Folleto Mining and Raw Materials MBA (Sevilla)

Mining and Raw Materials MBA

Mining and Raw Materials Intensification MRM.S.01- THE MINING AND RAW MATERIALS

MRM.S.03- RESPONSIBLE MINING & RAW MATERIALS DEVELOPMENT • Business Strategies for Sustainability • Environmental, Social & Economic Value • Circular Economy • Societal Demands & Concerns • Decarbonization in the Raw Materials Sector

Master Project As part of your training, you will carry out a Master Project in group that will be presented to a panel of investors and business advisors. This project will allow you to put into practice all the knowledge of the MBA and apply them to a real business plan through the methodology 'Lean Startup' of entrepreneurship. Throughout the MBA, and especially with the project, you will enhance your ability to make decisions and expose your arguments in a clear and structured manner. You will also learn to work in teams and meet different milestones in the established deadlines.

IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY • History of Mining & Raw Materials • Industry Characteristics of Metals & Industrial Minerals • Discovery & Production of Raw Materials • Relationship between Producers & Consumers • EU & R.O.W. Regulations & Legislation • World diversity of Raw Materials


• Mineral Project Evaluation • Economic Evaluation: Risk vs. Uncertainty • Financing Structures & Strategies • Investment & Portfolio Management • Cash Flow Modelling, P/L & Balance Sheet

MRM.S.02- MINING LIFE CYCLE • Permitting • Prospecting and Exploration • Explotation

MRM.S.05- MARKETING & BUSINESS FUNDAMENTALS • Marketing & Sales • Supply/Demand Balances • Pricing • Commodities & Futures Exchanges • Logistics & Distribution • Compliance

• Mineral Processing • Metallurgy and other transformations • Rehabilitation • Energy • Safely & Health • Field Visits

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