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Reuniting With People Who Are Dear to Us Together in One Place

When my sister and I were growing up, summertime usually brought fishing trips, drives to Key West, and time with family. Sometimes we’d take our boat to Key West for a fishing trip. Other times, we’d travel by boat to the Bahamas. My dad’s brother would often join us on these trips with his family, which meant we got to hang out with our cousins. We loved it because when we all got together, there were more kids than adults, which meant a lot of goofing around. It became something of a family reunion — sometimes with 15 or 20 of us staying at a hotel or rented house. The summer memories of my childhood are wrapped up in these trips, gathering with family and reuniting with loved ones.

As everyone got older, these trips became less frequent. It became harder to get everyone in one place at the same time. When the opportunity to reunite presents itself, you have to jump on it. That’s the case this summer. When Ashley’s family suggested a trip to Colorado, Ashley and I knew it was an opportunity that we couldn’t miss. We’ll get to spend time with Ashley’s mom, my parents, my sister, her husband, and their kids. It will be the first time Russell and Ruby get to meet their newest cousin, my sister’s 7-month- old baby, and we’re all eager for them to become good friends like we were with our cousins. It won’t be quite the size as our reunions used to be, but this mini family reunion will be a wonderful way to gather with the people we love. We owe Ashley’s father a huge thank-you for lending us his timesharing unit, despite his not being able to join us because of a pre-planned trip. We’re so appreciative that he gave us the inspiration and means to make this happen. We haven’t gotten to the point of planning our days yet, but a kid-friendly float trip seems in order, with all of us piled onto one big raft. I’d also love to go mountain biking and check out some of the hiking trails in Colorado. We’re looking forward to the change in terrain and access to outdoor activities we can’t do in Florida. Ashley and I share a love for the outdoors, probably because we both grew up appreciating it. Fishing, boating, and swimming were part of my upbringing, but Ashley had a different version of the outdoors. She has family in Utah, so her summers were often spent visiting them and seeing the West. Having grown up in Florida, I’m more familiar with water than mountains, but I enjoy both. The mountains are a nice change of scenery when we go to the West. Ashley’s parents also had a travel trailer, and she often talks about the trips they would take in it. It’s sparked dreams of us getting one of our own and making trips around our part of the U.S. with the kids. (We have an Apex Nano 208BHS on order now!) We’d love to go to the Smoky Mountains, see North Carolina, and Northern Georgia. One of our travel dreams is to visit that part of the South in the fall and watch the leaves change across that region of the Appalachians. For now, though, I’m very content to go West and enjoy our time in Colorado with family. The truth is, I’d go just about anywhere to hang out with all these people at the same time.

– Chris Bruce

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