Weddings and Ceremonies in West Sussex

From the coast to the Southdowns National Park and beyond, West Sussex is one of the most diverse and beautiful counties providing you with the perfect setting for your ceremony, including beautiful rustic barns, an historic railway, woodland estate and our very own Grade 1 listed Georgian House to name but a few. There truly is something to suit every celebration however informal or lavish an event.



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4 Weddings and Civil Partnerships – All You Need To Know

the perfect place for your perfect day Congratulations on your forthcoming Marriage, Civil Partnership or celebratory ceremony. From the coast to the Southdowns National Park and beyond, West Sussex is one of the most diverse and beautiful counties providing you with the perfect setting for your ceremony, including beautiful rustic barns, an historic railway, woodland estate and our very own Grade 1 listed Georgian House to name but a few. There truly is something to suit every celebration however informal or lavish an event. Our dedicated and experienced registration teamunderstand what a daunting task starting to plan your ceremony can be and are there to take you through all the options you have to make sure it is everything you hope and imagine it to be. We hope this guide we have put together will be a perfect starting point to provide you with information on everything from choosing your ideal venue, understanding the legalities to tailoring your ceremony with your personal touches. Then, when you are ready, get in touch and we will be delighted to take you through the next steps.

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7 Personalising Your Ceremony – Your Perfect Day, Your Way

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16-17 Planning Ahead - Checklist

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24-33 Licensed Ceremony Venues

34-37 Reception Venues, Music, Jewellers, Caterers, Photographers, Marquee, Cakes and Car hire

38 Become a British Citizen

39 Wedding Research

40 Your amazing day – Which doesn’t have to cost the Earth

41 Ceremonies in Outside Structures

42-43 Licenced Ceremony Venues Listing and Map

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Weddings and Civil Partnerships – all you need to know

Fees A list of current fees is shown on our website.

West Sussex we have some of the most unique ceremony venues in the country. The most up to date list can be found on the West Sussex website (or page 42 of this brochure – correct when published) If you choose one of these venues you need to make contact with them to check their availability. Once you have spoken to the venue and agreed a provisional date and preferred ceremony time you need to call the registration service to check registrars are available on that date and time before confirming with the venue and booking your registrars. Following this, your notice of intent to marry / form a civil partnership needs to be given by each party – see Legal Requirements page 6. Booking your registrars Once you have decided where you wish to have your ceremony in West Sussex, please complete our online ceremony booking form (available at and a registrar will contact you to discuss your request. We are able to conduct ceremonies on any day of the week, at any time subject to registrar and venue availability. Please note that it is essential that you agree the date and time with both the registration service and the venue before making any other arrangements.

Congratulations to you both. You will find information here regarding your ceremony, the places where you can marry and how to make the arrangements. In the following pages we outline the process to ensure your civil ceremony fulfils all the legal criteria and give you an idea of what will happen on the day. Don’t forget, once you have decided to ‘tie the knot,’ choosing and booking your venue should be the top of your list of priorities. We hope you find the following useful and remember, we are here to help! Choosing your venue You may choose to hold your ceremony at any one of our council owned or partnership rooms in the county. Full details of these ceremony rooms are on our website or page 19 of this brochure. If you would like a ceremony in one of these rooms contact the registration service to check availability. Alternatively, you can choose from one of the huge variety of licensed venues in the county. Your dream day might take you down to the harbour with the sights and sounds of the sea, or a woodland cabin with birdsong in the background or perhaps you have always imagined a day that would see you walking down the aisle of a magnificent historic castle. Here in



Find us on Facebook We are on Facebook. Like our page for hints and tips on organising your big day, links to local events and pictures of West Sussex ceremonies to inspire you.

Ceremonies in places of religious worship For all religious weddings you will need to contact the priest, minister or other religious representative to obtain agreement for your wedding to be conducted in their place of worship. For marriages in the Church of England, banns should be called during the three months before your marriage. This should be arranged by the vicar. There is generally no need to involve the local registration service and notice of marriage is not normally required. For marriages in churches of other denominations, after making your booking with the priest or minister, you will need to contact your local registration service to arrange for notice of marriage to be given by each party. Marrying Abroad Always check with the authorities in the country in which you wish to be married for their requirements. You may need a ‘Certificate of no impediment’ which will require giving notice at your local register office. Please note we are not able to produce a ‘Certificate of no impediment’ for all foreign countries.


More details can be found at marriage-abroad



- West Sussex Registration Service

Legalities Giving Notice of Intent to marry/form a civil partnership You must each give formal notice of your intention to marry or enter into a civil partnership, in person at a registration office in the district where you live. You are required to have lived in the district for at least seven clear days and nights before giving notice. You need to include details of where you intend to get married or contract your civil partnership. The minimum waiting period between giving notice and when a ceremony can take place is usually 28 clear days. The marriage or civil partnership schedule can be issued on the 29th day after giving notice and is valid for 12 months from the date your notice was taken. Please be aware that you cannot give your notice more than 12 months in advance of the ceremony date. We recommend you give notice at least 4 months before your ceremony.

