gamonal Sales & Hedging Director ATLANTIC COPPER

Pedro Jiménez Partner VRIVM LEGAL

Rosa García-Piñero Independent Board Member POWERCO, ENCE, ACERINOX

Pedro Soler Managing Director COBRE LAS CRUCES

Mario Weitz Former Advisor WORLD BANK

Emiliano Mata Former VP Strategy & Public Affairs AIRBUS

Mining and Raw Materials MBA


Faculty Carmen Díaz Canabal CEO HOLCIM ESPAÑA

Manuel Regueiro Technical Advisor CSIC (Spanish National Research Council)

Esther Alonso Senior Vice President of Energy Transition and Sustainability ATLANTIC COPPER Isidoro Miranda Former Chairman of the Board LAFARGE HOLCIM SPAIN Former Chairman of the Board CEMBUREAU Fernando Arauz de Robles Permitting & Mining Projects Development Manager ATALAYA MINING

César Luaces Managing Director PRIMIGEA

Carlos Rich Strategy & International Director ATLANTIC COPPER

(Confederación Española de las Industrias de las Materias Primas Minerales) Alberto Lavandeira CEO ATALAYA MINING Vicente Gutiérrez President CONFEDEM (Confederación Nacional de Empresarios de la Minería y de la Metalurgia)

Pedro Mora Technical Director OFICEMEN (Agrupación de Fabricantes de Cemento de España)

Miguel Cabal Exploration Director ALTO MINERALS

Maree Robertson Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer FREEPORT-MCMORAN

Miguel Palacios Senior Vice President Business Development ATLANTIC COPPER

Blanca Losada President FORTIA ENERGÍA

Juan Carlos Baquero HO Hydrogeology COBRE LAS CRUCES

We train talent for a sustainable future

Madrid +34 91 349 56 00 (Madrid)

Sevilla +34 95 446 33 77 (Sevilla)


+34 96 665 81 55 (Elche - Alicante)

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