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The Think Realty Presidents’ Circle is an elite group of real estate investors and private lenders who meet throughout the year to discuss and share ideas, insights, business practices, and more. This month, we turn to member Romney Navarro who shares the number-one invaluable resource that has helped him navigate the everyday ups and downs of 2020.

QUESTION: What resource has proven invaluable in the real estate investing space while navigating the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic?

ANSWER: “Without a doubt the most invaluable resource that I have had throughout this entire pandemic has been my team. It’s kind of a backwards way of answering this question as I mean this from the standpoint that I have only now really and truly realized how much all of those individual pieces that make up my team mean to me and to the companies. Like just about everybody, my opera - tions were disrupted tremendously by the pandemic (we all had our version of this, I am sure) yet my team an - swered the bell every single day, through thick and thin, fending off obstacle after obstacle (internal and external) and thanks to them, here we are again today positioning ourselves to conquer the next mountain. Best of all, and

by far the most rewarding part of this entire pandemic, today our customers are responding to us better than ever before. I would have never imagined that, in the middle of a pandemic, my collection ratios and my Net Promoter Scores (the client satisfaction survey that we subscribe to) are each at all-time highs and because of them our forecast now appears to be sunny with a chance of growth. With that said, my team, which consists of accountants, servicing representatives, asset & fund managers, processors, loan officers, creatives, and all the back office support that keep us roaring, are not only invaluable — they showed me that they are also 100% essential to me, to my company, and to my family.”

ROMNEY NAVARRO Co-Founder of The Private Lending Network

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