Documents to remember As with all legal events, you must produce evidence of your:

Couples that do not have relevant immigration status will be referred to the Home Office. This may result in an extension of the notice period from 28 days to 70 days. When planning your ceremony, you should bear in mind that a 70-day wait may apply. For further information regarding immigration status please visit prove-immigration-status

• Full name • Nationality • Age • Status if previously married • Proof of current address • Evidence of any name change • Consent (if under 18)

The fee for these notices is £47 per person.

Acceptable documents are listed on our website, or you can ask a registrar when booking your appointment. If you do not bring the correct documents we cannot take your notice, so please double check. Original documents are always required, photocopies are not acceptable. Foreign nationals Different rules apply if you are subject to immigration control. You will need proof of your immigration status, either in your travel document or by checking your immigration status online with GOV.UK, as the registrar will require proof of your status before continuing with your appointment.

A list of all required documents that you will need to bring with you is available on our website Changes and cancellations If, after you havemade your booking, you need to change the date, time, or cancel your ceremony, please notify the ceremonies team immediately so that we can try to accommodate your request. The team will be able to advise you of the process. Please note terms and conditions apply to re-bookings and cancellations which will have been explained to you at the time of booking. Should you be seriously ill, housebound or detained, special arrangements can sometimes be made for a ceremony in such circumstances. Please contact the ceremonies team for more information.

There is a statutory fee payable, currently £35 - £47 for each person.

If you are marrying in a church outside the district in which you live, which is not your usual place of worship, you may need to set up residency in that area. Please call us to discuss.

If you obtain a status code from GOV.UK please bring this with you to your appointment.


Personalising Your Ceremony – Your Perfect Day, Your Way So, you’ve chosen your venue, you’ve given your notice of marriage – what’s next? Let’s turn your attention to your special day, and how you can make it uniquely yours. • Do you want to follow tradition and be given away? You choose.

• Newly married couple announced, and exit (chosen music).

• Do you intend to exchange rings? We have a selection of “Ring Vows”, or you might want to write your own. Who will be your ring bearer/s? • Is there anything else we can do for you? Just ask Of course you may want a simple legal ceremony without much fuss, no problem, it’s not required. See below.

NB Please be aware that if you choose a simple legal ceremony without any additions it will be quite short.

Once you have booked our experienced registrar celebrants our priority is to ensure that your ceremony is as personal to you as possible: (Please also note that civil ceremonies cannot contain any religious elements -including music, readings, poems etc.) • Personal promises to each other: we can give you some suggestions, or maybe you might even like to write some of your own? • Music, a great way to express your personalities, choose pieces to accompany you walking down the aisle, signing the legal paperwork, and at the close of your ceremony. Perhaps you even have some musicians in the family? The choice is yours. • Readings are a wonderful way to involve family and/or close friends. So go ahead, ask one or two to read something during your ceremony. It could be a poem, passage of prose, a quote special to you both, or alternatively just visit our website to look at our favourites:

What else is included in your ceremony?

The Legal Bit • Legal Vows and Declarations you choose these from our traditional, modern or short vows • Signing of the legal paperwork A Sample Ceremony • Entrance of the Bridal Party (chosen music) • Welcome and Introduction • Giving Away • Reading • Legal Vows (Declaring and Contracting the Marriage) • Personal Chosen Vows • Exchanging of Rings • Reading • Signing the Legal Paperwork (Chosen music) • Presentation of Commemorative Certificate

births-marriages-and-deaths/ marriages-civil-partnerships- and-otherceremonies/ personalise-your-ceremony


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What our couples say about us “I just wanted tosayhowwonderful the two ladies officiating were. They were so lovely, warm and professional and managed to make the service seem so very personal to both my son and now new daughter-in-law. When having to work from very prescriptive parameters, this is not done without a great deal of professionalism. Our families and all the guests were very impressed with how they conducted the service as indeed was I.”

“Everyone was very helpful and made the day itself very enjoyable. We could not have asked for anything more.” “Just so easy and simple when you have competent staff who enjoy their jobs!! The girl who took our info made it incredibly easy and told us exactly what would happen etc - the officiant and her assistant made the actual day wonderful - ceremony room was so gorgeous and smart, the service was super romantic, very special and incredibly intimate. A day we will treasure for everyone! Many, many thanks! X” “The team were exceptionally helpful from the start and when having to rearrange our wedding day 3 times.” “Everyone was approachable and friendly and kept us well informed. They were informative and we were made well aware of the legal bits, but it was done in a really nice way. On the day, the registrars were humorous in the right places and very warm. Our guests commented on how lovely they were.” “Everyone was so helpful considering the restrictions and complications due to Covid, and we felt that they could not have been more obliging and helped to make the event very friendly under difficult circumstances”

“The Ceremonies team on the day were wonderful - we had a brilliant wedding and they were lovely, supportive, and explained everything well, it couldn’t have gone better. Please pass on our sincere thanks to the team.” “All staff were very helpful at every stage of the process. Any messages left on your answerphone were returned promptly and very helpfully. The initial giving of notice appointment was very efficient and friendly. The ceremony itself was excellent and the staff couldn’t have been more friendly and attentive.” “Lovely and professional staff members, warm and welcoming, always there to help and resolves things fast. Just outstanding service” “Everyone in the Ceremonies team was helpful and appeared just as excited that I was getting married, almost as much as I was!”



