You want your kids to stay active during the sum- mer. Sitting on the couch all day in an air-condi- tioned house just won’t cut it. Why not sign your kids up for a team sport to pass the time during summer vacation? Not only is it a great way to have fun, but it’s also beneficial to your child’s overall development. The following are just a few ways in which playing a team sport can benefit your child. IT WILL IMPROVE THEIR PHYSICAL HEALTH It’s no secret that one of the main worries every parent has is that their child isn’t getting enough exercise. Health is important, and being part of a team will keep your child active and in good phy- sical shape — all while having a great time! IT WILL HELP BUILD THEIR SELF-ESTEEM We all know that practice makes perfect. In this case, practice can actually help improve your children’s self-esteem. Over the course of lear- ning a new sport, your children will subcons- ciously set goals for themselves (learn to kick the ball better, practice stick handling, improve shoo- ting). When they complete these goals, they feel a sense of accomplishment that will improve their self-confidence. IT WILL HELP DEVELOP THEIR CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS Playing a sport forces you to think about what you’re going to do next. Every play is a problem that needs to be solved. Continued practice will improve the way your children think in life and in the classroom.



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