Friendly tournament for kid kickboxers GREGGCHAMBERLAIN out-of-town tournaments the club attends or the invitational tournaments that Blue- water Martial Arts hosts.

Prior to Orléans Lapensée hammered the opposition at a tournament in Perth for gold in sparring and collected third and fourth in kata and weapons forms for ad- vanced belts. Also at Perth J-S Demers took third in advanced level weapons while An- nabelle Demers showed the boys in grap- pling how to do takedowns and earned herself the silver out of a competing field of eight then moved on to score the gold in point fighting. Nicolas Jette won the silver in intermediate grappling.

“A kid who’s timid today could be a star tomorrow or a teacher if he or she is given a ‘soft’opportunity now,”said Sensei McCann. The focus of the “friendly kids” tourna- ment is on participation, not winning, and all students who take part receive a trophy of their own to take home. The club has received donations of more than 180 used trophies from members past and present and others that have been con- verted to official Friendly Kids Tournament awards. Meanwhile on the regular tournament schedule, the Bluewater Academy team took on challengers at the Martial Artists Open in Orléans earlier in March. Brandon Habel took the silver in continu- ous sparring for intermediates and placed fourth in both grappling and point-fight- ing competition. Jean-Sebastien Demers placed fourth in the continuous sparring for advanced competitors. Nicolas Lapensée nailed the gold in ad- vanced continuous sparring while Alex Wa- thier took gold in continuous sparring for intermediates and the silver in grappling. Annabelle Demers brought back silver in continuous sparring for women’s interme- diate and fourth in point fighting.

ROCKLAND | Bluewater Martial Arts Acad- emy is putting the fun back on the mat with its Friendly Kids Tournament. Sensei Jeremy McCann noted that the April 7 event at the Bluewater dojo on Lau- rier Street has two main goals. “We’re raising funds,” he said, “and we’re trying to encourage the more timid kids to participate.” The fundraising effort is for Bluewater member Nicolas Alarie, who is one of 13 L’Escale students going to Guatemala later in the year to work at an orphanage in that Third World country. Each student taking part in the community service project must raise $2500 to cover his or her travel and ac- commodation expenses. The self-confidence boost aspect of the tournament is the reason that Sensei Mc- Cann and other senior belts and instructors at the dojo emphasize the “friendly kids” theme. Some of the younger members at the local martial arts school may be fine getting up on the mat and sparring with their classmates during their regular lesson sessions, but they then become reluctant to either sign up for or take part in either the


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Assemblée générale annuelle Aux sociétaires de la Caisse populaire Trillium AGA Avis de convocation

À gagner : plusieurs prix de présence ! Prix spécial pour les jeunes de moins de 18 ans.

Vous êtes convoqués à l’assemblée générale annuelle (AGA) de votre caisse qui aura lieu : DATE : Mardi 16 avril 2013 HEURE : 18 h 30 (Buffet servi

Les sociétaires pourront prendre connaissance du rapport annuel, des états financiers et des différents rapports ** , élire les membres du conseil d’administration, nommer les vérificateurs, déterminer la somme à affecter au Fonds d’aide au développement du milieu et traiter de tout autre sujet inscrit à l’ordre du jour. ÉLECTIONS Les sociétaires sont appelés à élire cinq (5) administrateurs au conseil d’administration parmi les candidatures suivantes : André Brisebois Daniel Brault Jocelyn Duquette Jean-Guy Laflèche Claude Lesage Martin Routhier André Sarault Ronald Tourigny Tous les sociétaires de la caisse sont cordialement invités à participer à cette assemblée.

de 17 h à 18 h 30 * ) Salle des Chevaliers de Colomb 954, rue Giroux Rockland (Ontario)


* Veuillez confirmer votre présence, au plus tard le vendredi 5 avril 2013, à votre centre de services ou au bureau de la direction générale en composant le 613 745-1363, poste 237.

Signé le 7 mars 2013 Normand Leroux, secrétaire

** Copies des différents rapports peuvent être obtenues à l’assemblée ou à la Caisse 10 jours avant la tenue de l’Assemblée annuelle.

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