On the Day Arrival and meeting the registrar You are both required to be ready for a pre- ceremony interview by the registrar before your ceremony can begin. This interview is essential to ensure that all of your personal details are correct for the registration of your marriage or civil partnership. These interviews can take place separately or together and will take approximately 10 minutes; this is also an opportunity for you to ask any last minute questions. Usually the groom is interviewed first as tradition suggests that he will arrive early with the Best Man to check all is well, greet the guests and await his bride. The bride is then interviewed on her arrival. However if you have different requirements just let us know. It is very important that you and your guests arrive in plenty of time; it is probable that the registrars will have other ceremonies to attend on the same day. We are unable to delay the start of your celebration so that we do not risk being late for any other couple’s ceremony. If you are late for your ceremony, we may not be able to proceed as planned, so to avoid any disappointment, please make sure that you have allowed enough time to get ready and arrive at the venue calmly and promptly, allowing time for parking and photographs. No documentation needs to be provided on the day, unless previously requested by the ceremonies team.

Witnesses On the day of the ceremony, the law requires that you bring with you two other people who are prepared to witness your union and sign the legal paperwork. Your witnesses must have been present in the ceremony room for the duration of the ceremony. These could be relatives, friends or colleagues who are able to speak and understand English, as they must be able to comprehend what is taking place and testify to what they have seen and heard. Please note that the ceremonies team is unable to provide witnesses. Number of guests In addition to your witnesses, you may wish to invite your family and friends to your celebration. Each of our ceremony rooms will be licensed for a particular number of guests (this number includes your witnesses) and you must adhere to these numbers as they are laid down according to fire regulations and risk assessments. No extra guests are permitted to stand in the ceremony room, unless stated. If you have chosen a licensed venue to hold your ceremony, please confirm with the venue regarding the number of guests you are allowed.



- West Sussex Registration Service

Recording the event A photograph album is a very special memento and we are happy to allow photographs by an official photographer (or nominated photographer if you are using a friend) during your ceremony, you may also video the event if you wish. Parking The amount of parking varies according to where you have chosen to hold your ceremony. Please discuss what is available with the venue you have chosen to ensure there are no stresses on the day. For information on parking at our ceremony rooms please refer to our website ( Interpreter It is essential that you both fully understand the content of your marriage or civil partnership ceremony, and therefore the full legal implications of such a contract. If there are any language difficulties, you must provide a suitable interpreter to attend with you who will sign a declaration to confirm that they have translated all content for you, and are satisfied that you understand the nature and purpose of the ceremony. If you used an interpreter when you gave your notice of intent you must also use one in the ceremony although you don’t have to use the same person on both occasions. The Ceremony Saying “I do” in front of friends and family can be a nerve-wracking event but the registrars will be on hand to help you every step of the way. They will guide you through everything you need to do or say, so there is no need to worry about forgetting your lines or doing things in the wrong order!

The ceremony will begin with a welcome by the registrar. The couple will be asked, in turn, to repeat a number of solemn declarations, which will be the choices you made for your legal declarations and contracting words (your vows) and your promises. Certificates At the end of your ceremony, you will be presented with a commemorative certificate. Legal certificates are sent out in the post once the registrar has completed the legal formalities following the ceremony. For marriages and civil partnership signings in the statutory West Sussex Register Office, no commemorative certificates are issued. One legal certificate will be sent out in the post following the completion of the legal formalities. If you require further certificates, these can be ordered after your ceremony has taken place via the website




11 • 01243 642122

Other Celebratory Ceremonies The West Sussex Ceremonies team can offer a whole lot more than you may well have imagined…

Commitment Ceremony Not sure that a legal marriage ceremony is for you, but you still want to mark and celebrate your commitment to one another? Our fully trained and experienced Registrar Celebrants can help you put together a ceremony personal and unique to you. You can create your own “Vows”, which might express your thoughts and feelings on your lives together, plus your hopes and dreams for the future. You might also wish to exchange rings, and we can always include a Certificate of Commitment for you both to sign, commemorating your day. Commitment ceremonies can be held at any of our fabulous licensed venues but could also be held in one of our ceremony rooms. Naming Ceremonies Looking for a non-religious celebration for the naming of your baby or children? Or maybe you have changed your own name and want to mark the occasion?Want to celebrate with your family and friends to confirm your baby’s, children’s or your registered names? Perhaps you want to celebrate the joining of two families, or welcome an adopted child into your family? One of our Registrar Celebrants can help you make this a memorable ceremony personal to your family, involving family members, friends, and special poems or songs at any of our licenced venues or ceremony rooms.

