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Havant & South Downs College 14- 16 School Links Programme is a part time provision that aims to bridge the gap between school and vocational programmes that focus on specific vocational areas with some qualifications 4 League Tables. We work closely with mainstream and special schools as well as local authorities inventive variety for students to choose from. As part of our College strategy, we focus on providing students with opportunities through a range of vocational and academic areas as well as the support they need to succeed. These also include Functional skills in English and Maths. Our 14-16 provision will allow students to make informed decisions about which courses suit their academic and career aspirations for the future. The school links programme will allow students to understand how their

education equips them with the behaviour and attitude necessary to develop their education and to look for opportunities for further training/ employment and for their adult life. Home Educated students will also receive high quality impartial careers guidance available from our Advice and Guidance team and receive college taster sessions moving forward. Our Back on Track process is also adopted in line with our full-time students. To continue to work with our partners we aim to provide support and guidance to make sure that students make real progress towards their chosen career path. All students work in an FE setting, where they are inspired to make the most of success in accordance with our College policies. Paul Carter Assistant Principal


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We are very proud of our programme for 14-16 pupils, whether they join us from one of our many partner schools or are being home-educated. By providing a supportive and inspiring learning environment at our South Downs campus, the 14-16 course programmes provide nationally- recognised qualifications which combine practical skills development and academic content, highly valued by employers and effective at fast tracking students in their future careers.


They are invaluable partnerships between pupils, schools, home and the college.

Mike Gaston Principal & CEO

General Information Taster sessions and group tours are appropriate decisions. Each student will be interviewed in the same format as a full-time mainstream student; this will also include an assessment in English and Maths where applicable and an audition for those wishing to apply for Music Performance.

Mentoring Students School Partners are encouraged to accompany learners in College for entry level and Level 1 programmes or have a member of staff on site. School Learning Support Assistants are welcome for individual students and would need to be assessed through College policies beforehand. For all learners attending the 14-16 programme, Academic Learning Support can be involved to discuss learning needs and to look at what support can be provided for them. This can be prior to starting the course or after enrolment should any concerns arise. Funding for supporting home educated learners within the classroom would need to be agreed by the Local Authority and this would be on a case by case basis. For those learners in education or linked with a school, any required support should be provided by the school. College Standards All students must always sign the College Code of Conduct agreement and visibly wear their identi cation badge whilst on College premises. Learners will not be asked to leave College if they fail to produce their ID card with lanyard, however, failure to comply will lead to disciplinary action. Our Back on track

Assessment Information Assessment across all courses is

modular* and students will be expected to complete a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates completion of all tasks and assignments at the correct level of study. These portfolios are assessed both internally and externally.

*Some courses may contain an examination.

Kit & Equipment Needs Students will need to be equipped for each lesson and attend with appropriate stationery. Where stated at the interview, students may also need to attend College in speci c clothing (Personal Protective Equipment). Sports clothing is also required for practical sports sessions.

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process is in place to manage student disciplinary issues. The programme has a designated Progress Mentor who will liaise with Course Leads Schools/Parents. Off-site Students are not allowed offsite whilst at College at any time due to safeguarding. Students who leave campus without permission will be moved to the relevant stage of the Back on Track process. Failure to comply with this will lead to Back on Track action. There are social areas for all students during limited break times. College Closure Days Schools and parents/guardians will be informed of the College’s closures via our website and 14-16 Programme Co- ordinator. Partners will also be noti ed in the event of adverse weather. Costings Education providers will be invoiced in two instalments. The cost to our partners and schools is £1200 for the year. Billing with come into effect on 29th September 2023 and the second instalment will be paid on 23rd February 2023. Each Shool partner must sign the College Service Level Agreement.

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Functional skills FUNCTIONAL SKILLS ENGLISH AND MATHS PROGRAMME Day: Wednesday 9.30am-1.30pm (Time slots vary depending upon the level studied)

We offer a Functional Skills programme which consists of English and Maths. This is not a GCSE programme. Students will complete a BKSB Assessment in session one of their Maths and English course to determine which level of the qualifica-

tion they will study. Students will attend 3 hours per week in order to complete these quali cations. Sessions are carried out on a Wednesday only. The cost to our partners and schools is £550.

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animal care COLLEGE CERTIFICATE IN PRACTICAL SMALL ANIMAL SKILLS Day : Tuesday 930am - 130pm - year 10 Thursday 930am - 130pm - year 11 Duration Year 10 - 32 weeks / year 11 - 28 weeks

This will introduce some of the key themes within the animal care industry, enabling students to develop the knowledge and practical skills needed to care for small animals. Students will participate in handling and health checking animals on site. They will learn how to provide appropriate accommodation to include environmental enrichment. Students will also cover grooming, feeding and the safe transportation of animals. Please note that students will be required to have an up-to-date tetanus vaccination before starting on this course.

The units taught are: Year 10 • Feeding Animals • Cleaning Animal Enclosures • Exercising Animals • Recognising Different Animals Year 11 • Animal Anatomy • Animal Health Checking • Handling & Restraining Animals • Show visitors around an Animal Unit

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Catering and hospitality HSDC COLLEGE CERTIFICATE IN CATERING AND PATISSERIE Day: Thursdays 9am-1pm Duration: 32 weeks

This quali cation is designed for learners with an interest in food and cookery. It will provide learners with experience using different cooking skills and methods to enable them to use these within further education or apprenticeships. It will give them a basic understanding of the skills required for a career in food. Progression: There is a clear progression route onto L2/L3 provision at HSDC or Apprenticeship in Hospitality and Cater- ing. Year 10 students can progress onto NVQ Level 1 from School.