Celebration Ceremonies Have you got something you want to celebrate? Perhaps you got married abroad and would like to celebrate your marriage with those family and friends who didn’t join you on the day and would love a ceremony to be a part of that celebration. Maybe you opted for a smaller legal ceremony some time ago, but would now like the opportunity to celebrate your marriage with your family and chosen friends? Whatever the reason, we can help… Renewal of Marriage Vows So, it’s a special Anniversary coming up, 10 years, Silver or Golden, or perhaps it’s just because you want to? One of our experienced Registrar Celebrants can come and perform your Renewal of Vows for you. The ceremony can take place at any of our licensed venues or one of our ceremony rooms. You can follow a more traditional marriage ceremony format or alternatively personalise it any way you wish. Maybe you would like to involve family and friends who were there on your wedding day all those years ago? The choice is yours.






- West Sussex Registration Service

Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between a West Sussex Registrar Celebrant and an Independent Celebrant? A Registrar Celebrant is a Local Government Officer trained to officiate at marriage ceremonies and is registered with the General Register Office. They are the only people who can perform a legal civil ceremony. They can help you personalise your ceremony with your own choice of vows, readings from family and friends and your choice of music giving you the opportunity to make your ceremony unique to you. An ‘Independent Celebrant’ may officiate at non legally binding ceremonies such as Funerals or Renewal of Vows or Celebration of Marriage ceremonies. However, any “wedding” ceremony they may undertake will not be legally binding and while you may have a lovely celebration you will not be legally married. When can I book my ceremony? Always book well in advance to secure the time and date you want. You can book as far in advance as you would like. Can I reserve a date? Unfortunately we cannot reserve dates, because we require the payment in full at the time of booking. Can we throw confetti? Please see our website as each of our ceremony

rooms is different. If your ceremony is at an approved venue we suggest you contact them directly. What happens if I forget what I have to say in the ceremony? You do not need to learn and remember the words you need to say at the ceremony. The registrar will ask you to repeat all vows after them and will break them down into bite-size chunks. Can my father walk me in and give me away? Yes, of course. You can choose how to start your ceremony, whether you wish to be walked in by a member of your family or whether you wish to enter together as a couple. You may also choose to be accompanied by bridesmaids or page boys or simply a friend, it is entirely up to you. What if we need to cancel our ceremony – will we get any money back? If you need to cancel your ceremony for any reason, we will refund you the fee paid less a £100 administration charge providing you give us 24 hours’ notice. If you wish to postpone your ceremony rather than cancel it, we are normally able to do this but a fee may be applicable.



We would like our dog to be our ring bearer – is that permitted? Animals as ring bearers may be permitted at venues subject to the prior agreement of both the venue and the Superintendent Registrar. Please contact us to discuss this. Do I sign the schedule in my new name? On the day of your ceremony you will sign in the name you are using to contract your marriage, regardless of any changes you wish to make after your wedding. Do I need to re-registermy childaftermarriage? According to law, a child’s birth will need to be re-registered if the parents have entered into a marriage or civil partnership with each other since the birth. To find out more information on how to re-register your child, please visit our website: ht t ps : //www.wes t sus sex . gov. uk/b i r t hs -marriages-and-deaths/bir ths/re-register-a- birth or contact us on 01243 642 122. Can we have a ceremony outside? We have licensed structures in the gardens of some venues. (see page 41) Legislation to permit outdoor ceremonies in the grounds of licensed venues has been made permanent This only applied to preapproved areas within licensed venue grounds. Please check with your venue if they offer this. How do I change the name on my passport prior to my marriage/civil partnership ? To amend your passport before your ceremony, you need to complete a standard passport application form and also a PD2 form which you can obtain: • from any Post Office that offers a check and send service

• from any regional passport office • by calling the Passport advice line on 0300 222 0000 who will send it to you • by downloading it from the website After you have completed your section of the PD2 form, the Superintendent Registrar will also need to complete part of the form. Please take the form into the West Sussex Register Office in Crawley during opening hours and we will gladly do it for you – you do not need to make an appointment and there is no charge for this service. Alternatively, you can post the form to the ceremonies team at WSCC, Southgate Avenue, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 6HG and we will sign and return it to you. This can only be signed once your notice of intent has been given. Can I have both my parent’s names included on my certificate? It is possible for up to 4 parents to be included in the registration for each partner. A parent includes your natural/adoptive parents and step parents if they are or have been married or in a civil partnership with one of your natural parents. Can I convert my Civil Partnership into a marriage? Yes, this can be done by booking a conversion appointment. You may complete the signing at the appointment or you can choose to have another ceremony where the signing can be completed in front of your guests. There will be a fee involved please contact us for details. If you have any further questions regarding civil ceremonies in West Sussex please contact us on 01243 642 122 or alternatively email us at



- West Sussex Registration Service

Planning Ahead – Checklist

After the proposal… • Tell friends and family you are engaged • Set a budget • Decide on your date • Make a wedding file. Keep a checklist at the front so you can cross things off as you complete them and put all information, contracts and receipts inside so you don’t lose any vital information • Research ceremony and reception venues. Once you have found the perfect venue for your big day pencil the date you wish to book with them • Contact the registration service and book and pay for your registrars.

• Order your stationery – send out save the date cards • Start to look for a wedding dress. Even if you have an idea in mind, be sure to try alternatives because you may never know until you try it on • Book your music; liaise with your venue about equipment 6 – 9 months before… • Choose your attendants and close wedding party and plan their outfits • Decide on what sort of transport, if any, you will be using on the day and book for the ceremony and afterwards • Choose your gift list or alternative plan • Plan and book honeymoon and arrange time off work • Send out wedding invitations to guests, it’s a good idea to include local accommodation so your friends and family can look into making arrangements • Choose menu options for the reception and order the cake 4 – 6 months before… • Draw up a full guest list so you can mark off once you have your RSVP information • Book your notice of intent appointment with your local registration service


• Confirm booking with venue • Organise wedding insurance

9 – 12 months before… • Decide on your style of wedding • Put together a rough guest list (gives you a good idea of numbers) • Choose your caterers • Visit wedding fayres to meet suppliers and get information. They can be a little overwhelming, so go with a plan so you can get as much information as possible • Research photographers, and book one. Make sure you spend time looking at what sort of photography will suit your preference as they can be very different. • Book your florist and discuss ideas, themes and colour schemes




1 month before… • Chase up unanswered invitations, draw up final guest list • Confirm numbers with venue • Start to draw up your table plan • Groom, best man and father start planning speeches • Final clothes fittings • Confirm all suppliers, i.e. transportation, photographer, florist, caterers, etc. • Order currency for honeymoon

• Groom to organise suits for himself and best men / ushers • Choose and buy wedding bands • Organise your wedding favours • Organise dress fittings • Confirm your flower order with your florist • Check passports are in date and organise any required travel injections and insurance 2 – 4 months before… • Book hair and makeup trial run • Write your vows, if necessary • Schedule rehearsal with venue if you wish to have one • Buy a guest book • Design and print the order of service sheets, using your ceremony pack received after giving notice as a guide • Book first night hotel • Organise hens and stags • Choose and buy gifts for wedding party • Pay deposit balances if required • If you have booked your honeymoon in new married name apply for a new Passport enclosing a PD2 form (we can complete the registrar’s part of the form confirming your ceremony) • REMINDER – make sure you have given your notices of intent • Buy your wedding accessories • Complete your ceremony choices for your registrars so they can plan your personalised ceremony • Organise dress fittings

• Any hired items are returned as soon as possible • Any wedding gifts are carefully packed up and taken home • Wedding cake is sent to anyone unable to attend, if this is your wish • Relax and have an early night! On the day… • Make sure you have lots of time to get ready in a stress-free environment • Allow time for pre-ceremony interviews • Then off you go to the biggest day of your life!

1 week to go…

• Pack for your honeymoon • Final hair and makeup practice for bride • The bride and groom should ‘wear in’ their wedding shoes around the house • Arrange cake delivery to venue • Ensure all hired clothes collected on time • Wrap attendants gifts • Work out rough timetable for the day, run through it with the wedding party, and double check travel timings to and from your ceremony/reception venue(s) – allow time for heavy traffic The day before… To avoid any last-minute stress on the day ask friends and family to see that the following arrangements are made for you on the day:


• The cases are sent to your overnight hotel


17 • 01243 642122



Cl and Partnership Rooms

For full details on our ceremony rooms including availability, price, guest numbers, parking, confetti and photography visit

Crawley West Sussex Register Office is located on the first floor of the library building on Southgate Avenue in Crawley and is accessed by a custom made red carpeted staircase or lift. We have three wonderful rooms to suit the needs of any couple. The Henshall Suite The larger of the three ceremony rooms, The Henshall Suite is visually impressive featuring a large piece of artwork in gold leaf dominating the back wall, providing the backdrop for a picture-perfect moment. The Balcony Room A modern room with views directly overlooking the stunning licensed balcony allowing for lots of natural light. An attractive terrace planted with evergreen foliage is accessible from both The Henshall Suite and Balcony Room providing more picture opportunities.

You may also wish to take advantage of the beautiful memorial gardens just across the road from the Register Office for further photo opportunities. The West Sussex Register Office The West Sussex Register Office is a small room which accommodates the couple and their witnesses only. We offer a warm welcome to any couple wanting to view the facilities in Crawley. Our opening times, pictures and prices can be found on our If you would like to book one of these rooms, please complete a ceremony enquiry form on the website and a registrar will contact you. If you have any other enquiry, or wish to arrange a viewing please email


- West Sussex Registration Service

Edes House, Chichester

Cowdray Room This intimate room is ideal for couples looking to get married in a relaxed atmosphere with a few friends or family. Warnham Room This oak-panelled room has a relaxed, lounge- style feel. This room is very popular for twilight weddings with its tranquil lighting and décor.