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Day: Tuesday 9.30-1.30 Duration 1 year 32 weeks

This course will enable you to work towards developing your skills to work with children. You will have the opportunity to take part in a lot of practical work, developing your understanding of how children learn. You will develop a range of skills and techniques, personal skills and attributes essential for caring for young children. You will explore techniques to support children communicate and begin to understand the importance of physical care for children 0-5 years. Students who progress from year 10 to year 11 in 2024/25 will progress on to study the BTEC level 1 Introductory Award in Caring for Children.

This course provides the chance to begin your career in childcare. You will experience our fantastic facilities including specialist Childcare classrooms and practical spaces. Our teaching team have great experience in Childcare and alongside our facilities, will offer a fantastic course for you to join. Progression: This could lead to the further opportunities to progress, including into our full time Level 1, Level 2 or T Level Childcare courses at HSDC. The Early Years team look forward to meeting you.

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Day: Tuesdays 9.30am-1.30pm Duration: 1 year course, 32 weeks

This qualification is ideal if you are consid- ering a career in health and social care. You will look at the differing roles, health and safety and the principles and values of the health and social care sector. You will also gain knowledge in more special- ised areas such as physical disabilities and healthy lifestyles.

The course includes a mixture of written and practical work including group dis- cussion, individual and group research. Progression : After completing this course, you could go on to study the Level 2 CACHE Extended Certificate in Health and Social Care.

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hair and beauty COLLEGE CERTIFICATE IN HAIRDRESSING Day: Thursday 9am - 1pm


Students will gain a broad understanding of the hair and beauty sector, including learning about the structure of hair and skin, exploring styling techniques, face painting, manicures and make-up. Progression : Onto a full time course in Hairdressing or Beauty Therapy or onto a Hairdressing Apprenticeship in this important andpotentially lucrative industry.

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Day: Thursdays 9.30am-1.30pm Duration: 1 year course, 28 weeks

Students studying for one year will achieve the ABC Level 1 Award in Motor Vehicle. Students who continue for a second year of study will achieve the ABC Level 1 Certificate in Motor Vehicle. Students will complete at least three units from the selection below for the Award and six units for the Certificate qualifica- tion (optional units will be selected by the college): • Health and Safety (mandatory unit) • Spark Ignition Power Units • Vehicle Braking Systems • Vehicle Wheels and Tyres • Vehicle Exhaust Systems • Engine Liquid Cooling and Engine Lubrication Systems • Vehicle Transmission Systems • Steering and Suspension The course is run both in the vehicle workshop and the classroom to equip the learners with both the practical skills and underpinning knowledge required to pass the course. Students will be required to purchase PPE which comprises a pair of overalls and safety boots.

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Music Performance AMP COLLEGE CERTIFICATE IN MUSIC PERFORMANCE Day: Tuesday 930am - 130pm Duration: 30 weeks

This course is an introduction to Music Performance. You will rehearse with other musicians in our specialist rehearsal rooms, these rehearsals will lead up to the chance to do a performance on stage at college. Composition skills are also part of this course, you will be encouraged to write your own songs.

You will need to pass an audition on your chosen instrument/vocal to get a place on this course, this will form part of your interview. Progression : This course will give you the potential to progress onto the UAL Level 2 In Music Performance.

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Music Production AMP COLLEGE CERTIFICATE IN MUSIC PRODUCTION Day: Thursday 930am - 130pm Duration: 30 weeks

This course will provide a great intro- duction to creating music with computer software. You will learn how to collabo- rate with other musicians and producers. You will be taught in our specialist Mac suites and there will be opportunities throughout the course to use our profes- sional recording studios. You will need to

have a keen interest in music production to apply. You will also need to have an interview to be selected for this course. Progression : This course will give you the potential to progress onto the UAL Level 2 In Music Production.

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sport COLLEGE CERTIFICATE IN SPORT Tuesday 9.00-1.00 Duration: 1 year 32 weeks

The Sport and Leisure qualification is tailored towards participation in a wide range of sports, with learners taking part in exercise and fitness testing, planning an improvement programme, developing knowledge about how the body works and learning about work in the sport and leisure industry. You will receive 2 hours every week of practical sport, exploring several individual and team sports. Alongside this you will have access to our Gym and studio facilities. All of which will contribute to an exciting morning with our Sport department. Our teaching team are hugely experience, with specialist sports qualifications across a number of sports including football, basketball, netball and Personal Training.

Students who progress from year 10 to year 11 in 2024/25 will progress on to study the BTEC level 1 Introductory Award in Sport. Progression : We offer a wide range of Sport including our football academy with Havant and Waterlooville FC, Personal Training, Outdoor Adventure and Public and Uniformed Services courses for you if you chose to progress to full time study when you leave school. All these options can be explored in more detail while on your 14-16 course at HSDC. The Sports team look forward to meeting you.

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APPLICATION PROCESS Please complete an application form for each learner who wishes to apply. This will trigger a formal interview with a relevant subject lecturer followed by an assessment. Providing learners are suitable for the quali cation, they will commence in September 2023. Course Leads will make decisions on each student’s application. Please contact Karen Pressley for an application form and for any further assistance via email karen.pressley@ or call 023 9387 9999. INTERVIEWS March 2023 - July 2023 Key Dates ACCEPTANCE OF PLACE NO LATER THAN 28 July 2023 ENROLMENT / COURSES START w/c 11 September 2023

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