For full details on our ceremony rooms including availability, price, guest numbers, parking, confetti and photography visit www. Edes House, Chichester, is a Grade 1 listed building dating back to 1696. With exquisitely decorated rooms, this charming Georgian mansion provides a stunning location for your ceremony. There are three licensed ceremony rooms to choose from. These unique rooms are available at various times of the week.




Richmond Room This bright, ‘golden’ room on the first floor has a grand feel, with beautiful fireplaces and late Georgian chandeliers. There is also a Yamaha C3 baby grand piano available for use by a qualified pianist. Celebration packages Edes House is a beautiful location for your ceremony, so once your ceremony is booked why not consider adding one of the available drink packages to your day. Arrive in plenty of time This is designed for up to eight guests to arrive 45 minutes before the ceremony and enjoy some time together, with a welcome drink. An idyllic start to your day, you could use the extra time to have a few more photographs or relax and take in the ambiance of this beautiful house with a glass of bucks fizz in one of our rooms. Why leave so soon? After the ceremony, stay for a bucks fizz or prosecco cocktail reception with your guests before carrying on the days celebrations. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy additional photos and greet your guests. Light bites and canapes are also available, should you wish to offer something extra to your guests. For further details on celebration packages, please advise the team when you book your ceremony and we will be happy to provide further information.


If you would like to book one of these rooms, please complete a ceremony enquiry form on the website and a registrar will contact you. If you have any other enquiry, or wish to arrange a viewing please email

21 • 01243 642122

Horsham For full details on our ceremony rooms including availability, price, guest numbers, parking, confetti and photography visit www. Park House is a Grade II listed Georgian building dating back to 1690 and is idyllically situated at the entrance to Horsham Park. The beautiful sensory gardens at the rear of Park House offer a wonderful backdrop for your photographs. We have two rooms here in Horsham; The Drawing Room is the largest and grandest room in the house, with the original decorated ceiling remaining virtually intact. The Drawing Room provides a luxurious, opulent feel with a picturesque view across the beautiful gardens, setting the scene wonderfully for any ceremony. The other room at Park House is The Chairman’s Room . This room provides a comfortable setting ideal for a relaxed informal ceremony. There are stone steps that lead you from this room into the beautiful sensory gardens. If you would like to book one of these rooms, please complete a ceremony enquiry form on the website and a registrar will contact you. If you have any other enquiry, or wish to arrange a viewing please email


Worthing For full details on our ceremony rooms including availability, price, guest numbers, parking, confetti and photography visit www. A West Sussex wedding in the charming seaside town of Worthing makes for the perfect coastal setting. Worthing Library Ceremony Room Located in the town centre, the Worthing Library ceremony room is a bright attractive venue which was refurbished in 2021. With excellent transport links for all your guests, it’s only a short walk away from the stunning coastline. This room is available on Saturdays only. Worthing Town Hall We have partnered with Worthing Town Hall and are pleased to be able to offer The Council Chamber at set times, on Fridays, at a competitive fee. This is a joint venture between West Sussex Registration Service and the Town Hall to provide a different option for couples. If you would like to book one of these rooms, please complete a ceremony enquiry form on the website and a registrar will contact you. If you have any other enquiry, or wish to arrange a viewing please email



23 • 01243 642122

Long Furlong Barn Long Furlong Barn, built in the 1880s, is a Grade II listed barn situated in the South Downs National Park near Clapham; a picturesque valley nestled in the heart of West Sussex Countryside. Just north of Worthing, the barn is easily accessible from Brighton, Crawley and Chichester. Its location, stunning views and surrounding landscape make it a perfect location for your special day. They can also offer the pleasure of hosting your ceremony as they are fully licensed for up to 130 guests.

Park House, Hotel & Spa, Bepton, Nr. Midhurst, West Sussex GU29 0JB TEL: 01730 819000 EMAIL: WEB: Licensed for Civil Ceremonies YES Park House Park House is a 23 bedroom, luxury country house hotel and spa, located in an area of outstanding natural beauty and with stunning views in every direction. Five minutes from Midhurst, it sits in ten acres just under the South Downs and has a welcoming, ‘home-from-home’ atmosphere. Available for your exclusive use, its experienced and friendly staff will help you plan every detail of your special day for you and your guests.

Europa Gatwick Hotel The Europa Gatwick Hotel is a hacienda style, unique low-rise, attractive building surrounding a beautiful garden with pond and fountains.

Exposed timber ceilings mix stylishly with terrazzo and marble features.

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life and at The Europa Gatwick Hotel they have excellent facilities and dedicated staff to ensure your big day is a truly memorable experience.

The Europa Gatwick Hotel holds a full civil ceremony licence and the Silk Suite can comfortably accommodate up to 100 guests for that all important exchanging of vows.

Long Furlong Barn, Long Furlong, Worthing, West Sussex BN13 3XN

Your wedding breakfast and evening reception would be held in the Europa Suite which has it own private bar.

TEL: 01903 871594 EMAIL: WEB:

Europa Gatwick Hotel, Balcombe Road, Gatwick, West Sussex RH10 7ZR

TEL: 0871 222 0041

Licensed for Civil Ceremonies YES

Licensed for Civil Ceremonies YES Number of Guests 130 Accommodation NO


Number of Guests 100 Accommodation YES

Number of Guests 75 Accommodation YES



East Court Mansion This 18 th Century listed building is surrounded by magnificent parkland and minutes away from East Grinstead town. With panoramic views of the Ashdown Forest and the Meridian Line running through it, it is a truly unique venue for hosting Ceremonies and Receptions. It has three beautiful rooms licensed for ceremonies. The Cranston Suite, for intimate weddings from 4 to 40 overlooks the terraces and parkland. Main Hall can accommodate 60 for ceremonies with easy access out onto the terraces.


South Lodge Hotel & Spa South Lodge offers a stunning flexible venue for you to create your perfect day. With just one wedding per day, they love the challenge of creating unique days tailor made for every couple. A wedding in any season offers a bounty of fabulous photo opportunities to capture those special moments both in the 93 acres of stunning grounds and inside the hotel, come rain or hopefully shine! The opening of The Spa has been the icing on the cake offering luxury pre wedding pampering and post wedding relaxation for you and your guests. With a selection of private spaces for ceremonies and receptions, also a stunning outdoor pavilion, catering for 10 to 250 and fully licensed, South Lodge could be your wedding venue whether you’re planning an intimate affair, larger celebration, formal or informal.

The grand Meridian Hall accommodates 180 for ceremonies and is ideal for wedding receptions up to 200. Its private piazza is perfect outside space for catering or a drinks reception.

The true selling point of this venue is the incredible view of the parkland and Ashdown Forest, perfect for celebratory drinks and a fantastic backdrop to all wedding photos.

South Lodge Hotel & Spa, Brighton Road, Nr Horsham, West Sussex RH13 6PS

East Court, College Lane, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 3LT

TEL: 01403 892237

Licensed for Civil Ceremonies YES


Number of Guests 200 Accommodation YES INSTAGRAM: @south_lodge

TEL: 01342 335056

Licensed for Civil Ceremonies YES


Number of Guests 180 Accommodation NO

TWITTER: @SouthLodgeHotel

FACEBOOK: @ExclusiveSouthLodge


Selden Barns Nestled in the South Downs National Park, Selden Barns Wedding Venue is set in an idyllic 50 acre rural location, surrounded by fields and forests. The beautiful Ceremony Room is located in a converted barn, featuring exposed brickwork and beams, and is licenced for civil ceremonies and blessings for up to 100 guests. The Grand Reception Barn, seating up to 200 guests, provides the ‘Wow Factor’ with its elegant ivory draping, twinkle ceiling and holds the dining area, raised dancefloor and large mahogany bar all under one roof.

The Council House The Council House, licensed to hold Civil Wedding Ceremonies in the Council Chamber and Assembly Room, is a beautiful and historic building in a central location. For an intimate ceremony, the Eighteenth Century Council Chamber with itsmagnificent chandelier is an ideal venue with a capacity for up to 55 guests. The Assembly Room has capacity for up to 180 guests. Memorable photographs can be taken in the rooms, on the staircase, or in the lovely surroundings of nearby Priory Park or Bishop’s Palace Gardens. At the Council House you can expect a complimentary flower arrangement for the Registrar’s table, classic white aisle runner, parking for the bridal car and friendly, helpful advice, all for reasonable prices.

The Inglenook Hotel

Family run for over 45 years, this 15 th Century Hotel, Restaurant and Free House is set amid beautiful Countryside in West Sussex and provides the perfect setting for Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions. Each Wedding is tailormade to suit individual requirements so they are both unique and memorable. Special features include beautiful gardens where Ceremonies can be held, comfortably furnished patio and individually furnished rooms; some with 4 posters and Bridal Suites with Large Jacuzzi Baths.

The venue’s formal gardens are bordered with flint and brick walls and overlook fields of grazing horses, with views of Patching Village.

Selden Barns is the perfect setting for your magical day.

Selden Barns, Old Selden Farm, Selden Lane, Patching, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 3UL

The Inglenook Hotel, 255 Pagham Road, Pagham, West Sussex PO21 3QB

The Council House, North Street, Chichester PO19 1LQ

TEL: 01243 788502

Licensed for Civil Ceremonies YES

TEL: 01903 372990

Licensed for Civil Ceremonies YES

TEL: 01243 262495

Licensed for Civil Ceremonies YES


Number of Guests 180 Accommodation NO


Number of Guests 200 Accommodation YES


Number of Guests 100 Accommodation YES




Wakehurst, Selsfield Road, Ardingly, West Sussex RH17 6TN TEL: 01444 894024 EMAIL: WEB: Licensed for Civil Ceremonies YES Number of Guests 20-200 What’s more you can host your ceremony on the lawns at Wakehurst providing a truly unique experience. Wakehurst Celebrate your special day in Kew’s wild botanic garden, nestled in the outstanding beauty of the Sussex countryside. Situated in Ardingly, Wakehurst offers a unique and breath-taking backdrop for your wedding, whether you choose the Elizabethan mansion or their grounds and gardens for a marquee, you and your guests will be wowed.

Roffey Park Space to celebrate your special occasion

Queen’s Hall This beautiful hall is the perfect place for a wedding unique to you. Spacious Main Hall, Lobby Bar, Council Chamber, full catering facilities and a Wedding Gazebo in the attractive rear garden. Fully licensed to hold Civil Ceremonies in the Main Hall (max. 200 people depending on layout), Council Chamber (max 45 people), and Wedding Gazebo (approx. 100 people).

Beautifully presented and set in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Roffey Park lies amongst 40 acres of lawns and meadow in the heart of the Sussex countryside. It provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding reception or civil partnership ceremony. See their website for a 3D virtual tour. With 60 en-suite rooms and ample free parking they can offer a fully inclusive service from ceremony, reception, party, overnight accommodation and leisure facilities to make the perfect weekend for you and your guests. The team of professional chefs can provide any bespoke menu for you using freshly sourced local ingredients. All of their weddings are planned on an exclusive basis so you can be sure you will not be sharing the facilities with any other guests. Easily located between Horsham, Crawley and Haywards Heath just five minutes from the M23 and its links to Brighton and London.

Queen’s Hall, High Street, Cuckfield, West Sussex RH17 5EL

ENQUIRES AND BOOKINGS: 01444 454276 EMAIL: WEB: Licensed for Civil Ceremonies: YES Number of Guests: 200 Accommodation: NO

Roffey Park Institute, Forest Road, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 4TB

TEL: 01293 851644

Licensed for Civil Ceremonies YES


Number of Guests 120 Accommodation YES




Sandman Signature, London

The White Swan

Itchenor Sailing Club

Gatwick Hotel A beautiful and modern facility, perfect for your big day. Sandman know that your wedding day is the realisation of your dreams, they offer a selection of flexible wedding options or tailor-make an event so it is as individual as you are. Their team will be on hand to ensure your day will go off without a hitch leaving the happy couple to relax and make memories.

At The White Swan they take great pride in helping to plan and host a successful wedding. They understand the importance of every last detail and are on hand at every stage of planning your wedding reception so you can concentrate on having a lovely time on the day. You can even have your wedding ceremony at the hotel. They have a wedding licence and you can organise for the Registrar to conduct your civil ceremony in their Arundel Room. You can also reserve bedrooms for your guests to book and the hotel staff will help them settle in before the big day.

Barnham Community Hall

Nestled on the water’s edge, Itchenor Sailing Club offers fabulous photo opportunities and two lovely licensed areas for your Ceremony (inside or out). They provide delicious catering and stunning spaces for partying, including the glazed Jubilee Room with 360º views down Chichester Harbour, the upper deck balcony, lawn and jetty. Accommodation for 30 of your guests overnight is also available . Be as relaxed or as formal as you wish. Your wedding is very much your day at Itchenor Sailing Club - and the team is there to help support you with every detail.

A modern, well equipped venue situated on 8 acres of parkland in the beautiful West Sussex countryside with friendly and helpful staff dedicated to making sure your day runs as smoothly as possible. Whether you choose to hold your ceremony here or simply hire it for your reception, this attractive and versatile space means you really can create your own bespoke ceremony on a blank canvas. Barnham Community Hall, Murrells Field, Barnham, Bognor Regis, West Sussex PO22 0AY TEL: 01243 278110 EMAIL: WEB: Licensed for Civil Ceremonies: YES Number of Guests: 120 Accommodation: NO

Sandman Signature London Gatwick Hotel 18-23 Tinsley Lane South, Three Bridges, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 8XH

The White Swan, 16 Chichester Road, Arundel BN18 0AD

Itchenor Sailing Club The Lane, Itchenor, Chichester PO20 7AG

TEL: 01293-561186 EMAIL: WEB: weddings-events/weddings Licensed for Civil Ceremonies YES

TEL: 01903 882677 EMAIL: WEB:

TEL: 01243 512400 EMAIL: WEB:

Licensed for Civil Ceremonies YES Number of Guests 60 Accommodation YES

Licensed for Civil Ceremonies YES Number of Guests 100 Accommodation YES

Number of Guests 150 Accommodation YES


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